Marilou Cantiller: Get To Know Ken Hakuta’s Wife

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Real Name:Marilou Cantiller
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Occupation:Philippine Bank Employee, Wife of Ken Hakuta

Marilou Cantiller is a former bank employee from the Philippines who gained recognition after marrying Ken Hakuta, a Japanese television star and comedian. Cantiller met Hakuta while both were working at the World Bank, and they got married in 1977. She is also known as the mother-in-law of Ali Wong, an American comedian and writer, who was married to her son, Justin Hakuta.

Despite her background in banking, Marilou Cantiller had a unique challenge in her married life: adjusting to the high expectations of her husband’s family, particularly in culinary matters. With her mother-in-law being a reputed cook in Japan, Marilou had to prove her worth in the kitchen as well.

Over the years, Marilou Cantiller has managed to maintain a low-profile life while focusing on her family. Her and Ken Hakuta have three children: Justin, Kenzo, and Aki, and together, they have built a strong family bond, enjoying life outside the limelight of fame.

Early Life

Marilou Cantiller was born and raised in the Philippines, which bestowed her with a rich Filipino heritage. She belongs to the Filipino ethnicity and holds Filipino nationality. Although Marilou has been quite discreet about her family background, it is worth noting that she spent most of her childhood in the Philippines, embracing the distinctive culture and traditions.

Growing up, her family played a significant role in shaping her values, morals, and ambitions. Information about her grandparents, however, remains undisclosed to the public. As for her education, the precise details about Marilou Cantiller’s schooling and university attendance have also been kept private.

In 1977, Marilou found love and got married, marking a major milestone in her life journey. Marilou’s professional achievements include her former position as a bank employee at the World Bank in the Philippines. Her career at the World Bank showcased her dedication, hard work, and determination to succeed in the professional world.

Despite the limited information available about Marilou Cantiller’s early life, it is evident that her experiences, both personal and professional, have tremendously influenced her personal and career growth. Maintaining her privacy and staying away from the public eye has allowed Marilou to lead a humble and fulfilled life.


Marilou Cantiller started her career as a bank employee at the World Bank in the Philippines. Although she has been successful in her career, Marilou gained widespread attention and recognition after marrying her husband, Ken Hakuta. Ken is a renowned Japanese-American inventor and television personality, also known by the nickname Dr. Fad.

Ken found fame as the host of the children’s television show, The Dr. Fad Show. Known for his ability to engage and entertain young audiences, Ken became a prominent figure in television. As Dr. Fad, Ken introduced innovative and creative concepts to children, such as the famous toy, the Wacky Wall Walker.

Marilou and her family came into the spotlight when her son married American-Chinese actress Ali Wong. Ali Wong is known for her successful career in stand-up comedy, appearing on various television platforms like Netflix and popular TV shows. This connection with Ali Wong undoubtedly boosted Marilou’s popularity in the public domain.

Despite her success and association with well-known individuals, Marilou Cantiller maintains a private life. She is known for her Christian faith and Asian heritage.

Marilou Cantiller and Ken Hakuta

Marilou Cantiller and Ken Hakuta, a renowned Asian-American TV personality and inventor, have been happily married since 1977. They first met while working together at the World Bank. Their love story is a testament to lasting relationships in a world where celebrity marriages often falter.

The couple’s wedding ceremony transpired in 1977, a private affair filled with love and commitment. Since then, Marilou and Ken have been enjoying a blissful married life, spanning over four decades. Their relationship serves as an inspiration to many in the face of hardships and life’s challenges.

Together, Marilou and Ken are the proud parents of three children: Justin, Kenzo, and Aki. Their eldest son, Justin, is the former spouse of famous comedian Ali Wong. The Hakuta family’s success and resilience is a reflection of the strong bond and support system built by Marilou and Ken throughout their long-lasting marriage.

Their love and admiration for each other continue to grow as the years pass, proving that true love can indeed stand the test of time. The Cantiller-Hakuta union is a shining example of a marriage anchored on mutual respect, trust, and unwavering commitment.

