Lexi Rivera – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Alexa Brooke Rivera
Birthday:June 7, 2001
Net Worth$1.8 million
Height:165 cm
Occupation:American YouTuber, Instagram Model

Lexi Rivera started her career on Instagram and then exploded on YouTube. She has yet to turn 20 years of age. And yet, she is a millionaire. How did she get so popular and successful? How much does she earn? We try to find the answers. Let’s take a look at Lexi Rivera’s fortune.

Born in June 2001, in California, she has three siblings. We do not know much about her dad, only about her mother. Lexi started by appearing in videos of her brother, Brent Rivera. And then she exploded onto the scene.

Let’s take a look at her career journey.

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Quick Bio

Born and raised in California, she has three brothers. So far, Lexi hasn’t revealed photos or details about her brothers. Yet, she does show her brothers in her videos.

As a child, she showed an interest in gymnastics and freestyling. But she also had good grades in her academics. Lexi completed her high school education at Huntington High School in LA.

In 2010, she started her YouTube channel. There, she uploaded short videos doing freestyles and similar activities. But she didn’t start uploading videos instantly. In fact, Lexi uploaded her first video in July of 2018.

Just two years after launching her channel, she amassed millions of subscribers. On her channel, she uploads videos ranging from pranks to challenges to travel and even daily vlogs.

Before starting to upload videos on YouTube, she also had a prominent Instagram career. There, she posts photos and short clips. On Instagram, she has more than 7 million followers.

We have to praise Lexi for her imaginative photos. She is a skilled young woman. But she also adds a comical inclination to her intriguing videos.

We have to say Lexi got famous thanks to her brother, Brent Rivera. He started a YouTube channel first. And he had millions of subscribers. Every now and then, Lexi appeared in his videos, and from there on, she started uploading videos to her own channel.

Lexi and Brent starred in their YouTube series, Brobot. Lexi played the role of Max, while Brent portrayed Gil. She devotes her time to improving her appearance and looks better every day. Fans love her appearance and skills. She is very into aerobatic, and practices that since her school days.

She is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Ben Azelart. For many years, Lexi served as the crush of every youngster. But when she announced her relationship with Ben, the Internet went crazy. The two are in a serious relationship. But Lexi and her husband say they do not want to get married in the next 3-4 years, as she wants to build her career and profession.

Net Worth

Lexi Rivera is a youthful and beautiful looking Instagram and YouTube star. We now live in the digital era. And as such, people like Rivera can earn a lot of money. And she has a background and experience as an athlete.

She has more than 7.3 million followers on her official Instagram account. She posts regularly there, with more than 400 posts so far. And on her YouTube channel, she has more than 5 million subscribers. Lexi gets an average of 2 million views on her videos.

Some of her popular videos include Pranking my crush for a week, Telling my best friend I have a crush on her boyfriend, Puppy chooses what we do all day, Living in a candy store all day, and more.

Across all social media accounts, she has more than 21 million followers. As of November 2020, Lexi Rivera fortune is more than $1.8 million. She makes an extra income through deals with brands like Smule, Warner Bros, and more.

She dates Ben Azelart, a professional skateboarder. He appears in many of her videos.