Jerzey Dean: Whooopi Goldber’s Granddaughter Journey to Success

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Real Name:Jerzey Dean
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Fashionista, Daughter of Alex Martin, Granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg

Jerzey Dean, born in 1996, is the talented granddaughter of award-winning actress and television personality Whoopi Goldberg. Dean’s parents are Alex Martin, Whoopi’s daughter from her first marriage, and her husband Bernard Dean. Growing up in a family with roots in the entertainment industry, Jerzey Dean has chosen her own path to showcase her creativity and make a mark on the world.

Dean’s passion lies in fashion and design, which is evident in her own clothing line, Jerzey Kennedy Designs. The brand is based in Los Angeles and New York City, and offers various designs ranging from casual to more sophisticated looks. With a strong inclination for fashion and the support of her family, Jerzey is set on establishing a formidable presence in the industry.

Besides her career in fashion and design, Jerzey Dean shares a close bond with her siblings and parents, creating a support system that has surely played a role in her success. She has also appeared at various events, including New York Fashion Week, alongside her famous grandmother. As Jerzey Dean’s journey continues to unfold, it’s unquestionable that her unique sense of style and dedication to her craft will continue to garner attention and accolades.


Early Life

Born in 1996, Jerzey Dean is the daughter of American actress Alexandrea “Alex” Martin and film producer Bernard Dean. Growing up under the influence of prominent public figures, Jerzey was introduced to the world of glamour and entertainment from a young age. Despite her parents’ fame, Jerzey Dean has maintained a low profile and hasn’t shared much information about her personal life in the public domain.

Family Heritage

Jerzey Dean’s family boasts of exceptional talent in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Alex Martin, is an American actress who gained fame as the 1994 Miss Golden Globe recipient. Martin’s talent and determination can be traced back to her own mother, the world-renowned actress, comedian, and political activist Whoopi Goldberg. This rich family lineage has undoubtedly helped shape Jerzey Dean’s life and interests.


Although specific details about Jerzey Dean’s education remain undisclosed, she is presumed to have completed her formal education in the United States. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the world of entertainment, it is likely that she has gathered hands-on knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Both Jerzey Dean’s upbringing and family background reveal a blend of talent, ambition, and celebrity connections. Despite hailing from such a storied family, Jerzey has managed to maintain her privacy and keeps a low-profile presence.


Acting and Production

Jerzey Dean, daughter of actress Alex Martin and film producer Bernard Dean, has grown up surrounded by the entertainment industry. However, Jerzey has chosen to keep her personal life and career largely private, and her involvement in acting and production remains largely unknown. It’s clear though that the influence of her parents has had an impact on her career choices, as evidenced by her interests and endeavors in the fashion industry.

Fashion Endeavors

Jerzey Dean has developed a strong passion for fashion and has made a name for herself as a fashionista. Her interest in fashion is evident in her personal style and her dedication to building a career in the field. Although she hasn’t been overtly involved in the entertainment industry like her parents and famous grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerzey has managed to create a distinct identity for herself in the world of fashion.

Jerzey Kennedy Designs

In addition to her fashion interests, Jerzey has taken her passion a step further by launching her own fashion line named Jerzey Kennedy Designs. The brand is a reflection of Jerzey’s personal style and vision, aiming to establish her unique presence in the fashion industry. By combining her own creativity with the experiences and knowledge she has gained from her family background, Jerzey Dean’s journey in the fashion world is only beginning as she continues to grow and develop her brand.

Personal Life

Marriage and Relationships

Jerzey Dean is well-known for her personal life as a young fashionista with a famous family background. Although there is limited information available on her relationship status, it is evident that she values privacy and keeps her personal life low-profile.

Children and Parenting

Being a part of her illustrious family, Jerzey is the granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg and the daughter of Alexandrea Martin, also known as Alex Martin. In her family circle, Jerzey has a sibling named Mason Dean. The siblings appear to have a strong bond and share a close connection.

Low-Key Lifestyle

Despite coming from a famous family, Jerzey Dean opts for a low-key lifestyle that mainly focuses on her privacy. Her relationship status is not public, and she maintains distance from the media to keep her personal life separate. Overall, Jerzey Dean’s personal life revolves around her family, with her siblings’ embrace, and her priority for privacy setting the direction for her life.

Public Image

Media Presence

Jerzey Dean, born in 1996, is the daughter of American actress Alex Martin and film producer Bernard Dean. She has attracted attention as a celebrity offspring and has also shown interest in making a mark in the fashion world. Jerzey Dean is known for her unique sense of style and is often touted as a fashionista.

