Martha Mae Salitan – Life After Life Below Zero

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Real Name:Martha Mae Salitan
Net Worth$400,000
Occupation:American reality TV star

Martha Mae Salitan is one of the former cast members of Life Below Zero. The documentary airs on the National Geographic Channel and follows people living in Alaska and talking about their daily struggles. Martha took part in the show explaining techniques people in Alaska use to survive in a sub-zero-degree environment. How much did she get paid for it? How much is the net worth of Martha Mae Salitan?

Her husband, Erik, also played a pivotal part in the show. Following the departure of the show, the couple started their own business. Since then, they have tried to move forward with their business, the Talarik Greek Lodge. Their shop provides fishers the ability to fish numerous famous fisheries.

Let’s talk about their business, but also the cash flow of Martha.

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Quick Bio

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Born and raised in Iliamna, Alaska, Martha has American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. There is little to no information regarding her parents, early childhood, and education on the Internet.

She spent most of her childhood in Iliamna with her family. Her mother and father have a fishing lodge. There, Mae worked for a long time and mastered all the techniques. As a lifelong Alaskan citizen, she excels in hunting, fishing, and similar adventurous activities.

So, how did she met with Erik? How did their relationship start? Well, everything started after Erik went to Alaska from New York. Shortly after, they started dating and enjoyed their adventurous life together. Both love fishing and hunting.

He proposed to her in the most unique way possible. Erik attached the engagement ring to the end of the fishing rod. And that is how Martha found out.

Both of them appeared in the show Life Below Zero. The show premiered on National Geographic Channel in May 2013. The show talks about people making their living in remote areas of Alaska in a below-zero-degree environment.

So far, the show has had 12 seasons. The show has managed to win a couple of accolades, including Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program, Outstanding Picture Editing, and many more.

Martha and her husband Erik joined the show in 2013. Fans and viewers loved their survival styles. But in 2016, they decided to leave the show. Martha clarified that they wanted to spend more time with their son.

Martha and Erik Salitan got married long before entering the show. Born in New York in 1984, Erik is a registered guide. He has a degree in Applied Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Martha has her own company, Bushwhack Alaska, Guiding and Outfitting serving Alaskan tourists.

In 2010, they got their son, and now they own two lodges. One in the remote Brooks Longe and another in Peninsula. They invest their entire energy in their own business. They own a Talarik Creek Lodge, located on the shores of scenic Lake Iliamna. They bought it in 2014, and since leaving the show, they invest all their time in the lodge.

The lodge provides full enjoyment to viewers with its amazing surrounding. Travelers can fish in the Newhalen River and the Tazimina River. They can also explore beautiful views and nature. The lodge has private rooms with private baths. While Martha manages the operations, including cooking tasty meals and fulfilling the needs of the guests, Erik runs tours and guides.

Erik still operates his guide and outfitting company, Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting. He started the company in 1998, offering hunting and fishing tours with full facilities in remote Alaska.

Martha and her husband also do community and volunteer work. They support conservation groups like Safari Club International and the Alaska Professional Hunters Association.

Net Worth

So, how much does Martha Mae Salitan earn? How much she and her husband make from their lodge business? Well, they operate the business successfully for a couple of years by now. The fortune of Martha Mae Salivan is more than $400,000.

According to some sources, she and her husband earned $4,500 per episode of Life Below Zero. And they invested the money in their own business.