Melissa Ashworth – Famous As The Ex-Wife Of Brandon Blackstock

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Real Name:Melissa J. Blackstock, born: Melissa J. Ashworth
Birthday:July 29, 1974
Net Worth$14 million
Height:160 cm
Occupation:American Secretary, Ex-wife of Brandon Blackstock

Melissa Ashworth has a couple of celebrities around her. She is the ex-wife of talent manager Brandon Blackstock, a famous manager who got married to Kelly Clarkson afterward. She is also the mother of Savannah Blackstock, the young teenage equestrian talent. She and Brandon have another child, Seth Blackstock.

Melissa is an American secretary who wants to keep her life private and secretive. Yet, we have managed to dig out some information about her.

Do you want to know about Melissa Ashworth’s fortune? What about her life journey? Let’s take a look.

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Quick Bio

Born in July 1974 in the United States, Melissa is in her 40s. Born as Melissa J. Ashworth, she is a Christian with an American identity. Her parents are Mark Ashworth and Debra Ashworth. Melissa also has a brother, Brian. We know nothing about her parents and other family members.

She rose to prominence in 2001 when she started dating Brandon Blackstock. The couple remained married until 2012.

During the height of her popularity, Melissa tried to keep her own everyday life hidden and away from the public.

At the time of their marriage, Brandon was starting his company. He came from a famous family. His father, Narvel Blackstock is a television producer. And his mother, Elisa Gayle Ritter, is an American TV personality.

When Brandon and Melissa started their relationship, she came into the spotlight. They tied the knot in 2001 and have two children together, Savannah and Seth.

There were rumors regarding her husband Brandon Blackstock and his relationship with Kelly Clarkson even before he officially got a divorce. He was married to Melissa until 2012. Some magazines reported that Brandon cheated on Melissa and had a relationship with Clarkson even before his divorce.

Yet, Melissa addressed the random rumors, saying, “This is ridiculous, this silliness”. Mrs. Ashworth also noted that Brandon was a model partner and father. She also addressed rumors that he flirted with women at his management company, Starstruck Entertainment.

Fun fact: cheating rumors about Brandon Blackstock didn’t stop after he started dating Kelly Clarkson. In fact, there were women coming out saying they got involved with Brandon.

Speaking about her career milestones, Melissa used to fill in as a secretary for an unnamed organization. She is very cryptic and secretive about her career life.

We know for sure that she works as a secretary. The only thing we do not know is the organization for which she works. Some sources, for example, say she works for the US Equestrian.

Despite divorce and similar problems with her former husband, Melissa stays involved with her children. According to Kelly Clarkson, Melissa is involved in family gatherings, even though she and Brandon parted ways. Think of them like the sitcom Modern Family. Kelly and Melissa remain friends, and they have a beautiful relationship.

On one occasion, Melissa said, “I love Kelly, and we get along great, and my husband and I hang out with them all the time”.

Speaking about her children, her firstborn is her daughter, Savannah. She is a talented athlete and a horse rider. Following the divorce, Savannah stays mostly with her father. Yet, she comes and visits her mother and maintains a close relationship.

Melissa got her second child, Seth, just six years before the divorce from Brandon.

So, where is Melissa today? Does she have another relationship? She is now happily married to Jack Midkiff. He is a singer and a pastor at the High Praise Church in Maryville, Tennessee. Melissa Ashworth and Jack tied the knot in 2019.

Jack also has children from his previous relationship. His oldest son, Jackie Lee Midkiff, is a famous American country music singer. And Melissa loves the boy. He used to sing at the church with his father.

Her second stepson, Kinsey Cole, is a social influencer on Instagram and YouTube. He posts vlogs about doing fun things with his family.

Net Worth

Fun fact: Melissa Ashworth’s fortune is higher than Brandon Blackstock’s. You might think her celebrity husband has more money.

But in fact, Melissa is the one doing better after the divorce. It is amazing how she has managed to amass such wealth as a secretary for an organization. Melissa has a estimated assests of more than $14 million.

Her former husband, on the other hand, has a net worth of “just” $10 million.