Social Media Profile

A significant aspect of Jerzey Dean’s public image is her presence on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Through her profile, she showcases her personal life as well as her interest in fashion. She even has her own brand called Jerzey Kennedy Designs, which has a social media presence showcasing various designs. The brand is based in both Los Angeles and New York City.

Moreover, her Instagram account is quite active, offering glimpses of her lifestyle, family life, including the commendable bond she shares with her siblings, and her passion for fashion.

Public Perception

Jerzey Dean is viewed in the public eye as a confident and talented young woman. Through her social media presence and active comment section, she interacts with followers, allowing them to get a closer look at her life. As the granddaughter of the well-known entertainer, Whoopi Goldberg, fans are intrigued by her style, personality, and how she carries forward the legacy of such an influential person in her family.


Familial Bonds

Jerzey Dean is well-connected within her family; she is the granddaughter of the legendary actress and television host, Whoopi Goldberg. Born to parents Alex Martin (Whoopi’s daughter) and Bernard Dean, Jerzey has a strong connection to her immediate family. Apart from her parents, Jerzey is also close to her siblings, Mason Dean (her younger brother) and Amarah Skye (half-sister). She regularly shares moments with her family on social media, showcasing their strong familial bond.

Industry Relations

Being born into a family with strong ties to the entertainment industry, Jerzey has several industry connections. Her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg, is an acclaimed actress and television personality, having been awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT) for her work. Whoopi’s prominence in the entertainment world has allowed Jerzey to form connections with influential figures in the industry.

Jerzey’s mother, Alex Martin, is also an actress and film producer, known for her roles in films such as ‘The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!’ and the TV series ‘Girlfriends’. Alex’s career has undoubtedly played a role in fostering Jerzey’s industry relationships and network.


Jerzey Dean has taken inspiration from her family’s creative pursuits and channeled it into her own ventures. She has her own brand, Jerzey Kennedy Designs, which is based in Los Angeles and New York City. While Jerzey has not publicly collaborated with specific industry figures, her fashion brand sees her exploring her creative passions and building connections in the fashion and design world.

Apart from fashion, some members of her family have been involved in notable collaborations. For example, Alex Martin’s sister, Taika Waititi, partnered with Matewa Kiritapu, a New Zealand actress and cousin to Jerzey Dean, in the critically acclaimed film ‘Jojo Rabbit’. These creative collaborations within Jerzey’s extended family could be seen as influential in shaping her own creative pursuits and connections in the entertainment industry.


Awards and Recognition

Jerzey Dean, as a celebrity child, has gained recognition due to her parents’ fame. Born to her mother Alex Martin, a renowned actress and film producer, and her father Bernard Dean, she has been the center of attention since her birth. Although not much is known about her personal accomplishments, being raised in a Hollywood family has provided her exposure to the entertainment industry and its accompanying benefits.

Business Ventures

Though the specific details are difficult to confirm, it’s possible that Jerzey Dean might be involved or have future interests in business ventures. Given her background and access to a wealth of resources, it’s worth noting that she may build a name for herself in various industries either as a producer, model, or entrepreneur.


While there hasn’t been much information about Jerzey Dean’s involvement in charity work or fundraising events, being a part of the Hollywood environment and having an influential family background could lead to her involvement in philanthropy. Celebrities, particularly those with connections, are often immersed in philanthropic activities, whether helping communities, supporting underprivileged causes, or advocating for social issues. As Jerzey grows older and forges her path, her impact on philanthropy could increase over time.

Controversies and Challenges

Privacy Issues

Jerzey Dean, being the daughter of Alex Martin and granddaughter of the legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg, has faced challenges concerning privacy. As a celebrity child, she has been exposed to the public eye and media scrutiny. Even though her family has tried to maintain a low profile and shield her personal life, it has not been an easy task.

Career Obstacles

Despite being born into a successful family, Jerzey faces obstacles in her career. Although her mother and grandmother have taken up various roles in the entertainment industry, Jerzey has chosen to stay away from the world of fame and stardom. Consequently, it can be challenging for her to carve out her own unique path and establish herself professionally without falling back on her family’s connections.

Personal Struggles

In addition to these challenges, Jerzey Dean has also had to cope with personal struggles. It is known that her mother, Alex Martin, faced a divorce from Bernard Dean. This may have resulted in emotional turmoil for Jerzey. Instances like these can make it difficult for her to find stability and comfort in her personal life.

  • Issues with privacy
  • Challenges in career
  • Personal struggles due to family matters

Though Jerzey has faced various challenges, she continues her life journey, overcoming obstacles and making a name for herself outside the shadow of her famous family.