Malachi Jakes: Who Is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Eldest Son?

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Real Name:Malachi Xander Jakes
Birthday:October 3, 2002
Net WorthN/A
Height:193 cm
Occupation:American Blogger, Son of Sarah Jakes Roberts, Grandson of American Bishop T.D Jakes

Malachi Jakes is the eldest son of Sarah Jakes Roberts, an influential author and pastor known for her motivational work and religious teachings. Born into a family steeped in spiritual leadership, Malachi has grown up with the influence of his grandfather, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and the legacy of his mother, who balances her career with the responsibilities of motherhood. Malachi shares his Zodiac sign, Leo, with his mother, a detail that reflects just a small part of their bond.

Having been raised in a devout and publicly engaged family, Malachi’s life has garnered attention both for his relation to religious figureheads and the early challenges his family faced. His path reflects the strength of his family’s commitment to their faith and work. At a young age, he is already stepping into the public eye, showcasing the influence of his upbringing through his engagements and developing profile.

As Malachi Jakes continues to carve out his individual identity, many are interested in seeing how his empowering legacy and familial ties shape his future choices and actions. Navigating both personal growth and the public’s interest, Malachi represents a new generation within a prominent family known for their spiritual guidance and social impact.

Early Life and Background

Malachi Jakes’s early life is marked by his notable family lineage and educational pursuits. Born into a prominent family, his upbringing intertwines with the influences of his mother’s resilience and his grandfather’s spiritual leadership, while his education reflects a focus on creative arts.

Family Tree

Malachi Xander Jakes is the son of Sarah Jakes Roberts and grandson to Bishop T.D. Jakes, a revered figure in the Christian community. His mother, a motivational speaker and author, became pregnant with him at a young age. Sarah married Pastor Touré Roberts, and through this union, Malachi has several step-siblings, including Ren Taylor Roberts, Ella Roberts, Teya Roberts, and Isaiah Roberts.


Malachi’s education includes his time at Rock Canyon High School, nurturing the foundations of his academic journey. Pursuing his passion for the performing arts, he later took an Advanced Film Acting Course at the Colorado School of Acting, underscoring his commitment to refining his craft in theater.

Birth and Early Childhood

Born on August 21, 2002, Malachi spent his early childhood embracing the complexities of being part of a well-known family. Despite the initial shock within the Christian community regarding his mother’s early pregnancy, Malachi’s early years were surrounded by support and guidance from his influential family members, especially from his mother, Sarah, who has frequently shared her experiences to empower others.


Malachi Jakes has carved a niche in creative industries through his diverse talents in writing, speaking, and performance arts. His career reflects his passion for creative expression and his commitment to carving his own path.

Creative Pursuits

As an author and expressive voice, Malachi Jakes offers a unique perspective through his work. He hosts “Moments in Mind with Malachi,” a platform where he shares his insights and connects with his audience. His pursuits as a speaker also allow him to engage with diverse crowds, further expanding his influence in motivational speaking and personal development.

Malachi’s affinity for the written word is evident in his writing, where he displays a mature grasp of language and narrative structure. This skill extends to his YouTube Channel, where he creates content that resonates with his viewers, offering yet another medium for his storytelling.

Acting Endeavors

As a theatre student, Malachi is honing his craft and expanding his scope as a performer. He actively participates in theatrical productions, which enables him to explore various facets of his acting abilities. His on-stage experiences contribute to his development as a well-rounded artist.

Additionally, Malachi has shown interest in modeling, where he applies his stage presence and confidence in front of the camera. This versatile artist continues to explore different avenues of creativity, each contributing to his growth as a professional in the performing arts.

Personal Life

Malachi Jakes, the progeny of a deeply religious family, has carved out his own space, pursuing diverse interests that reflect both his heritage and individual passions.

Passions and Interests

Malachi’s personal life is marked by a strong affinity for the arts, manifesting in his dedication towards theatre and blogging. His ventures include a lifestyle blog that encapsulates his thoughts on varied topics that likely shape his everyday life. Being part of a religious family, aspects of faith might find their way into his writings and perspectives, connecting with wider audiences through shared beliefs and experiences.

Malachi’s musical interests are less documented, but given his cultural background, it’s conceivable that music plays a role in his expression and relaxation, potentially influenced by gospel or contemporary Christian genres.

Influences and Values

The teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith profoundly influence Malachi Jakes. As the grandson of Bishop T.D. Jakes, the principles and values imparted through his religious family undoubtedly shape his worldview. While Malachi appears to maintain privacy around the specifics of his religious practices, the overarching presence of faith in his life is palpable.

