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Laurence Py is best known as the mother of talented football players Theo and Lucas Hernandez. Hailing from France, she has played a significant role in nurturing her sons’ abilities and helping their dreams of becoming professional football players come to fruition. Laurence has faced the challenges of single parenthood head-on, dedicating her time and energy to ensure her children had the necessary support throughout their football journey.

In an interview with L’Equipe, Laurence Py detailed the stressful experience of her sons being transferred to Atlético Madrid’s youth academy at a young age. Despite the challenges, she has continued to champion her sons and their passion for the sport. Now, Theo is a successful left-back player for the France national team and Serie A club AC Milan, while Lucas is also a vital member of the football community.

As a testament to Laurence Py’s love and dedication to her family, she currently resides in Madrid, maintaining a strong presence in her sons’ lives. Her unwavering support has been crucial to their success, and she serves as a shining example of a mother’s resilience and kindness. With a strong foundation built by Laurence Py, the Hernandez brothers continue to excel in their promising football careers.

Early Life and Family

Childhood and Education

Laurence Py, originally from Marseille, France, is best known for being the mother of professional footballers Theo and Lucas Hernandez. Growing up, Laurence was actively involved in sports and developed a love for athleticism, going on to become a proficient athlete at a good level. Her dedication to sports played a major role in shaping the careers of her sons.

Growing up in France, both Lucas and Theo were exposed to football at an early age, thanks to their father, Jean-Francois Hernandez, a former professional footballer who played for popular clubs like Atletico Madrid. The brothers grew up facing several challenges, as their parents struggled with marital issues, adding to the complexity of their upbringing.

Family Background

Family Member Relation Profession
Jean-Francois Hernandez Father Former Footballer
Laurence Py Mother Athlete
Lucas Hernandez Brother Footballer
Theo Hernandez Brother Footballer

Despite facing hardships and challenges in their personal lives, Laurence Py managed to support her family both emotionally and financially, playing a significant role in the successful careers of both of her sons. The determination and perseverance of their mother undoubtedly inspired Lucas and Theo, contributing to their journey to becoming successful football players.

As of now, Theo Hernandez has made a name for himself as a left-back for AC Milan and the France national team. Lucas, following in the footsteps of their father, has achieved success as a footballer as well. The siblings’ accomplishments in the sport can, in part, be attributed to the unwavering support and guiding influence of their mother, Laurence Py.

Professional Career

Club Career

Laurence Py is best known for being the mother of Theo Hernandez, a talented footballer who plays as a left-back for Serie A club AC Milan and the France national team. Born in Marseille, Theo began his professional career with Atlético Madrid, a prominent Spanish club. Throughout his time with the team, he gained valuable experience and developed a strong reputation on the field.

In 2017, Theo transferred to Real Madrid, significantly marking a milestone in his club career. The move was widely covered by the media, and the young footballer continued to perform well despite the changes that came with the transfer. Subsequently, in 2019, he signed for AC Milan, a well-known club in Italy’s top-tier league, Serie A. Since joining the team, Theo has contributed significantly to its success, proving to be a valuable asset on the field.

Some of Theo’s notable achievements with AC Milan include:

  • Scoring game-winning goals in crucial matches
  • Being consistently ranked as one of the top defenders in Serie A
  • Earning recognition for his determined attitude and exceptional performance

International Appearances

Beyond his club career, Theo Hernandez has also made an impact on the international stage. Representing the France national team, Theo had the opportunity to showcase his skills in high-profile competitions. The pinnacle of his international career came in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where he scored a crucial goal against Morocco, further establishing his reputation as a talented footballer.

In addition to his World Cup appearance, Theo has participated in other international matches, playing for the France national team and earning recognition for his abilities. With determination, hard work, and the support of his mother Laurence Py, Theo continues to excel in his professional football career, both on the club and international level.

Personal Life


Laurence Py is the proud mother of two talented football players, Theo and Lucas Hernandez. Theo plays as a left-back for AC Milan as well as the France national team, while Lucas plays for Bayern Munich and also represents France. Laurence was married to Jean-François Hernandez, a former footballer and a central defender, who has now retired. Despite Jean-François leaving the family, Laurence showed incredible resilience and dedication by raising her two sons as a single mother. She made numerous sacrifices to ensure her sons’ success in their football careers.

Net Worth and Media Presence

As a private individual, Laurence Py’s net worth is not publicly known. However, her sons have had successful football careers, which have likely contributed to the family’s overall financial stability. Theo Hernandez has an estimated net worth of around $5 million, while Lucas Hernandez’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

Laurence is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life and moments with her sons.

Influences and Legacy

Laurence Py, a renowned sports journalist, has had a significant influence on the coverage of major football events and the careers of prominent players. This section will primarily focus on his impact in relation to the World Cup, 2022 FIFA World Cup, Lucas Hernandez, Atlético, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and the Champions League. The analysis is based on a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone.

In recent years, the prestigious World Cup and the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup have garnered significant attention from sports enthusiasts and experts alike. Laurence Py, with his extensive knowledge and sharp insight, has greatly contributed to the debate surrounding these events. His well-researched articles and in-depth analyses about the participating teams and players have significantly influenced the opinions of both fans and fellow journalists.

Regarding individual players, Py’s work has notably highlighted the career of French international Lucas Hernandez. Py has consistently followed Hernandez’s journey from his early days at Atlético Madrid to his current position at Bayern Munich. With a keen eye for detail, Py has dissected Hernandez’s playing style, injuries, and personal growth, providing readers with a richer perspective on the life of this professional footballer.

In the realm of elite European clubs, Laurence Py’s name is often associated with influential analyses of both Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid. His insightful reports have elucidated their key tactics, player acquisitions, and overall strategies, helping fans and experts alike appreciate the intricacies of these football giants. Furthermore, Py’s in-depth analyses have deciphered the recruitment policies and financial decisions, offering readers a unique outlook on the clubs’ management.

As for the globally-celebrated Champions League, Laurence Py has left an indelible mark with his comprehensive commentary and incisive coverage of critical matches. His knowledge and understanding of the competition’s history and structure have played a vital role in shaping fans’ expectations each season. Laurence Py’s dedication to providing clear, neutral, and knowledge-based reporting has cemented his legacy as a trusted voice in the football journalism landscape.