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Lanny Davis, an accomplished figure in American politics, has established a commendable career spanning multiple specialties. Born on December 12, 1945, Davis is a multifaceted professional encompassing roles as a lawyer, consultant, author, and television commentator. His expertise and experience have positioned him as a sought-after personality in both the legal and political landscapes.

Throughout his career, Davis has held various noteworthy positions. He served as a special counsel to President Bill Clinton from 1996 to 1998, demonstrating his impact on the highest level of politics. Currently, he is the co-founder and partner at the law firm of Davis Goldberg & Galper PLLC, and the public relations firm Trident DMG. Both companies leverage his extensive background to provide clients with strategic counsel that combines legal, media, and political strategies.

Though Davis’ accomplishments span several realms, it is his unique ability to balance his legal prowess with public relations expertise that sets him apart. His work addresses clients’ needs by providing well-rounded solutions and upholding their interests in situations of crisis management and in dealing with legal issues.

Professional Background

Legal Career

Lanny Davis, born on December 12, 1945, is a prominent American lawyer. After earning his law degree from Yale Law School, he had an extensive legal career, working at various well-known law firms. In the 1970s and 1980s, Davis was a lawyer at Patton Boggs, a prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm. Later, in 2003, he joined Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, where he offered counsel to corporations and government contractors on crisis management. He left the firm in 2009 and founded his own company, Lanny J. Davis & Associates. Today, he is a co-founder and partner of the law firm Davis Goldberg & Galper PLLC.

Involvement in Politics

Davis has been quite involved in politics throughout his career. From 1996 to 1998, he served as a Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton, defending the administration in various high-profile cases. He has also been a dedicated member of the Democratic National Committee, where he has held numerous positions, showcasing his political acumen. Additionally, Davis was appointed to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which is tasked with protecting civil liberties and balancing security measures with privacy concerns.

Media and Publication Contributions

Besides his legal and political background, Lanny Davis has made a significant impact in the media and publication arena. As a television commentator, he often provides his expertise on various legal and political issues that are currently affecting the nation. His experience as a crisis manager and consultant has led to him authoring several books, where he shares his unique perspective on managing crises, protecting reputations, and navigating the complicated world of politics and law. With his vast knowledge and experience, Davis has steadily built a reputation for being a reliable and insightful expert in his field.

High-Profile Clients and Cases

Presidential Legal Issues

Lanny Davis served during Bill Clinton’s presidency as a special counsel and White House spokesperson. He has since represented numerous high-profile political figures and their legal issues, including Hillary Clinton and Michael Cohen.

Corporate and Celebrity Representations

In addition to political clients, Lanny Davis has advised various well-known corporations and celebrities. Among them are Martha Stewart and Dan Snyder, owner of the NFL team formerly known as the Washington Redskins. Martha Stewart hired Davis to help her navigate a difficult legal situation, while Dan Snyder enlisted him for legal counsel and crisis management.

Crisis Management Expertise

Over the years, Davis has built a reputation as a crisis management expert. One of the most notable cases he was involved in was the lawsuit between 3M and an investment group. He was also reported to have represented several high-profile clients, such as the Honduran oligarchs who supported the 2009 coup.

Throughout his career, Lanny Davis has utilized his expertise in combining legal, media, and political strategies to help his clients navigate complex situations and protect their brand reputations.

Public Commentary and Political Analysis

Television and News Appearances

Lanny Davis has been a well-known political and legal analyst on various television networks. He has made several appearances on news channels such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNBC. With his extensive experience in politics, particularly during his time as a special counsel to the Clinton White House from 1996-98, Davis brings insight and credibility to his commentary.

In addition to his analysis on cable news networks, he has also appeared on nationally syndicated television programs, like ABC News, where he has shared his perspective on various political events and developments.

Published Works

Lanny Davis is not only prominent in television but also has written numerous articles and op-eds to share his expertise and perspectives on politics. Some of his published works have appeared in respected outlets such as the Washington Times, discussing topics like the Robert Mueller investigation and other significant political events.

Beyond single articles, Davis has authored a book titled “Crisis Tales,” which provides an in-depth look at his experience handling high-stakes crisis management for various clients. The book highlights his unique approach to managing crises and offers valuable advice for handling difficult situations.

In summary, Lanny Davis’ contributions as a public commentator and political analyst span multiple channels and platforms, providing insightful analysis and perspectives on both television appearances and published works.

Legal Analysis and Opinions

Government Investigations

Lanny Davis is well-versed in government investigations, having provided his expertise on a variety of subjects, including antitrust laws and the False Claims Act. As an attorney and expert in crisis management, he has frequently participated in high-profile legal cases, offering valuable insights and recommendations to his clients.

Davis has been involved in cases related to the Southern District of New York, a jurisdiction known for its handling of significant white-collar matters. He has helped clients navigate the complexities of this court, combining legal, media, and political strategies to achieve successful outcomes.

Campaign Finance and Lobbying

Another area in which Lanny Davis excels is campaign finance law and lobbying. Throughout his career, he has offered guidance on various campaign finance investigations, ensuring clients comply with relevant regulations.

Davis has provided his expertise on:

  • Antitrust Law: Advising clients on matters related to competition and consumer protection.
  • Lobbying: Ensuring compliance with federal and state lobbying regulations, as well as overseeing the interests of companies and other organizations.
  • Campaign Finance Investigations: Assisting clients in understanding and responding to inquiries from authorities, navigating disclosure requirements, and managing potential violations.

Legal and Ethical Commentary

As a respected commentator in the legal field, Lanny Davis often offers his opinions on a range of legal and ethical topics. In recent years, he has predominantly focused on issues related to President Trump and his associates. This includes:

  1. Giuliani: Offering insights into the legalities surrounding Rudy Giuliani’s activities in relation to Ukraine and potential implications.
  2. Pardon Power: Analyzing the limits and applications of presidential pardon power, particularly in the context of Donald Trump’s presidency.
  3. Attorney-Client Privilege: Discussing ethical debates surrounding attorney-client privilege, such as its scope and potential breaches in high-profile cases.

Through his depth of knowledge and experience, Lanny Davis brings a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear perspective to the complex world of law and government investigations.