12 Sexy Photos Of The Ageless Beauty Jennifer Aniston

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By David

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Period. And that happens when you have one of the most recognizable roles in the history of television. Jennifer portrayed Rachel in Friends. And as much as Rachel is a popular character, Jennifer and her talent made her even better. To this date, fans try to copy Rachel’s hairstyle from Friends.

That is how popular Jennifer got with that role. During the show, we saw Jennifer Aniston’s hot pictures in dresses. But mostly, during the show, she wore some casual outfits. Jeans and shirts. But do not mistake that. Jennifer is a hot woman.

Born in 1969 to actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow, Jennifer started her career at an early age. In 1987, she had an uncredited role in Mac and Me. But her first major role came in the horror-comedy Leprechaun in 1993.

Since the 1990s, she remains one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. As we said before, she rose to international fame as Rachel Green from 1994 to 2004. For her appearance in Friends, she earned a Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards. Her character remains one of the greatest female characters in television history.

Since the end of Friends, and during her time on the show, she appeared in a couple of romantic comedies, including Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, Just Go with It, Horrible Bosses, Marley & Me, and more. Bruce Almighty remains her biggest box office success.

Other roles include Office Space, The Good Girl, Friends with Money, and many more.

Many magazines have included her in their most beautiful women list. She even received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aniston got married to one of the most beautiful actors in the world, Brad Pitt. After five years of marriage, they got a divorce. And then she got married to Justin Theroux, another actor. But that marriage lasted until 2015.

In 2011, Men’s Health Magazine ranked as the Number 1 sexiest woman of all-time, topping Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears for the honor. In this gallery, we have a couple of different Jennifer Aniston hot pictures, some Jennifer Aniston bikini photos, and many more. Let’s take a look.

1. No Bra At The Red Carpet

Photo: pinterest.com

You know you are hot when you can afford a no bra outfit for the red carpet. Jennifer has worn many dresses on the red carpet. She has appeared numerous times at ceremonies. But we start the list with this amazing black dress.

2. Jennifer For Rolling Stone

Photo: pinterest.com

In 1999, Jennifer did a photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine. It remains one of her best works. They put her in a luxurious swimsuit, and she didn’t disappoint. Here, she looks like a classic Rachel, but with a bit more flashing of her body.

3. The Underrated Cleavage

Photo: pinterest.com

When you think of actresses with amazing cleavage, you rarely think of Jennifer Aniston. She might not have big breasts like some bombshell beauties, but she does have an awesome cleavage. Tasty, elegant, and sexy.

4. Mystery Woman

Photo: pinterest.com

The beauty of Jennifer Aniston is that she can appear in any role. And she can adjust to anything you want from her. She looks amazing as the cute and adorable Rachel. But she also looks amazing as this mysterious woman for a sexy photoshoot.

5. Sexy Photo Shoot

Photo: pinterest.com

For this magazine cover, Jennifer went with tiny Yves Saint Laurent leather hotpants. Some supermodels might struggle to get away with the look. But not Jennifer. She looks amazing and stunning in everything she wears.

6. Television Interview

Photo: pinterest.com

Somehow, someway, Jennifer can adjust to the role she plays, and dress for it. Take this interview for an example. She still looks as beautiful as ever. And she doesn’t have to wear a tight sexy dress to achieve that level of hotness.

7. Best Slit

Photo: pinterest.com

There is no award for Best Slit dress at the Red Carpet. Jennifer would win it easily. Take a look at this glamorous dress. And Jennifer in it. She has the body and the cleavage to pull it off.

8. Jennifer in Bikini

Photo: pinterest.com

This photo is from a Vogue photoshoot in 2009. She has 40 years in the picture. Can you believe it? Most women dream of having that kind of body when they are 30, let alone 40. Definitely one of the sexiest and most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood.

9. Classy Businesswoman

Photo: pinterest.com

We said it before, this woman looks amazing in anything she wears. From casual outfits to sexy outfits. And some business looks in between. The camera loves her.

10. Strolling Through The City

Photo: pinterest.com

We have some Jennifer Aniston paparazzi photos as well. When you are a celebrity in Hollywood, they will chase you. And when you are as popular as Jennifer, they lurk at every corner. And as a result, we have this Jennifer Aniston casual outfit, strolling through the city with no bra on. Her nipples could burst from the shirt at any moment.

11. Jennifer Aniston Bikini Photo

Photo: pinterest.com

We had some photos of Jennifer in a bikini for magazine photoshoots. But this is a rare, real-life photo of the famous actress in a bikini. Taken during her holiday, the paparazzi try to steal a moment at any given time.

12. Free Nipple Movement

Photo: pinterest.com

Jennifer is one of the celebrities that support the Free the Nipple movement. The campaign argues that women should and could bare their nipples in public. It is legally and culturally acceptable. The campaign wanted to change the laws in favor of gender equality.