Maciah Bilodeau – How Much Do You Know About The Husband of Misty Raney?

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Real Name:Maciah Bilodeau
Birthday:March 30, 1980
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Carpenter And Surfer, Husband of Misty Raney

Maciah Bilodeau is the husband of Misty Raney Bilodeau. He also took part in the series, Homestead Rescue. But exactly how much do you know about the celebrity husband? His wife, Misty, is a farmer, homestead builder, and carpenter. The two live in both Alaska and Hawaii. They have a son together and manage to do almost everything together. But how much is the cash flow of Maciah Bilodeau?

Let’s take a look at his biography, how he met Misty, how they started dating, when did they get married, and so on.

The two run a family business in Alaska during the summer, and in the winter, they go to Hawaii. You can say they try to get as much sunshine and Vitamin D as possible.

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Quick Bio

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Born in March, 1980, Maciah Bilodeau is an American and celebrity husband of Misty Raney. He holds American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Raised in Anaconda, Montana, with his family, he has origins dating back to Western France.

We cannot find much information about his siblings and parents. And he doesn’t spend time on social media, making it harder to dig some information.

Misty also doesn’t share pictures of her in-laws on social media. Maciah and his wife enjoy life behind closed doors.

His wife started her career as a constructor and farmer. She started the show Homestead Rescue, in which she guides families to carry on with long-lasting farming. And she also trains them to store sufficient meats and vegetables for a whole year.

Misty also constructs smokers and greenhouses. In the past few years, Misty works as a big-time protector, getting into the world of composting and using it as fertilizers. This helps her cut down the waste outcome, providing long-term benefits to farming.

Misty definitely changes the view on stereotypical women that select a profession far away from farming. Misty considers herself one of the strongest women in the world.

As for the romantic relationship between Maciah and Misty, the two managed to keep it low-profile for a while. They only recently announced that they have dated since 2000. They have a bong that lasts for more than 20 years, and manage to keep their relationship away from the media’s concern.

They have yet to reveal any information on how they met and started their relationship. Misty took the surname Bilodeau. Maciah works as a carpenter and surfer. When they spend time in Hawaii, he gives surfing lessons there. They also have an 800-square-foot cabin near their family home in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Maciah is an overall humble guy coming from an average American household. He is a pretty well-versed carpenter, and an avid surfer.

Maciah and Misty have everything it takes to survive in the wild condition of nature. For example, Misty has some skills for serving clean water and rebuilding homes.

As for how they keep their life away from the public, it is all about social media. Maciah doesn’t have an account on any platforms. His wife, on the other hand, spends time on Facebook and Instagram. But she doesn’t share anything related to her marriage with Maciah, her children, or her in-laws.

While many celebrities share posts of celebrations like Valentine’s Day, Misty has yet to add a tribute or picture with her husband.

The last time she posted about their married life? Valentine’s day in 2015. She wished her husband a happy 15th Wedding Anniversary, giving fans an idea about how long they have been together. Some people speculated that these two tied the knot and exchanged vows on Valentine’s Day.

Net Worth

It is hard to find exact information about the wealth of Macah Bilodeau. He doesn’t reveal anything, and he doesn’t have an account on social media platforms. Furthermore, we do not have his salary and earnings.

What we do know is the assets of his wife. Misty has a fortune of more than $500,000. She earns the bulk of the money through her presence in the show, Homestead Rescue. Her brother, Matt Raney and her father Marty Raney also participate in the show.

Maciah has yet to make an appearance, but he does help with logistics. The show helps people residing in harsh and tough situations.

Misty and her crew try to help people find a weakness in their homes and then rescue them from either wild animals or natural disasters.