Their Children

Marilou Cantiller and Ken Hakuta are proud parents to three wonderful children: Justin, Kenzo, and Aki Hakuta. They have been successful in keeping the details of their children’s upbringing relatively private. However, some information about their children has emerged over time, painting a picture of a loving and supportive family unit.

Justin Hakuta, their eldest child, is married to the talented comedian and actress, Ali Wong. They have two lovely daughters of their own, Mari Hakuta and Nikki Hakuta. Born in November 2015, Mari is the older sister to Nikki, who was born in December 2017. As doting grandparents, Marilou and Ken often spend time with their granddaughters and enjoy being a part of their lives.

Besides Justin, not much is known about the personal lives and careers of Kenzo and Aki Hakuta. They have maintained a lower profile compared to their older brother due to the privacy maintained by the Hakuta family. Nevertheless, it would not be far-fetched to assume that Marilou and Ken have provided guidance and support to their younger children as they pursue their own paths in life.

Marilou and Ken have successfully raised their children while balancing their busy careers. Despite being in the public eye, they have preserved a sense of normalcy for their children, ultimately protecting their privacy and personal lives. It is evident that the Hakuta family’s strong bond goes beyond the household, as they support one another’s ambitions and care for each other as they grow together in a close-knit family.

Personal Life

Marilou Cantiller gained public attention upon marrying Japanese-American inventor and television personality Ken Hakuta. Born in the Philippines, Marilou holds a Filipino nationality and is of Asian ethnicity. Committed to Christianity, she practices this religion in her day-to-day life.

The couple first met at the World Bank, where Marilou previously worked as an employee. Their connection was instant, and they soon started dating. In 1977, they wed and have been together for almost 45 years. Their long-lasting marriage is a testament to their love and commitment to each other.

Together, Marilou and Ken have three children: Justin Hakuta, Kenzo Hakuta, and Aki Hakuta. Their son Justin is well-known for being married to American comedian and actress Ali Wong. The couple tied the knot on November 27, 2014, and have since welcomed two children into their family.

Marilou’s personal details, such as age, height, and weight, have not been disclosed in the public domain. However, her remarkable life, career, and enduring relationship with Ken Hakuta make her an exceptional and interesting figure. Her Filipino background alongside Ken’s American-Chinese heritage and their family’s accomplishments showcase the beauty of cultural diversity and the strength of their family unit.

Art and Creativity

Marilou Cantiller, wife of Ken Hakuta, a Japanese-American television personality and inventor, has always been surrounded by art and creativity. Her husband, also known as Dr. Fad, is famous for his innovative spirit and unique ideas. Together, they have a shared passion for inspiring creativity in others.

In the realm of art, the couple appreciates various forms and styles, such as painting, sculpture, and performance art. Their diverse background and experiences exposed them to a rich tapestry of artistic expressions. One might imagine their home filled with fascinating and eclectic pieces of art, including some inspired by Marilou’s Filipino heritage and Ken’s love for Japanese culture.

Ken Hakuta’s inventive nature has also resulted in numerous fad products, such as the famous Wacky WallWalker. These products often showcased a combination of art and creativity, united in a playful and engaging manner. The success of Ken’s inventions led to the organization of Fad Fairs, events designed to spur innovation and bring creative minds together.

Here is a list of some notable fad products and their unique features:

  1. Wacky WallWalker: A rubber octopus-like toy that sticks to and walks down walls when thrown.
  2. Power Putty: A stretchy, moldable substance that children can play with and adults can use as a stress reliever.
  3. Velcro Surfboard: A surfboard with Velcro strips for the rider’s feet, ensuring a better grip during surfing.

Marilou and Ken exhibit their passion for creativity in various facets of their lives, including their culinary pursuits. For example, Marilou’s innovative approach to Japanese cooking incorporates raw seafood, such as tuna, in imaginative ways. Her exquisite dishes reflect the couple’s artistic sensibilities and their keenness for pushing creative boundaries.

