Latest Features in QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022

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Recently, Intuit published an announcement confirming that the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 product line could exclusively be bought by subscription. Additionally, Intuit published the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 details about the latest features and functionalities as well as its benefits. While QuickBooks Desktop’s transition to the subscription model, it also has additional advantages. You can also get the software hosted on the cloud with the help of third-party hosting providers at affordable QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Pricing plans.

Here are some new features and functions of QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022:

Automated creation of the bill, uploaded from Vendor Bill Mobile

By using the bill upload function, you will have the capability to directly click a picture and upload a bill. This can also be performed manually in QuickBooks by choosing Vendors and then Upload and Review Bills in the menu ribbon. The QuickBooks Desktop application is available for both Apple and Android users.

Functions of mobile uploads:

  • Upload vendor bills by clicking a photo in the mobile app or ask the vendors to email their bills and invoices to your customized email in QuickBooks.
  • Images are processed with the help of AI and machine learning to create a transaction of your vendor bill for evaluation.
  • Digital copies of vendor bills are saved in the same place as your QuickBooks Desktop file on your PC.

Vendor bill payment stubs that can be customized and emailed

Improve quality and adaptability of vendor communications with the help of customizable and emailable vendor bill payment stubs. These payment stubs can be edited in templates in the Lists menu or on the formatting section of a vendor bill payment transaction displayed.

Adding and selecting multiple email IDs per client

You will now be capable of selecting from a drop-down collection of client email IDs while emailing invoices to clients.

Discovery hub

Choose Discover Hub from the top right on the menu ribbon to explore the latest features in QuickBooks Plus 2022.

Latest features and functions for users with QuickBooks Payments Accounts

Pre-Pay URL links

You will be able to send URL links to enable your clients to make pre-payments without sending any invoices. To get access to the URL link, choose Customers and then Payment Links from the menu ribbon.

Direct Deposits

Merchant payments can now be directly deposited into the company’s bank account. From the menu ribbon, choose Customers – Billing Solutions – Download Payments to get the direct deposit details and allow the deposit.

You can also host QB on the cloud by using a Cloud Hosted Desktop to increase the potential of the software.

Latest Features and Functions for Assisted Payroll Subscribers

Assisted Activation of Payroll

An easy, guided, and user-friendly process of Assisted Payroll activation is available now.

Direct Deposit on the very next day

You will now be able to process payroll before 5:00 pm, PST the day before payday. The funds would get debited on the payday.

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