Laura Deibel: Insightful Profile Of A Resilient Entrepreneur

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Real Name:Laura Deibel
Birthday:November 12, 1956
Net Worth$1.5 million
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Former Wife of Tim Allen

Laura Deibel gained recognition in the media world as the former spouse of renowned American actor and comedian Tim Allen. Born on November 12, 1956, in the United States, Laura has been part of some significant events in Tim Allen’s journey to stardom. Despite their marriage ending in divorce, she played a crucial role in supporting him through difficult times in his life.

After graduating from Western Michigan University in 1978, Laura Deibel began her professional journey. While she came into the public eye due to her marriage to Tim Allen, she holds her own merits too. Laura served as the CEO of the famed Tim Allen Signature brand for a period of time. This undoubtedly contributed to her estimated net worth of around $15 million.

Early Life and Education


Laura Deibel was born on November 12, 1956, in the United States. As a Scorpio, she likely exhibited traits of determination and loyalty throughout her life. Though there is limited information about Laura’s family, it appears that she enjoyed a comfortable and caring upbringing.

College Experience at Western Michigan University

In 1978, Laura Deibel attended Western Michigan University to further her education. WMU is a renowned public university located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. During her time at this institution, Laura likely acquired valuable skills and knowledge that would later contribute to her successful career. It is unclear how her educational experience influenced her life in Colorado.

Career and Professional Life

Laura Deibel has pursued an impressive career in various fields. Through her ambitious nature and hard work, she achieved success in her professional life. This section will discuss her roles as a Sales Manager and CEO in an Interior Landscape Company.

Role as a Sales Manager

Laura began her career as a Sales Manager in a reputed company. As a sales manager, she was responsible for overseeing a team of sales professionals and ensuring the company’s sales targets were met. Her leadership, communication, and negotiation skills played a crucial role in her success, as she effectively managed her team to drive sales and establish long-term customer relationships.

CEO in Interior Landscape Company

Later in her career, Laura Deibel transitioned to the role of CEO in an Interior Landscape Company. In this capacity, she was responsible for managing the overall operations of the company, including client relations, project management, and financial oversight. Under her leadership, the company thrived and became well-known for its professional services and innovative designs.

Laura’s experience as both a Sales Manager and CEO in an Interior Landscape Company demonstrates her strong business acumen and dedication to achieving success in her professional life. With a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone, it’s clear that Laura Deibel has earned her place as a respected figure in her industry.

Relationship with Tim Allen

The Meeting and Marriage

Laura Deibel met her future ex-husband, Tim Allen, while they were attending college together. The two started dating and eventually decided to get married in 1984. Throughout their marriage, Laura supported Tim, notably during his arrest for cocaine distribution in 1978. Later on, they welcomed a child named Katherine, strengthening their bond even further.

Divorce and Custody

Sadly, their marriage hit a rough patch, and they legally separated in 1999, ultimately finalizing their divorce in 2003. Despite their separation, Laura Deibel and Tim Allen maintained a friendly relationship, working together to take care of their daughter, Katherine. The couple’s dedication to their child helped them navigate their new roles as co-parents in a respectful and amicable manner.

Life Post-Divorce

Single Motherhood

After Laura Deibel’s divorce from actor Tim Allen, she focused on raising their daughter together. While Laura maintained a low profile, she continued to be a dedicated mother and made her child her priority. Despite the challenges, Laura adapted to the responsibilities of being a single mother and remained committed to providing her daughter with a stable and loving environment.

Starting Over

Laura Deibel began a new chapter in her life post-divorce, exploring her interests and passions. With a background as a former charity organization founder and sales manager, Laura turned her attention to the world of interior landscape, where she could showcase her creativity and business expertise. This new venture allowed her to rebuild her life and regain her sense of independence.

Her resilience and determination have been instrumental in overcoming the adversities she faced during the divorce. Laura’s ability to move forward and create a fulfilling life for herself and her daughter while remaining friends with her ex-husband demonstrates her strength and maturity. Throughout this journey, Laura Deibel has maintained a confident and knowledgeable demeanor, showcasing her ability to adapt and thrive under any circumstance.

Laura’s Net Worth

Laura Deibel is most widely known as the ex-wife of popular American actor and comedian Tim Allen. She has managed to accumulate a significant net worth in her own right. Laura’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. A considerable portion of her wealth is said to have come from the divorce settlement with Tim Allen.

Apart from the settlement, Laura also amassed a portion of her fortune through her professional career. She has held various positions throughout her life, including the CEO of a tools production company. Additionally, Deibel was involved in other small businesses, which contributed to her net worth.

It is worth noting that Laura Deibel’s ex-husband, Tim Allen, has a notably higher net worth, which is estimated to be $80 million. His wealth primarily comes from his acting and comedy career, with notable roles in hit TV shows and movies. Despite the significant difference in their net worths, Laura Deibel has managed to maintain a comfortable lifestyle through her investments and professional endeavors.

Laura’s Personal Attributes

Physical Appearance

Laura Deibel, at the age of 65, exhibits attractive features and a well-maintained physique. She has a slim body type, which showcases her fitness and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Laura has a height that complements her appearance, and her body weight is around 60 kg. Her hair color is brown, adding to her overall charm and natural beauty.

Personality Traits

As a Scorpio, Laura is believed to possess traits such as determination, resourcefulness, and loyalty. These qualities have been evident in her personal life, as she has consistently remained supportive of her former husband, Tim Allen. Laura has demonstrated her keen intellect and business acumen through her successful career as a CEO. Her confident and knowledgeable demeanor has undoubtedly helped her achieve success in both her personal and professional life.