Joseline Hernandez Arrested: Reality Star Faces Legal Trouble Again

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Reality TV personality Joseline Hernandez found herself on the wrong side of the law following an eventful evening at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise. The 36-year-old star, known for her role on “Love Hip Hop: Atlanta,” was arrested after a heated altercation with fellow reality TV star Big Lex, which coincided with a post-fight revelry surrounding the exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III. The incident spiraled into an arrest as Hernandez was charged, reflecting a serious clash that involved law enforcement.

The charges Hernandez faces are significant, including two felony counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and lesser counts related to trespassing and resisting an officer with violence. The developments landed her in the center of media scrutiny, a position that is all too familiar for figures in the reality TV domain. Her subsequent sentencing to two years of probation further underscores a legal aftermath that has left fans and critics alike grappling with the implications of her actions that night.

So, let’s take a look at the entire Joseline Hernandez arrested incident.

Key Takeaways

  • Joseline Hernandez was arrested on multiple charges, including battery and trespassing
  • The incident occurred at FLA Live Arena during a high-profile boxing event
  • Hernandez’s legal situation and the public’s reaction have sparked intense media coverage

Incident Overview

In a turn of events that escalated quickly, reality TV star Joseline Hernandez found herself in legal trouble following an incident at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. What started as a night at an event spiraled into a situation involving police intervention.

Altercation Details

At the FLA Live Arena, Joseline Hernandez was involved in a brawl that drew considerable attention. The fight reportedly happened backstage and seemed to be tied to the chaos surrounding the Mayweather-Gotti exhibition match. The situation quickly evolved beyond a verbal dispute into a physical melee.

Arrest and Charges

Unfortunately, the melee did not go unnoticed by law enforcement. The Sunrise Police were called to the scene, and Hernandez was subsequently arrested. Her charges included two felony counts of battery, resisting an officer with violence—a serious allegation, and trespassing after receiving a warning. The Arena and the Broward County became the focal point of the incident, which led to immediate legal proceedings for Hernandez. Here is what we know about the Joseline Hernandez arrested incident.

Key Individuals Involved

This section focuses on the main individuals involved in the incident leading to Joseline Hernandez’s arrest, providing a snapshot of their profiles and connections to the case.

Joseline Hernandez Profile

Joseline Hernandez, a reality TV personality best known for her dynamic appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, has found herself in the spotlight for non-entertainment reasons. At 36 years old, Hernandez was involved in a physical altercation which resulted in her facing felony charges and later, a sentence to two years of probation.

Other Public Figures

While the search results primarily discuss Hernandez’s actions, there is a mention of Floyd Mayweather, suggesting a connection to an event possibly leading to the altercation. Mayweather is a highly prominent retired professional boxer, known for his undefeated record and numerous title belts.

In a similar vein, John Gotti III, potentially connected to the same event due to his name’s inclusion, is an MMA fighter and the grandson of the notorious mob boss John Gotti.

Lastly, Big Lex, also known as Rapper Big Lex, appears to be somehow involved in the circumstances surrounding Hernandez’s arrest. Given the nickname ‘the Baddie’, Big Lex gained notoriety through her participation in the reality series “The Real Blac Chyna” and seems to have had a share in the events of the backstage brawl.

While specific details on Floyd Mayweather’s, John Gotti III’s, and Big Lex’s involvement are unclear in the context of Joseline Hernandez’s arrest, their presence at related venues hints at a complex scenario with various public figures crossing paths.

Legal Proceedings and Aftermath

Reality TV star Joseline Hernandez faced the reality of the legal system following her arrest. The legal journey touched various aspects, from her appearances in court to the consequences she now must navigate.

Court Appearances

Following her arrest in Florida, Joseline Hernandez made multiple appearances before the court. In these sessions, the focus was on the charges levied against her, specifically, those related to resisting an officer with violence. Her defense was handled by an appointed lawyer, who represented her interests during the proceedings. The court venues across Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties saw the unfolding of these events.


The aftermath of Joseline’s actions led to significant consequences. She was sentenced to probation, attaching certain conditions like:

  • Prohibition from contacting the victim and their family
  • Mandate to write an apology letter

Furthermore, she was entered into a Pre-Trial Release Program, aimed at ensuring compliance with the court’s mandates while she remains out of custody. Resisting arrest is a serious offense, and this incident highlights just how impactful legal troubles can be, even for public figures.

Public Reaction and Media Coverage

The arrest of Joseline Hernandez has sparked widespread conversation across various media platforms, with the public voicing their opinions and media outlets reporting updates.

Social Media Response

Social media platforms became a hub of activity as users shared their thoughts on the incident. Numerous tweets and Facebook posts relayed information and opinions, with some defending Hernandez’s actions, while others criticized her behavior. Footage and cellphone videos of the incident circulated, adding to the fervent online discussions.

Press and News Reports

In the realm of traditional media, and TMZ were among the outlets providing comprehensive coverage of the case. Amanda Batchelor, Digital Executive Producer at Local 10, played a role in documenting these updates. The press highlighted details from the bodycam footage and Hernandez’s subsequent legal troubles, including felony charges and her sentencing to probation after a disturbance at a Miami event.

Wider Implications

Joseline Hernandez’s arrest has sparked discussions that extend beyond her legal battles, especially considering her status as a reality TV star and the nature of the events in which she was involved.

Reality TV and Public Perception

People often form their opinions based on what they see on television, and this can be particularly true for reality TV stars like Joseline Hernandez. Her roles in shows like Love Hip Hop: Atlanta and Joseline’s Cabaret have painted a vivid picture of her persona for the public. Incidents such as the reported arrest may contribute to a more complex narrative, intertwining her real-life actions with her televised image.

  • Television Persona vs. Personal Actions: Public figures from reality TV are scrutinized for how their real actions reflect on their personas on the show
  • Impact on Viewers: Viewers might wrestle with differentiating the character from the person, affecting their overall perception

Violence in Entertainment Venues

The reported incident at FLA Live Arena following an exhibition bout points to a wider concern about violence in entertainment venues. Such venues are designed for enjoyment and as spaces where people can watch events safely. When altercations involving public figures like Hernandez occur, it raises questions about safety and the culture surrounding these events.

  • Venue Safety: Ensures the safety of guests and performers are a prime concern for venues and reflecting on incidents can lead to improved security measures
  • Cultural Reflection: Examines how the actions of celebrities at public events can influence the atmosphere and audience behavior