Lawrence Faulborn – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Lawrence Faulborn
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Businessman, Husband of Kelli Giddish

How can you get in the spotlight if you are not a celebrity? Well, you can marry one. That is a recipe for success for many people outside of the glamour of Hollywood. But do not take it for granted. Followers and celebrities usually figure out if you do not have clean intentions. But in the case of Lawrence, his relationship with Kelli Giddish is a clean one. How much is Lawrence Faulborn’s cash flow?

Let’s take a look. He started a relationship with Kelli a long time ago. Their marriage is a great one. Lawrence is an American star, but he got his popularity after the marriage to Giddish.

Kelli is one of the stars of the Law & Order series. She and Lawrence have two children together. But now, we will talk about Lawrence Faulborn’s fortune, and his life before Kelli.

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Quick Bio

There is little information about Lawrence and his former life. That is the life before fame, or before Kelli. He does not want to disclose a lot about his former life.

For example, we do not know his date of birth. We know that he holds an American nationality. But what about his birthplace? That is a mystery.

Most of his life and career information comes after his relationship with Kelli. Some sources say he is a business person. According to sources, Lawrence works in the sponsorship bargains and recommendations business. He earns a lot of cash doing that.

On the other hand, Kelli is a starlet, famous for her role on Law & Order. The two got married in 2015. There is no information about how they met, where do they meet, and how long did they date.

They tied the knot on June 20th, 2015. Only 12 people attended the ceremony. The couple wanted only their closest friends there. And they got wed at the New Smyrna Coastline in Florida.

They got their first child in October 2015, just a few months after their wedding ceremony. And then in November 2018, they got their second child.

Lawrence is a proud father and has a deep connection with his kids. He posts pictures and videos of them on all of his social media account. Yes, Faulborn is quite active on Instagram. And he uses every chance to show his children and his proud father persona. Fun fact: you can hardly see a picture of Kelli or a picture with Kelli on his social media account.

Another thing we know about Lawrence. He loves dogs, and you can see a lot of images of their pet dog. Kelli saved the dog from the streets in 2010.



Net Worth

So, how much is Lawrence Faulborn’s cash flow? Well, he is a business person, so he makes a decent amount of money from his business. Yet, there is no specific number to his fortune.

On the other hand, Kelli Giddish’s wealth is more than $8 million. She appeared in a couple of movies and television roles. But her most famous role to this date is Law & Order. So far, Kelli has spent 20 years with the TV series. Some of her other projects include: Without a Trace, Death in Love, The Understudy, Life on Mars, Past Life, and many more.

Lawrence supports his spouse from the background. He is a very private person and keeps most of his things to himself.

But his wife, on the other hand, has to maintain a public figure. Thankfully, the two juggle between public and private life perfectly.