Kathleen York – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Kathleen Marie York
Birthday:March 21, 1961
Net Worth$2 million
Height:172 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Screenwriter, Oscar-Nominated Singer-songwriter Recording Artist

Kathleen York is an American actress, screenwriter, and singer-songwriter. In 2004, she got an Oscar nomination for her song In the Deep. She wrote song for the 2004 movie Crash. The young star had a rough childhood, struggling to make it out as an orphan. But she did make. And we praise her for that. How much is Kathleen York cash flow?

Let’s take a look at her fortune and career path. As of November 2020, Kathleen York’s assets are estimated at over $2 million. How did she earn it? We have the answers.

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Quick Bio

Born in 1975, Kathleen got raised in a family with six kids in the US. But she had a rough childhood. At the age of 11, she lost her mother. Just four years later, her father passed away. That left Kathleen as an orphan. For one year, she lived without a home. And at the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles with her older brother.

In her late teens, she started acting. Since then, she has appeared in a number of movies, television shows, and music platforms. We know her for her work as Andrea Wyatt in NBC’s show, The West Wing. She also appeared in the Dominick Dunne miniseries, A Season in Purgatory. Kathleen got critical acclaim for her role as Naomi Judd in the Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge mini-series.

Her movie credits include Nightcrawler, Crash, Cries of Silence, Cold Feet, The Big Day, and more. But her best role is Naomi Judd. She portrayed the character in a four-hour miniseries, from the age of 27 to 47. Her character grew for 20 years, and York managed to portray it.

Some of her recurring roles include Jane the Virgin, Outcast, Murder One, The O.C, Desperate Housewives, and How to Get Away With Murder.

Her most recent job includes the 2019 season of In The Dark. She had a regular role in the show. The same year, she also appeared in Tin Man, and A House Divided.

Kathleen made her name as an actress, but she also enjoyed success in other fields. She is an accomplished songwriter and recording artist. We said before, she earned an Oscar nomination in 2004 for her song In The Deep. She also appeared in the Oscar-winning movie, Crash in 2004.

Some of her other songwriting credits include Seven Pounds, House, American Idol, CSI: NY, Nip/Tuck, Everwood, and many more movie and television projects.

Kathleen is an alumni of The Showrunner’s Training Program. The program develops television pilots for Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, Fox Television, and more.

While she enjoys success as a songwriter, Kathleen can sing as well. She achieved global recognition with her song In the Deep. Some of her other singing credits include the self-titled Bird York album, and the EP Have no Fear. She released the EP Independently in 2008.

As of 2020, Kathleen isn’t married. But she has a romantic relationship for almost a decade with the Grammy award-winning producer J.J. Blair. In 2019, they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a dinner.

And judging by their social media posts, they have a picture-perfect relationship. At the moment, though, they do not hurry to tie the knot.

Net Worth

Kathleen York is an accomplished actress, screenwriter, singer, and has an Oscar nomination in her CV. She started as an actress and then moved to other ventures as well.

As an actress, she has more than 80 credits in movies and television shows. Some of her notable projects include The West Wing, Northern Lights, Crash, Love Can Build a Bridge, Cries of Silence, Ball Don’t Lie, The Big Day, and more.

And she has a fruitful career in music as well. York gained worldwide recognition for her song In the Deep. She wrote it for the award-winning movie Crash. Her other music credits include the theme and feature songs for Seven Pounds, House, American Idol, Jake 2.0, Warehouse 13, and more. Kathleen has a total of 28 credits as a songwriter.

As of November 2020, Kathleen York’s fortune is more than $2 million. And she earned her money working hard and tirelessly in a competitive business.