Krista Visentin – Celebrity Wife Staying Away From The Spotlight

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Real Name:Krista Grycko
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Real Estate Brocker, Wife of David Visentin

Krista Visentin and her name might not ring a bell. But her husband is quite popular. Born in Canada, she is married to television personality David Visentin. He is a realtor and host of the television show Love it or List It. He works alongside Hilary Farr on the show. Krista is a different type of celebrity wife. Unlike other celebrity wives, she manages to keep her life out of the spotlight.

She came into popularity in Hollywood thanks to her husband. Nowadays, many celebrities get famous through marriage. But while some embrace fame and popularity, others try to stay away from it.

Let’s talk more about Krista Visentin’s biography and her life journey.

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Quick Bio

Born Krysta Grycko, she grew up in Canada. The northern country is also her birthplace. She is of Canadian nationality. There is no exact birth date, so we cannot assume her age and birthday.

What is even worse, there is little to no information about her life before David. We cannot find details about her family, childhood, early life, and education.

What we do know is her married life with David. The two met in the early 2000s while he was working as a realtor. Then, in 2006, they tied the knot.

Krista and David have a son together. They live in their family home in Cobourg Ontario, Canada.

While David works and provides for the family, Krista is the one focusing on supporting her husband and taking care of the family. Both David and Krista try to keep their personal life away from the public. For example, David rarely speaks about his wife in public. They do not even attend events together.

David is a rare professional and celebrity that tries to separate his personal life from his professional life. Because they rarely appear together at events, magazines often speculate they have troubles in their marriage. But to this day, they have not experienced any turmoil.

Speaking about Krista’s husband, David started his career as a real estate agent in 1987. He worked for a company in Ontario. David has a long list of real estate businessmen in his family.

After establishing himself as a realtor and businessman, he eventually found another opportunity. Once he started doing the television show Love It or List It, David’s popularity exploded.

The home design television show airs on several networks in the world. It is highly successful and has produced several spin-off shows and spin-off series. Each episode follows the same formula. They follow a couple, looking at whether or not they should stay in their house or list it for sale.

David works alongside co-host Hilary Farr, an interior designer who tries to help people stay in their homes. David tries to convince them to sell the home. Due to the popularity of the show, and the incredible chemistry David and Hilary have on television, there were rumors they had an affair.

But Krista Visentin’s husband instantly shut down the rumors, revealing he is married. Hilary is also married to another man.

David and Krista have two children. Their son, Logan Visentin, is now 10 years old and currently studying in middle school.

Now, talking about the career of Krista Visentin, she also works as a real estate broker. But she is not as popular as her husband. And because David’s wife takes care of the home and family, Krista doesn’t have as much time to appear in television shows and engage in acting as her husband.

Net Worth

So, how much is Krista Visentin’s fortune? How rich is the celebrity wife? Well, because we know little to nothing about her career, we cannot separate her net worth from one of her husbands.

We know David Visentin estimated wealth is more than $6 million. Yes, Krista earns money as a real estate agent. She helps her clients sell, purchase, or rent properties. But she is not as nearly as popular as her husband.

According to some sources, the television host charges $23,000 per episode on Love It or List It. The TV personality also receives $300,000 as salary.

Besides his acting, David also earns money in the housing business. He has worked as a real estate agent for more than 16 years.

Because both David and Krista Visentin earn decent money, they can afford a lavish life. They have a luxurious house in Barrie, Ontario, worth more than $450,000.