His family background suggests a potential appreciation for spiritual teachings and principles, which might innately influence his pursuits, from his creative expression as a photographer to his contributions as a singer or artist in other capacities. The intersection of his personal beliefs and professional endeavors might be seen as an extension of his values, handed down through generations.

Public Image

Malachi Jakes, as the son of motivational speaker and preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts, maintains a discreet yet impactful public image. This public perception is primarily shaped through his social media presence and various public appearances.

Social Media Presence

On Instagram, Malachi Jakes opts for a low-profile presence with selective sharing. His account, @themalachijakes, boasts a follow count in the thousands and features a modest array of personal photographs. His content suggests a balance between privacy and engagement with his audience.

Public Appearances

Malachi’s public appearances, while infrequent, are significant. As part of a well-known family, with Sarah Jakes Roberts and stepfather Touré Roberts being prominent figures, he occasionally appears at events and functions. Coverage from these events further contributes to his public persona, illustrating a young man connected to, yet distinct from, the spheres of influence occupied by his family.

Family Connections

Malachi Jakes is not only the son of a renowned public figure, Sarah Jakes Roberts, but he is also the grandson of prominent American bishop T.D. Jakes and his wife, Serita Jakes. This section explores the impact of his close family ties on his life.

Parental Influences

Sarah Jakes Roberts, Malachi’s mother, is a celebrated author and pastor who has influenced her son’s upbringing greatly. She became a mother to Malachi at a young age, which is a testament to her strength and resilience. Here is more information on Sarah Jakes Roberts’ life and works. His grandfather, Bishop T.D. Jakes, is the founder and bishop of The Potter’s House, a megachurch in Dallas, Texas. His grandmother, Serita Jakes, is an author and speaker, who together with his grandfather, has established a spiritual legacy within the family.

Sibling Roles

Malachi Jakes has siblings who each have their unique place within the family unit. His siblings include Ella Roberts, Isaiah Roberts, Ren Taylor Roberts, and Teya Roberts. This family environment has likely provided Malachi with multiple perspectives and the presence of both older and younger siblings could have contributed to his development as an individual.

Achievements and Recognition

Malachi Jakes has carved out a notable presence in the spheres of blogging and theatre, showing a flair for creative expression influenced by his background. Born into a family known for leadership in the religious community, he continues the tradition of impactful public speaking and has made strides in both literary and performing arts.

  • Dallas Heritage: Growing up in Dallas, Jakes’ familial legacy laid a strong foundation for his own path to prominence, especially as the grandson of the respected Bishop T.D. Jakes.
  • Acting Aspirations: Malachi Jakes took a considerable step toward honing his craft as an actor at the Colorado School of Acting, an institution dedicated to cultivating talent with rigorous training.
  • Literary Contributions: While not mentioned as an author in the search results, the pursuit of excellence in writing seems to be an inherent trait in the Jakes family, which suggests the potential for literary endeavors akin to his mother’s success.
  • Public Influence: As a blogger, Jakes utilizes digital platforms to extend his reach and influence, paralleling the communicative impact of his mother, Sarah Jakes Roberts, who is known for her inspiring teachings.

In recognition of his achievements, Malachi’s journey is regularly highlighted by those who follow the Jakes family’s extensive pastoral and motivational work. His contributions to theater and blogging resonate with a wide audience, reflecting his family’s empowering legacy.

Notable Relations

Malachi Jakes emerges from a lineage and network rich with influential personalities, shaping his journey and public image.

Spousal Spotlight

Malachi Jakes has no known spouse; therefore, this subsection is not applicable to his context.

Influence of Extended Family

Sarah Jakes Roberts – Malachi is known foremost as the son of Sarah Jakes Roberts, a prominent figure in the religious and motivational speaking spheres. Her work as a bestselling author, coupled with her outreach as a pastor, casts a significant shadow of influence over Malachi’s personal and potentially professional life.

Pastor Touré Roberts – As the stepson of Pastor Touré Roberts, who is married to Sarah Jakes Roberts, Malachi is connected to another spiritual and community leader. The teachings and activities of Touré could very well offer additional leadership perspectives in Malachi’s environment.

Sarah Jakes Roberts has been candid about her life experiences, including being a Mother of Six. Malachi shares his life with siblings, and the family dynamics surrounding a large family unit could play a role in his personal development and worldview.

Additionally, Malachi is the nephew of NFL Linebacker Robert Henson – a tie to the athletic and entertainment industries which could contribute to a diverse array of familial insights.

His sister, Makenzie Henson, has her own narrative tied to the family legacy, and while less is publicly known about her, the sibling bond is an essential aspect of Malachi’s relational web.