Lil Tecca – Net Worth, Biography, Career Ups and Downs

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By David

Real Name:Tyler Justin Anthony Sharpe
Birthday:August 26, 2002
Net Worth$3 million
Height:175 cm

When Lil Tecca was young, he dreamed of playing in the NBA. But he quickly changed his dreams. In middle school, he decided he wants to focus on his music.

In just one year, he made a few million. He used what he had in front of him, and made a living.

Born as Tyler Justin Anthony Sharpe, he uses the name Lil Tecca in the music world. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He breakout single Ransom accumulated more than 500 million plays on Spotify and peaked at Number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Some of his other songs include Love Me, Molly Girl, Did it Again, and Bossanova. None of them has the success of Ransom.

Career Ups and Downs

Lil Tecca is a unique story in the world of music. He started in the humblest of ways. Tyler and his friends made diss tracks ripping each other. He released the first track in 2017.

He was born in August 2002, in Queens New York. He started showing interest in music when he was just nine years old. Lil Tecca and his friends rapped over music on Xbox. They made diss tracks directed towards each other.

They uploaded one of the tracks to SoundCloud. But that track is no longer there. In the beginning, Tyler didn’t want a career in music. He dreamed of playing in the NBA. By middle school, he lost interest in basketball and put his focus on the music career.

He made his first track together with his friend Lil Gummybear in 2017. Just one year later, he released the hit single Ransom. He uploaded the single originally on the Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel. This was on May 22, 2019. Since then, the song peaked at Number 4 on the Billboard Hot Charts. The song has more than 500 million plays on Spotify and 200 million views on YouTube.

Consider this for a moment. The song reached #2 on the Hip Hop Charts in Canada, the USA, and Greece. The single reached #4 on the Billboard Hot chart. It also reached #3 in Ireland, #7 in the UK, and #8 in Australia. In August 2019, he released the debut mixtape We Love You Tecca on Galactic and Republic records.

The rapper says that many artists influenced his music career. But the two most important are Michael Jackson and Coldplay. He listened to them in his childhood. He also listened to Eminem, Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Meek Mill.

Lessons to Take from Lil Tecca

Not everyone can be a millionaire. And earn millions by rapping overnight. But there are some important lessons you can learn from his life story.

Number one, start with what you have. Lil made his first song rapping with friends on his Xbox. He had no recording studio, no equipment, or any connection with big timers. This applies to every business. Use the resources you have. And he kept on going with what he had.

The lesson here is to develop a habit of getting started. You can start even with no money or resources.

Another lesson is to stick to the roots. Lil Tecca has a Jamaican descent. And he uses this to his advantage. Born in New York, but his parents are from Jamaica. And this is the land of reggae. Tyler uses the style often in his music so that he stands out.

You can apply the same strategy. When you stick to your roots and use it in your work, you will stand out of the crowd.

Personal Life

Born as Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe in Queens, New York, Lil Tecca enjoyed his childhood in the Springfield Gardens neighborhood. He then moved to the Lawrence area of Long Island. He has Jamaican ancestry. Both of his parents are Jamaican migrants.

When he was young, he dreamed of playing in the NBA. But when he was 12 years old, he switched his attention to music.

Lil Tecca was only 16 when he started his music career.