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Adolfo Martinez is an American actor and singer who was famous for his roles in daytime soap operas. He began his career as a singer at 12 years of age and earned quite a few accolades during his career. What do we know about the woman who stood by him all those years? Leslie Bryans is his second wife, and she has been around him for most of his professional life.

Let’s take a look at her life, her relationship and marriage with A Martinez, and everything in between.

Who is her famous husband?

Born Adolfo Larrue Martinez III, he is an American actor and singer. Famous for his roles in daytime soap operas like Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and many more, Martinez had a successful career.

Born in 1948, he has been married twice. His second wife is Leslie Bryans. But let’s not get that far ahead of ourselves.

Born Adolfo Larrue Martinez III in Glendale, California, his family referred to him as “A”. That is why most people recognize him as A Martinez. Other nicknames included Little Adolfo and Little A. That was a way to distinguish him from his father and grandfather. And over time, the letter A became the name he would use.

Adolfo has Mexican heritage and Apache heritage on his father’s side, and Northern European on his mother’s side.

Regarding his education, he attended Sunland Elementary School and Mt. Gleason Junior High School in Tujunga. During his early days, he played Kiwanis youth softball each summer. Fun fact: The famous American singer was a formidable pitcher in his young days.

Martinez graduated from Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, Los Angeles. Here is another fun fact. During his high school days, he was in a rock band and on the track team. So, you can say he is a multitalented artist.

Now onto his career. He began it early on, at the young age of 12 as a singer. Martinez earned a talent competition title at the Hollywood Bowl.

Nowadays, most fans recognize him for his role in General Hospital. But he was also part of other daytime soap operas.

Besides soap operas, he also appeared in some decent movies, The Cowboys being the best of them. His other movie credits include Once Upon a Scoundrel, Joe Panther, Shoot the Sun Down, Walking the Edge, Powwow Highway, She-Devil, What’s Cooking, Wind River, The Cherokee Kid, Ambulance, and more. Ambulance, released in 2022, is his latest project.

Yet, we have to note, the majority of his acting roles have been on television. Over the course of his career, he has appeared in some iconic television shows, be it as a guest role or in a big role. For example, he played the stable hand Luis, helping Little Joe on Bonanza.

In June 2022, he was cast as Master Pakku in the Netflix live-action series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Over the years, he has been nominated for several awards. For example, that includes a Daytime Emmy Award and a Red Nation Film Award of Excellence.

Quick Bio

Going back to Leslie Bryant, she is an American fashion model. Yet, most people recognize her as the wife of American actor A Martinez.

Despite having a decent career on her own, most people recognize her as a celebrity spouse. And she is extremely thankful to her husband who is responsible for her success.

She was thrown into the spotlight after getting married to Martinez, but she managed to balance her career and personal life.

We have to say, the American model manages to keep her details quite private. There is no info about her birthplace or birthdate. We know she was born around the turn of the century. We cannot determine her age.

And there is no info on her educational background, early life, parents, siblings, or anything else. We do know that after graduating from college, she decided to pursue a career as a fashion model.

Marriage to Adolfo

Her husband was married before the two started dating. In 1981, Adolfo got married to actress Mare Winningham, a colleague and cast member of The Young Pioneers. But they divorced later that year.

In 1982, Adolfo and Leslie got married. They have a son and two daughters together. In 2014, the family moved from Malibu to Thousand Oaks, California.

The two began seeing each other in the early 1980s. According to some sources, they met on a film set. And Adolfo explained that both had no reason to be there at that time. But as we have it, faith sometimes intervenes.

His wife was operating an Arriflex camera, which was her first time using it. She saw him before she climbed behind the camera. At the time, Leslie didn’t know he would star in the movie they were working on.

In her words, she instantly noticed how warm he was as he talked to little kids and co-stars. And when she saw him through the camera, she thought it was a beautiful view.

In July 1982, the two walked down the aisle, and they have been happily married ever since. She frequently appears on his Instagram feed.

In one post, the famous actor shared that “his marital life with Bryans has deeply been nourished by their endless love of the cinema”.

Being a mother

Leslie and her husband, American actor A Martinez have three adorable children. Their first child, Dakota Lee Martinez, was born in July 1986. They got their daughter Devon Makena Martinez soon after. Eventually, in September 1993, she gave birth to their son Ren Farren Martinez.

The family shares a close bond with each other. They often share pictures of their quality time together on social media.

Over the years, Leslie has been a loving wife, a loving partner, and a doting mother.


While Leslie began her career as a model, she switched her career path since then. Some might say she outshined him and made her own identity part. According to her Facebook profile, the celebrity spouse is a singer at New Old Music Group.

Her son once shared a video clip of Leslie Martinez singing on Instagram. He also said that he had always heard her sing well during his childhood.

But that is not her only occupation. The gorgeous wife is a realtor at the Coldwell Banker Reality, with an office in Malibu.

Is she on social media?

As we said before, Leslie Martinez is present on Facebook. Her profile there states she is a singer. Other than that, we didn’t find any profile on other social media platforms, like Instagram, for example.

Her family is more on Instagram. Adolfo has a profile with more than 33k followers, and her children also share posts on popular social media.

Net worth

According to statistics, Leslie should earn about $62,000 per year as a bank realtor. And as a singer, she might earn some $70,000 per year as well. Now, that is not a small amount of money. But it is nothing compared to the net worth of her husband.

We do not know the official net worth of Leslie Bryans. We do, however, know the net worth of Adolfo Martinez. As of August 2023, his wealth is estimated at $8 million.