Who is Kelly Oubre’s Girlfriend? The James Harden-Kelly Oubre Love Triangle

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Kelly Oubre Jr. is a talented NBA player who signed with the Charlotte Hornets in the summer of 2021. He has also played for the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Washington Wizards. In the past few years, he has amassed a lot of attention for his relationships. Kelly Oubre’s girlfriend cheated on James Harden with the former Golden State Warrior.

But since then, Oubre and his girlfriend have remained together. He has also gone through some challenging times, especially after he allegedly cheated on her.

So, today, we will talk more about Kelly Oubre’s girlfriend and his past relationships.

Who is Kelly Oubre’s Girlfriend?

Kelly Oubre’s girlfriend Shylyn is a famous person in the NBA world. She is a celebrity girlfriend and a successful model with a lot of fans on Instagram. Kelly and Shylyn started dating in early 2020. But the problem was at the time, Shylynnitaa had a relationship with another NBA player, James Harden.

Oubre and his girlfriend met while she was dating James Harden. According to some rumors, Harden found out that Shylyn hooked with Oubre while dating him. He then deleted his Instagram account and started dating security consultant Gail Tiffany Golden.

According to rumors, James Harden was in Arizona when his girl girlfriend hooked up with at the time Phoenix Suns player, Kelly Oubre Jr. in Los Angeles.

James was throwing a party in his house in Arizona. And then his girlfriend went missing in action. And when he found out that she cheated with Oubre, he allegedly went ballistic and almost shut down the entire party.

There were no other details, but Kelly Oubre’s fan pages started following Shy on Instagram.

We do not know a lot about the stunning lady. All we know is that she is an Instagram model and Instagram celebrity. Apparently, she is also a singer. Shylynnitaa has released two singles so far, PRincessin in 2018 and Huracan in February 2019.

Kelly Oubre Caught Cheating

Shylyn cheated on James Harden with Kelly. Their relationship started with an affair. And during their relationship, they had to go through another affair.

Kelly was caught cheating on his girlfriend according to receipts shared on Instagram. According to an Instagram post, Oubre was cheating on his girlfriend with two other Instagram models. We can safely say the NBA player has a thing for Instagram models.

The two other models involved in the action include Celina Powell and her friend Aliza. Celina is one of the infamous Instagram models. She has hooked up with a couple of NBA players, including Dwight Howard.

Per the receipts shared on social media, the incident took place when Powell and Aliza landed in Phoenix. There, they met with Oubre, and they were kicked off the plane and forced to land in Phoenix.

Oubre, who was playing for the Phoenix Suns at the moment, found out they landed in the city and sent a text to one of them. He asked them to meet at a hotel room he had booked. But the problem was, Powell took a video while walking with one of his security guards when he showed up at the spot.

The post also revealed that Powell and Kelly Oubre Jr. had been talking since October the previous year. The post read, “Y’ all know he got a girlfriend that he posts on Instagram. He acts so in love but he’s really kicking it with my homegirls”.

The rumors also stated that the security had reportedly taken Powell’s phone, but she still made the video. The Instagram model shared the video at the airport in her story, but the text messages do not include Oubre’s name.

Shocked fans commented on the post, some even referencing the previous Snoop Dogg scandal with Celina. At the time, she leaked clips of herself with the rapper in May and Snoop was accused of cheating on his wife.

Kelly Oubre Announces Engagement With His Girlfriend

Kelly Oubre Jr. and his girlfriend somehow managed to get over his cheating. They officially got engaged and Oubre shared the announcement with a post on his Instagram account. And we have to say, it looks like one expensive ring.

The wing player was traded to the Golden State Warriors when he asked his girlfriend Shylyn to marry him.

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Kelly Oubre and His Wife are Having a Baby

The past year has been eventful for Kelly Oubre Jr. And that applies to his personal life. After he asked his girlfriend Shylyn to marry him, he also revealed the couple is expecting a baby.

The basketball player and his fiancée posed for a photoshoot for the announcement. The Instagram post received huge attention online.

For the photo reel, his fiancé wears pregnancy clothes, ranging from a black one-piece to a spectacular gown. Kelly, on the other hand, wears a pair of white Nike and a black suit in one photo. In another photo, he wears nothing but a pair of black suit trousers.

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Kelly Oubre Past Relationships

Kelly is a player in every sense of the word. He is an NBA player, but he also likes to flirt with different women. And sometimes, his relationships go south.

He also went through some ugly relationships. One of his past relationships was with Makena LeDuff. And she extorted him for around $3 million.

At the time, Kelly was making millions. And that lured LeDuff. She wanted him to pay such a massive sum of money. Ex-girlfriend Makena LeDuff threatened to make false allegations and destroy his career and reputation if he doesn’t pay. Oubre hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the diva in 2019.

He also stated that she stole two of his dogs and slashed the tires of his car.

Another Kelly Oubre relationship in the past included Sports Illustrated model Jasmine Sanders. The two dated in 2019, the same year she was named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Rookie of the Year.