Kimberly Ann Vadala: A Glimpse Into The Life of Colin Cowherd’s Ex-wife

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Real Name:Kimberly Ann Vadala
Birthday:November 30, 1976
Net WorthN/A
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Fitness Coach, Ex-wife of Colin Cowherd

Kimberly Ann Vadala is a name that might ring a bell for those who follow the professional lives of fitness models and celebrity ex-partners. She stepped into the spotlight through her marriage with noted American sports media personality Colin Cowherd.

Before, after, and beyond her marriage, Kimberly has carved a niche for herself in the world of fitness and wellness as a model and instructor, cementing her identity separate from her association with Cowherd.

Vadala’s professional portfolio encompasses her work as a fitness diva and a dedicated yoga instructor. Her foray into the modeling world and commitment to health and wellness exemplify her passion and expertise in her chosen field.

Despite her personal life being a subject of public interest during and after her marriage to Colin Cowherd, Kimberly Ann Vadala’s career demonstrates an independent spirit and professional dedication.

Key Takeaways

  • Kimberly Ann Vadala gains recognition as a fitness model and yoga instructor.
  • Her marriage to and divorce from Colin Cowherd brought her additional public attention.
  • Vadala’s career is marked by her independence and dedication to the fitness industry.

Early Life and Education

Kimberly Ann Vadala’s journey through life began in the United States, where she was born into a family with Caucasian roots.

As we explore her early years and scholarly pursuits, we’ll see how her background and academics carved a path for her future endeavors.

Background and Family

Born in the U.S., Kimberly was raised with an appreciation for education and a strong sense of community.

Her family, including her parents and any siblings, have remained out of the spotlight, preserving a private family life. This discretion has allowed Kimberly to develop an independent identity rooted in her own achievements and interests.

Academic Achievements

Academically, Kimberly showcased her intelligence and drive early on. She pursued an economics degree, which laid the foundation for her analytical and strategic thinking abilities.

Although the specifics of her educational institutions are not publicly disclosed, it’s clear that her studies were taken seriously and helped shape her professional aspirations.


Kimberly Ann Vadala’s career encompasses her roles as a model, a fitness and yoga enthusiast, and her occasional ventures into media. She has leveraged her expertise and passion for health and fitness into a professional brand that connects with many.

Modelling Ventures

Vadala started off in the limelight as a model. Her striking features and camera presence allowed her to become a familiar face in various fashion initiatives.

Over her career, she’s been involved in fashion shows, photo shoots, and advertising campaigns.

Fitness and Yoga

Her dedication to fitness secured her a position as a fitness model and eventually led to becoming a yoga instructor.

Vadala’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle is not just her occupation—it’s her passion. She inspires others by teaching fitness classes and sharing her wellness journey.

Media Appearances

Vadala has also been a media personality through her involvement with the fashion and fitness industry.

She has appeared in different media formats, from television segments to online interviews, discussing topics like well-being and personal fitness.

Personal Life

In this section, we’ll explore the chapters of Kimberly Ann Vadala’s personal journey, focusing on her marriage, role as a mother, and the lifestyle that defines her.

Marriage with Colin Cowherd

Kimberly Ann Vadala became known to the public through her marriage to Colin Cowherd, a well-known sports media personality.

They exchanged vows in 1996, signifying the start of what many hoped would be a lifelong journey.

Despite the promise of marital bliss, the couple eventually parted ways, with their divorce marking the end of their partnership.

Motherhood and Family

After the divorce, Kimberly maintained custody of their children, dedicating herself to their upbringing.

As both a mother and a fitness coach, she intertwines the values of health and wellness into her family life, nurturing her son and daughter in a balanced environment.

The bond she shares with her kids is a testament to her committed approach to motherhood.


Outside the spectrum of her past marriage, Kimberly leads a life characterized by fitness and personal empowerment.

Her profession as a fitness coach not only exemplifies her passion for health but also reflects her commitment to setting a positive example for her family and those she inspires.

Public Presence

Kimberly Ann Vadala maintains an active presence on social media platforms, reflecting her engagement with the public and her influence within her community.

Social Media Engagement

Kimberly Ann Vadala can be found on Instagram under the handle @kimcowherd.

While her profile is a testament to her interest in fitness, it also gives glimpses into her personal life, allowing her followers to connect with her on a more intimate level.

Her account showcases her commitment to health and fitness, and she frequently shares content related to this.

Impact and Influence

Vadala’s public image extends beyond her social media presence.

As a fitness coach, her impact and influence in the realm of health and wellness are palpable.

She utilizes her platform to inspire and educate her audience.

Kimberly’s age and net worth are not frequently highlighted in her posts, as she focuses more on delivering valuable content and fostering positive community engagement.

Through her social media, especially Instagram, she’s established a significant following and influence, resonating with individuals aiming to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.