Kaynette Gern – Net Worth, Educational Background, Relationship And Divorce

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Real Name:Kaynette Francis Gern a.k.a Kaynette Williams
Birthday:February 20, 1973
Net Worth$600,000
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Manager (Former), Teacher, Woman's Rights Activist,
Ex-wife of Blake Shelton

Kaynette Francis Gern was born on 20 February 1973 in Oklahoma. She is also known as Kaynette Williams.  She is an event host and the ex-wife of Blake Shelton born in June 1976, a songwriter, television personality, and a country singer.  Kaynette obviously is one of the lucky women who earned lots of global acclaims, thanks to their husband’s celebrity status. She became famous in the show business by getting married to Blake Shelton.

She was Blake’s wife for 3 years before their unfortunate divorce. Blake is a 7-time nominee for the prestigious Grammy Awards. He is one of the highly recognized faces in the popular television show, The Voice. Blake is a multi-talented country singer with tens of thousands of fans across the globe.

During Kaynette’s early life, she developed an unflinching passion for television, thanks to her father who worked as a news presenter on local television, while her mother was a primary school teacher.

As their only child, her parents gave her the best available things in life. She grew up in an aristocratic family and never experienced any financial want.

During her early education, she became interested in most school programs like hosting events and competitions. These helped to hone her public speaking skills and helped her future activities as she is a fierce women’s rights activist. She was a great student who exhibited rare acts of brilliance and peak performance among her peers. She is an amazing woman with strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Also, she had a great voice, and this endeared her to many people. Instantly, a greater number of people felt she could be a great singer or do something that is related to music.

Educational Background

After her graduation from Oklahoma High school, she earned double degrees in Finance and Human Science. She took up a professional career in fashion design but decided to quit midway because she didn’t have enough time. She had a brief stint in the entertainment industry by hosting events.

Net Worth

Kaynette has an estimated cash flow of $600,000, while her ex-husband, Blake has a fortune of $60 million.


She met Blake after her graduation from high school, and both came from the same hometown, Ada. They dated for some years before they got married on 17th November 2003 at Gatlinburg, Tennessee. After their marriage, she supported her husband in his musical career and this propelled him to make lots of exploits.

During Blake’s struggling days, Kaynette was there for him. She managed his events, promotions, and tours with professional finesse.

During their small wedding ceremony, Blake sang a heart-warming Conway Twitty’sJulia’ to Kaynette. At different times, Blake has said so many wonderful things in public about Kaynette.

They virtually go everywhere together and looked more like an inseparable duo. This made many people to believe they are so much knitted together to the extent that they may never part way. Unfortunately and sadly too, their relationship didn’t stand the test of time and they separated in an unfortunate circumstance.


Their marriage lasted for only 3 years before they finally split in 2006. She alleged that her former husband, Blake Shelton was guilty of ‘inappropriate marital conduct’. Blake later started dating singer, Miranda Lambert and they got married in 2011, and later divorced in 2015, due to Blake’s marital infidelity, the same issues he had with his first wife, Kaynette.

Some close family sources confirmed that shortly after Kaynette’s divorce experience, she was depressed for a while. However, she dealt with it in her own way and moved on with her life after some time.

Current Lifestyle

After their divorce, Kaynette moved on with her life; while Kaynette left Nashville and returned to Oklahoma. When she learned that Blake and her new wife had moved to a neighboring town, Oklahoma, she relocated to Kansas.

She got a teaching job at an elementary school in Kansas Missouri, where she is presently a Mathematics teacher. There, she is celebrated as a Mathematics teacher. She is deeply satisfied with the job.  Kaynette started a romantic relationship and later got married to Cody Joe Scheck, a record holder for steer roping.

There is no available information on how they met. Cody is seven years younger than her. They dated for nearly a decade before they eventually got married.

She also became a women’s rights activist, and she was seen working with several organizations to advance the rights of women in society. She is passionate about literature and enjoys reading classical books during her leisure.

In 2014, through a friend’s eBay account, she tried to sell her Demetrios wedding gown for a paltry sum of $700. But, there was no bid on this unique piece of item.

Blake, on the other hand, had compared the pain of losing his ex-wife, Kaynette to losing his older brother, Richie who died in a terrible auto crash.



Kaynette Gern, also known as Kaynette Williams was the first wife of the American singer, Blake Shelton. They met during their high school days, fell in love, and got married soon after in their hometown, Ada, Oklahoma.

Before Blake hit it big, the ex-wife, Kaynette was his road manager, and they toured cities together with the crew. Gradually days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, yet their relationship kept waxing stronger. Eventually, they got separated. Many speculated that the tour was the main reason for their separation, but Kaynette confirmed that his ex-husband was having an affair.

Blake went ahead to date and married another country singer, Miranda Lambert, and even released beautiful songs together like ‘You are the Reason God Made Oklahoma’. Many speculated that this song was actually the first public display of their love for each other. It marked the genesis of their love. After all these media hypes, they still went separate ways. This action shocked the media because they were really loved together.