12 Sexy Photos Of The Tantalizing Malu Trevejo

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By David

Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-born singer. She started in Miami, Florida, and performs in both Spanish and English language. Malu is one of the many new singers and celebrities that got popular thanks to Tik Tok. Or in her case, Musical.ly, the application before Tik Tok. Now, Malu has an Instagram account with more than 8 million followers where she shares her Malu Trevejo sexy photos.

In September 2017, she released her debut single, Lua Llena. Since then, the music video has amassed more than 100 million views on YouTube. She has released another single, En Mi Mente.

In June 2017, Malu signed a recording deal with In-Tu Linea, a division of the Universal Music Latin Entertainment label. Her debut single made it to Number 27 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs.

In October 2020, she signed a new deal and relocated to the Los Angeles area. For her 18th birthday, Malu created an OnlyFans account. And she got more than 37,000 subscribers in the first week.

In April 2020, she created controversy during her Instagram Live session. In it, she referred to Covid-19 as a Chinese virus, stirring racist nature controversy.

In December 2020, Trevejo revealed to her fans that she underwent breast augmentation surgery. Here are some of the best Malu Trevejo sexy photos.

1. Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Photo: pinterest.com

Here is Malu before her surgery to increase her breast size. Even back then, she had a great body and looked great. But she wanted more, which is why she underwent the surgery. Do not worry, we will take a look at her after photos as well.

2. Always Teasing

Photo: pinterest.com

Malu is a young and attractive woman. And she knows how to use it to attract more fans, male and female. She poses in teasing fashion, wearing sexy clothes, high heels, boots, and so on. And she always gives her fans some behind-the-scenes looks of her trying-out outfits.

3. Happy Child

Photo: pinterest.com

At the end of the day, we have to remember that Malu is just 18 years old. She is still a teenager. And this is a photo showing her childlike behavior and spirit. Happy, cheerful, and beautiful, that is Malu. And fans love her for that.

4. Loving Life

Photo: pinterest.com

Going back to that young spirit, we love when Malu dresses up as a teenager. She doesn’t have to wear grownup, elegant, and sexy clothes all the time. Her youthful spirit makes her attractive in almost everything she wears.

5. Working Out

Photo: pinterest.com

Despite her young age, Malu wants to make sure she looks amazing. And that is why she constantly works out. Trevejo also pays attention to her diet. She knows exercise plus proper diet equals results. Genetics is one thing, but you cannot live forever on genetics. You have to invest in your body.

6. Smiling

Photo: pinterest.com

Malu always smiles. That is one of the reasons she manages to look so beautiful and amazing. She has a youthful charisma. And that makes her look beautiful in both simple and elegant clothes. Here, she goes for a more sophisticated and elegant look. Simple, yet elegant, that is the way to go for this successful teenager.

7. Getting Ready To Go Out

Photo: pinterest.com

Malu probably thinks about that breast augmentation surgery that will come soon. Taken in July 2008, Trevejo looks beautiful in this picture. And she shows that the duck face trend will stay forever. Just when you think we got rid of it, it comes back like a boomerang.

8. Always Happy

Photo: pinterest.com

Think about the moment when you were 18 years old. You had almost no worries on your mind, right? Well, that is the case with most teenagers. But Malu manages to look happy and smiling despite the stress of her work. It is not easy to make out as a celebrity. The constant pressure and stress can ruin people. But not Malu.

9. After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Photo: instagram.com

What do you think? Did she do a good job? Big enough? Or she could have gone for more? Whatever the case, we know Malu feels happy now. She is satisfied with the result she got. And at the end of the day, that is the most important thing.

10. Teasing Her Fans

Photo: instagram.com

Some might say that Malu attracts followers because she teases and acts provocatively. But hey, she has found a way to earn money and attract attention. And everybody cannot do it. At the end of the day, she got blessed with an amazing body. And she has the talent to go with it.

11. Hallo?

Photo: instagram.com

Malu takes a lot of pictures of her. But she also does some creative photo shoots. This picture is from a recent photo shoot in her lingerie.

12. Malu Trevejo Bikini Photo

Photo: instagram.com

We had some Malu Trevejo hot pictures. We had some Malu Trevejo sexy photos. And now we will see some of her bikini shots, courtesy of her Instagram profile. She has no problem sharing these types of photos.

13. It Is Not Easy To Be An Instagram Influencer

Photo: instagram.com

Malu will tell you, it is not easy to take photos of yourself. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it, right? Jokes aside, let’s finish off the list of hot photos of Malu Trevejo with her new tattoo shot.