Marques Houston Brother: Unveiling the Family Ties in Showbiz

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Marques Houston, an American R&B singer, songwriter, and actor, is often recognized for his childhood role on the sitcom “Sister, Sister” and his musical contributions as a member of the group Immature/IMx. He transitioned to a successful solo career in the early 2000s. The topic of Houston’s family connections, particularly regarding his siblings, has piqued public interest, especially considering the prominent musical talents within his extended family.

Confusion sometimes arises around Marques Houston’s brother due to misinformation that has circulated online. Despite various claims, Marques Houston is not the brother of Omarion, another well-known R&B singer. While they have been publicly linked, the relationship is not sibling-based; they are, in fact, related, but more distantly, with Marques being Omarion’s cousin. Houston’s actual immediate family includes his parents, Michael and Carolyn, and he has siblings with whom he was raised in Los Angeles, California.

Early Life and Background

The early years of Marques Houston’s brother are marked by familial connections in entertainment, initial forays into show business, and formative educational experiences. The familial environment was influential in both personal and professional capacities.

Family Ties

Born to Carolyn and Michael Houston, Marques Houston is the older brother to Danielle Houston. Despite rumors to the contrary, R&B singer Omarion is not his blood relative, although they have been close like family. Carolyn Houston passed away in 1997, an event that deeply affected the Houston family.

Beginnings in Entertainment

Marques was introduced to the entertainment industry at a young age as a member of the R&B group Immature, later known as IMx. This group formed the cornerstone of his and his family’s involvement in the music scene. His talent as a singer and actor was nurtured during this period, setting the stage for his later solo career and role on the television sitcom Sister, Sister.

Educational Journey

Amidst his early entertainment beginnings, Marques maintained a focus on his education. Although specific details are not widely publicized, it is understood that the balance between his rising career and schooling was a challenging yet vital aspect of his personal development. There are no specifics on whether he attended Howard High, but fostering his education alongside a burgeoning career in entertainment was a priority.

Music Career

Marques Houston’s music career has been marked by his evolution from a boy band heartthrob to a respected solo artist and producer. Through his journey, he has contributed significantly to the R&B genre, showcasing his talent as a singer and songwriter.

Rise with Immature/IMX

Houston began his ascent in the music industry as a member of the R&B group Immature, later known as IMX. Managed by Chris Stokes, the group became popular in the mid-1990s, releasing several successful albums and charting singles that earned them a dedicated fan base. They were signed to EMI, which helped solidify their status in the music world.

Solo Endeavors and Hits

Transitioning to a solo career, Houston released his debut album, “MH,” on October 21, 2003. The album featured popular singles like “That Girl” and “Clubbin” which helped establish Houston as a solo artist. His album “Naked” came out in 2005 and included hits that further pushed his career forward. He continued to release albums, including “Veteran” (2007), “Mr. Houston” (2009), and “Mattress Music” (2010).

Songwriting and Producing

Beyond singing, Houston has proven himself as a skilled songwriter and producer. His work extends to crafting songs for other artists, including his cousin J-Boog from B2K, and his sister Mila J. His creative input has been a significant factor behind several acclaimed R&B tracks.

Collaborations and Features

Throughout his career, Houston has collaborated with various artists, including Joe Budden and R. Kelly on the song “Clubbin”. His connections with artists like Omarion — also managed by Chris Stokes — and his IMP/IMx bandmate Jarell “J-Boog” Houston, highlight his influence and standing within the R&B community. These collaborations, both as a group member and as a solo artist, have enhanced his credentials as a versatile and respected figure in music.

Acting Career

Marques Houston’s acting career has been marked by a range of television and film roles, where he often combines his musical talent with his acting skills.

Television Roles

  • “Sister, Sister” (1994-1999): Houston is widely recognized for his role as Roger Evans on the hit sitcom
  • “A Different World” (1993): He made an appearance in this well-known series
  • “Family Matters” (1992): Houston appeared in an episode of this beloved family sitcom
  • “Rock Me Baby” (2003-2004): He had a recurring role on this comedy series
  • “American Dreams” (2002-2005): Houston guest-starred in the series
  • “One on One” (2004): He was featured in this television show
  • “Cuts” (2005-2006): Houston starred as Kevin Barnes, running a barbershop inherited from his absentee father


  • “House Party 3” (1994): His debut film role was in this comedy
  • “Good Burger” (1997): Houston made an appearance in this cult classic
  • “You Got Served” (2004): A dance film where he not only acted but also contributed to the soundtrack
  • “Fat Albert” (2004): He voiced the character Dumb Donald in this live-action adaptation
  • “Somebody Help Me” (2007): Houston played a leading role in this horror flick
  • “Battlefield America” (2012): He appeared and took part in the production of this dance film
  • “Boogie Town” (2012): The actor had a role in this futuristic dance movie
  • “A Weekend with the Family” (2016): Houston portrayed the lead in this comedy

Personal Life

Marques Houston, a renowned R&B artist and actor, leads a life marked by close family ties, strong religious convictions, and a balance of personal interests with physical well-being.

Relationships and Family

Marques Houston is married to Miya Dickey, with whom he tied the knot in August 2020. Their daughter, Zara Houston, is one of the key highlights of his personal life, often featured on his social media profiles. Houston is known for keeping his relationships and family life relatively private, although he occasionally shares glimpses into his family life on platforms like Instagram.

Religious Beliefs

A dedicated Jehovah’s Witness, Houston’s faith plays a significant role in his life. His religious beliefs inform his lifestyle choices and are a foundational aspect of his identity.

Health and Wellbeing

Houston has not publicly disclosed any significant health concerns and appears to maintain a focus on living a healthy, balanced life. No public records indicate he has undergone any serious health issues like cancer or similar ailments.

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from his career in entertainment, Houston enjoys a range of activities in his leisure time. While he has not explicitly mentioned golf as a hobby, many celebrities are known to enjoy this sport at venues like the Eagle Glen Golf Club. His social media profiles do not showcase any particular hobbies consistently.

Public Image and Influence

Marques Houston has established a robust public image influenced by his roles in entertainment and his presence on various media platforms. This has contributed to his lasting influence in the music and film industry.

Media Presence

Houston’s visibility in the media extends far beyond his musical releases and acting roles. On social media, such as Instagram and YouTube, Houston shares glimpses of his life, including posts about his career and personal life. With a significant following, he offers content that ranges from music videos to intimate family moments, engaging with a contemporary audience.