Laryssa Farmiga – What Happened To The Sister Of Vera And Taissa Farmiga?

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Real Name:Laryssa Farmiga
Birthday:August 6, 1973
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:Sister of Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga

Laryssa Farmiga is the least popular and famous sister in the Farmiga family. Her two sisters, Vera and Taissa are both successful actors. Her younger sister, Vera, even has a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. But what happened to Laryssa? How does she spend her days?

Let’s talk more about the younger sister of American actress Vera Farmiga.


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Quick Bio

Born in New Jersey, US, Laryssa is of American ethnicity. Yet, she also has Ukrainian nationality. Her father is Michael Farmiga, a landscaper, and former analyst. Her mother, Luba Farmiga worked as a receptionist and medical records manager.

Born in August 1973, Laryssa is one of the daughters of Michael Farmiga. She is part of a celebrity family, something that is not easy for a lot of people. She was also born into a well-educated family. Laryssa attended school and college, but there is no information about her exact education.

Born in a family of Ukrainian immigrants, she has seven siblings, Victor, Nadia, Stephan Farmiga, Alexander, Vera, and Taissa Farmiga. They were all born to Ukrainian parents. Vera and Taissa are the most famous of the family.

Laryssa Farmiga was born with a disease, spina bifida. She had spina bifida, a condition that affects the spine and it is apparent at birth. It is a type of neural tube defect and can happen anywhere along the spine. People affected by it have to get around in different ways, including walking without any aids, walking with braces, crutches, or walkers, and using wheelchairs.

Laryssa had to learn to live with the condition. She was raised in a joint family with her sisters and brothers. All of them share a close relationship and often gather for family events and celebrations.

Two of her Farmiga sisters are actors, as we said before. And another one, Nadia, is in the entertainment industry as well. She operates her own restaurant business.

Her elder sister Vera scored her acting debut in the drama film Return to Paradise in 1998. And following her performance as a drug addict in the drama film Down to the Bone in 2004, Vera gained even more fame and popularity. For her role in the 2009 movie Up in the Air, she received an Oscar nomination.

The American actress has worked for TV shows, including Bates Model. Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut came in 2011, in the movie Higher Ground.

Back to Laryssa now. She doesn’t date anyone. And she has never revealed any information about her personal life and relationships.

Laryssa does have a Facebook account, but she is not much active on it. And she doesn’t have an account on other social media and social network websites. From the few pictures we can find on her Facebook page, we can come to the conclusion she loves photography. Laryssa loves taking and sharing pictures of nature. And if you thought any condition can stop her, think again. She is just as lovely and gorgeous as her sisters.

She got famous only because of her sisters and their popularity in Hollywood. There is no information about the career of Laryssa Farmiga.

Net Worth

Another area we cannot talk much about is Laryssa Farmiga’s estimated assests. Because we do not know what she works or even if she has any career, we do not know about her estimated wealth.

There is no information about her education as well. The only thing we know is the wealth of her older sister. Actress Vera Farmiga’s fortune is more than $10 million. But she is quite a successful actress.

Her other famous sister, Taissa, also earns a decent amount of money from acting. According to sources, Taissa Farmiga’s fortune is more than $1.5 million. Her most famous role came in American Horror Story.