Joanie Maiorella: Who Is Deena Nicole’s Sister?

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Real Name:Joanie Maiorella
Birthday:June 1, 1984
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Science Teacher, Reiki Master, Sister of Deena Nicole Cortese

Joanie Maiorella is primarily recognized for being the older sister of reality television star Deena Nicole Cortese. Deena gained popularity through her appearance on the hit MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. As the sibling of a famous personality, Joanie has also caught the attention of the public and media.

Apart from her connection to Deena, Joanie has maintained a low-profile life and pursued her own career path. She works as a science teacher at Frank Antonides School. Despite their different career choices, the sisters share a strong bond and have been seen together on various occasions, including in several episodes of the fifth season of Jersey Shore.

Early Life and Background

Joanie Maiorella, the elder sister of Jersey Shore reality TV star, Deena Nicole Cortese, had a typical American upbringing with strong Italian heritage. Born and raised in New Egypt, New Jersey, Joanie enjoyed a close-knit relationship with her family, which includes her Italian-American parents, John and Joan Cortese.

Childhood and Education

The dedication and support of her parents played a crucial role in shaping Joanie’s early life. She completed her primary education at Frank Antonides School before moving on to attend New Egypt High School. After finishing high school, she pursued higher education at Brookdale Community College, where she honed her skills and developed an interest in science teaching and Reiki healing.

Joanie’s connection to her family remained strong throughout her life, and she has always cherished the moments and memories she shares with her parents. It is important to note that her father, John, sadly passed away in 2016 after a battle with leukemia.

Joanie’s close relationship with her sister Deena has never wavered even in the face of Deena’s rising fame from appearing on the popular reality show, Jersey Shore. Despite the limelight surrounding her sister, Joanie has embraced a more modest lifestyle and remained dedicated to her passion for teaching and providing a positive influence in the lives of her students.


Jersey Shore Journey

Joanie Maiorella is best known as the sister of Deena Nicole Cortese, an American reality television personality who appeared on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore from 2010 to 2012. Deena made her debut in the series during its third season and continued her presence till the end of the show in season 6. The show featured several cast members living together in New Jersey and later became a popular cultural phenomenon.

During her time on Jersey Shore, Deena Nicole Cortese became a familiar face in the entertainment industry. She participated in various MTV programs and events, further establishing her career as a television star.

After Jersey Shore

Following the conclusion of Jersey Shore, Deena continued her journey in the reality television world. She became a part of the cast in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, a spin-off of the original series that reunited the original cast members. The show premiered on MTV in 2018 and is still ongoing, contributing to Deena’s professional career and television appearances.

Apart from the Jersey Shore franchise, Deena also participated in other television shows like Celebrity Family Feud in 2015.. Deena Nicole Cortese is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million, largely attributed to her career in the reality television industry.

While Deena’s career has been quite prominent, not much information is available about Joanie Maiorella’s own professional endeavors. However, their strong sibling bond and support for one another are evident through their appearances and mentions on various platforms.

Personal Life and Interests

Love Life and Family

Joanie Maiorella is the older sister of Deena Nicole Cortese, a reality television star known for her appearance on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Joanie has been keeping her personal life relatively private, but her love and support for her sister, Deena, and her family are evident. Deena is married to Christopher Buckner, with whom she has two sons, Christopher John “CJ” Buckner and Cameron Theo Buckner.

As an Italian-American, Joanie embraces her cultural heritage and cherishes her close relationship with her family members. She occasionally shares glimpses of her personal life through her Instagram account, showcasing her love for her family and her passion for various causes and hobbies.

Hobbies and Activism

Joanie is a dedicated science teacher and a reiki master, focusing on improving her well-being and helping others. Besides her professional and spiritual pursuits, she is an avid dancer and a proclaimed animal lover. Her commitment to the humane treatment of animals aligns her with various animal rights organizations.

As a Lyme warrior, Joanie actively supports the fight against Lyme disease and offers words of encouragement to others living with chronic health conditions. Additionally, she dedicates her time to raise awareness for leukemia, which demonstrates her empathetic and caring nature.

Though Joanie Maiorella’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, she continues to lead a fulfilling life filled with love, family, and a dedication to empowering causes.

Public Presence

Joanie Maiorella is primarily known as the sister of reality television star Deena Nicole Cortese, who gained fame on the popular MTV reality series Jersey Shore. While her sister’s career took off in the limelight, Joanie has maintained a more private life, focusing on her career as a dedicated science teacher and a reiki master.

As the older sibling of Deena Nicole Cortese, Joanie was raised in Staten Island and later moved to Jackson Township, New Jersey. Their family spent summers in the Seaside Heights, New Jersey area, where Jersey Shore was filmed. To this day, Joanie maintains strong ties to her New Jersey roots.

In comparison to her sister who frequently shares her personal life on social media, Joanie Maiorella opts for a more low-key presence online. Although her personal social media accounts, such as Twitter, remain discreet, her presence is occasionally mentioned through her sister’s social media updates or in media articles. This subtle public figure continues to capture the interest of reality show fans and followers of Deena Nicole Cortese’s career.

Not much information regarding Joanie’s educational background, family structure, or job details is publicly available. However, her privacy allows her to maintain a sense of normalcy and balance in her life, contrasting the public lives of reality television stars like her sister.

Despite Joanie Maiorella’s somewhat limited public presence, she remains a notable figure in the lives of her sister and her extended family, as well as her supportive community in the New York/New Jersey area.