Thus, the union of Marilou Cantiller and Ken Hakuta has undoubtedly fostered an atmosphere filled with art, invention, and creativity.

Role as a Celebrity Wife

Marilou Cantiller, a former bank employee at the World Bank in the Philippines, rose to fame after marrying the Japanese television sensation and comedian Ken Hakuta. As a celebrity wife, Marilou has managed to maintain a low profile while supporting her husband’s career.

Being a celebrity wife, Marilou is often associated with her husband’s achievements and public appearances. Ken Hakuta, also known as Dr. Fad, is a well-known television personality, entrepreneur, and inventor. Together, the couple shares a loving relationship, as they’ve been married since 1977. In their family life, Marilou and Ken have successfully raised three children together, showing the strength of their bond.

Apart from being known for her celebrity marriage, Marilou Cantiller’s background includes her Filipino nationality and a career at the World Bank. This successful career has certainly played a role in shaping Marilou’s identity beyond just being a celebrity wife.

Marilou’s physical attributes and body measurements remain undisclosed, reflecting her preference for privacy despite being under the spotlight. The neutral and low-profile approach Marilou has taken towards her life as a celebrity wife is commendable, as it allows her to focus on her family and personal life without distractions.

In summary, Marilou Cantiller’s role as a celebrity wife has been one of support and dedication to her husband, Ken Hakuta, and their family. Despite the fame that comes with being married to a well-known personality, Marilou has managed to maintain her own identity, showcasing the qualities of a strong and steadfast partner.

Social Media Presence

Marilou Cantiller, a former World Bank employee in the Philippines, has gained recognition for her relationship with Ken Hakuta, a Japanese-American comedian and TV personality. However, when it comes to social media presence, Marilou seems to prefer a low-key approach, keeping her personal life away from public eyes.

It is worth mentioning that Marilou Cantiller is not active on any popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This choice of privacy aligns with her husband Ken Hakuta, who is also notably absent from social media. Despite his TV work and widespread popularity as the host of the children’s show The Dr. Fad Show, Ken maintains a discreet online presence.

As an American comedian and TV personality, Ken Hakuta’s work has garnered the attention and admiration of fans across the globe. The same could be expected for Marilou Cantiller, as she could potentially benefit from her husband’s fame in the public eye. However, Marilou’s perception of social media exposure remains limited and reserved.

In conclusion, both Marilou Cantiller and her husband, Ken Hakuta, have opted for a more private approach to their online presence. Despite being associated with a successful comedian and TV show host, Marilou Cantiller stays away from social media platforms, intentionally keeping personal details from public view.

Fun Facts About Marilou Cantiller

Marilou Cantiller is a former World Bank employee who became well-known as the wife of Japanese-American inventor and television personality, Ken Hakuta. Their love story began in the 1970s when Cantiller worked at the World Bank in the Philippines, and it was love at first sight for the couple.

An interesting fact about their family is that their son Justin Hakuta is married to American comedian Ali Wong. Ali Wong has been mentioned in the same breath as contemporary hilarious comedians like Whitney Cummings.

Cantiller and Hakuta have managed to maintain a stable relationship amidst the pressure that comes along with being celebrity figures. While many high-profile couples deal with dating scandals and divorce, there have been no such issues reported for the Cantillers. The couple has three children together—Justin, Kenzo, and Aki Hakuta.

Another fascinating aspect of the Hakuta family is Ken’s educational background. The successful inventor is a Harvard Business School graduate, a prestigious institution known for molding some of the world’s top business leaders.

Throughout the years, the Cantiller family has demonstrated living a balanced lifestyle, focusing on both their careers and family. Despite being married to an inventor and television star, Marilou has managed to stay grounded.

In conclusion, Marilou Cantiller is not just the wife of the famous Japanese-American inventor, Ken Hakuta, but also an individual who values her family and leads a balanced lifestyle. With a talented family by her side, she continues to live a life that inspires others.