Joseph Charles Hunt – Son of Veteran Actors

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Real Name:Joseph Charles Hunt
Birthday:June 2, 1997
Net Worth$500,000
Height:173 cm
Occupation:American Mucisian, Son of David Hunt and Patricia Heaton Hunt

Born in an acting family, Joseph Charles Hunt had every chance to learn and succeed. But he didn’t enter the acting world. Instead, he chose a different profession. Son of David Hunt and Patricia Heaton Hunt, he has grown up and turned out to a handsome man.

His mom and dad are definitely big names in the industry. This is why Joseph Charles Hunt gets a lot of attention. He grew into a handsome man and entered the world of music. That only makes him more attractive.

So, let’s get to it. How much is the net worth of Joseph Charles Hunt? What does he do for a living? How much money does he earn? Let’s take a look.

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Quick Bio

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We said before Joseph is the son of English actor David Hunt and American actress Patricia Heaton. They exchanged vows on October 13, 1990. They met in Manhattan, and quickly afterward started a relationship. Patricia, fresh off her college years, moved to New York. David lived in Manhattan at the time.

It is a funny story about how they met. When Patricia moved to New York, she sublet an apartment from a guy. Turns out, it was David Hunt, her future husband. Since then, they live together and enjoy a great relationship.

Joseph’s father, David, got famous for his roles in The Engagement Ring, Moms Night Out, and The Dead Pool. His mother, Patricia, portrayed one of the most famous characters in American sitcom history, Debra Barone. Besides Everybody Loves Raymond she also appeared in The Middle, The Engagement Ring, Moms Night Out, and Beethoven.

Did you see it? His mom and dad played together in a couple of movies.

Now onto Joseph. Born in June 1997, he has American and English heritage. And he can apply for both English and American nationality.

He has three brothers, two older ones and one younger brother. His parents have four children, all boys. They welcomed their eldest son, Samuel David Hunt in September 1993. The youngest, Daniel Patrick Hunt came to this world in January 1999.

Same as his brothers, Joseph has left his parents household. In 2017, Patricia talked about living as an empty nester.

In 2018, Joseph enrolled at the University of Southern California, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. He also enrolled at the Thornton School of Music. The son of veteran actors pursues a BA and majoring in English literature and a minor in music industry and music recording.

Before enrolling in college, he studied at Campbell Hall from 2011 to 2015. And he worked there as a volunteer as well.

Speaking about his professional career, he worked as a drummer. He definitely has several talents and has the potential to make it in the entertainment world. He has three different skills he can use to pursue a job, live production, engineer, and drummer.

From 2017 to 2018, he worked as a drummer for King Princess. And it is a skill that comes naturally to him. He has played the drums for more than 13 years. And he went on a couple of music tours with King Princess in North America and Europe.

He also worked as a background extra for a local TV station. His CV includes an internship at BBC Studios in LA, studio assistant at Mike Malchicoff, artist marketing intern at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and a few more stops.

Speaking about his relationship status, you can go through his Instagram account, and you will have no answer. He is close to a woman by the name of Kira Stiers. But there is nothing official there.

Some of his friends comment on their pictures together, but Joseph keeps things rather private and personal.

Net Worth

We said before Joseph Charles Hunt has many skills he can use to earn money. For the time being, he earns money from social media advertisements and product marketing. There is no official info on his income and salary.

Some sources estimate his cash flow at around $500,000. But we cannot say it for certain. What we can say for certain is the net worth of his parents.

In that regard, his father, David Hunt, has a fortune of $5 million. But his mother is the one bringing the big bucks. Patricia Heaton has a welath of more than $40 million. After all, she earned quite a lot as a series regular in Everybody Loves Raymond.

We will wait and see what direction the career of Joseph takes