10 Sexy Photos of Lovable Jenna Fischer

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By David

Let’s clarify something before we start. Jenna Fischer is in no way related to Amy, Isla, or Carrie Fisher. They have a similar last name but notice there is one “c” more in Jenna’s last name. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the sexy and beautiful Jenna Fischer. Born in 1974, the American actress got popular thanks to her portrayal of Pam Beesly in The Office.

Have you seen some of the Jenna Fischer hot photos? She looks amazing in almost anything she wears. For her appearance in The Office, Jenna earned a Primetime Emmy nomination in 2007. And she did work as a producer for the final season of the show.

Since the end of The Office, Jenna has appeared in movies like Blades of Glory, Hall Pass The Promotion, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and some more. Her latest project is the ABC sitcom, Splitting Up Together, from 2018 to 2019.

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she spent her childhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Her mother worked as a history teacher, while her father worked as an engineer. Jenna has a younger sister, Emily.

She started her career while attending college at Truman State University in Missouri. Performing with a touring Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre group, she started thinking about an acting career.

Fischer moved to Los Angeles in 1998 in pursuit of better acting options. She then started performing Commedia dell’arte with the Zoo District Theatre Company. A talent agent noticed her and signed her.

In the beginning, she struggled to get a breakthrough role. Her debut came in a sex education video for psychiatric patients.

Three years after moving to California, she got her first televised speaking role. She had a small role as a waitress in Spin City in 2001.

During her early years, she appeared in a couple of small independent movies, including The Specialist, Lucky 13, and Employee of the Month.

After a while, her childhood friend Sean Gunn introduced her to his brother, screenwriter James Gunn. The two got married in October 2000, but then separated in September 2008. But during that time, Gunn helped her find some bigger roles in Hollywood.

In June 2009, she announced her engagement to another Hollywood personality, screenwriter Lee Kirk. They got married in July 2010. The two have two children together.

Nowadays, she spends her days helping animal rescues. She got involved with a couple of organizations in Los Angeles.

With that in mind, let’s take a look through the gallery of Jenna Fischer’s hot photos. We have some Jenna Fischer bikini photos, swimsuit photos, sexy dress photos, and more. Stay with us.

1. Jenna in Bikini

jenna fischer in swimsuit
Photo: pinterest.com

We start off with Jenna Fischer’s bikini photo. The young actress has an amazing body, and when the paparazzi catch her in a bikini, it is a sight for fans.

2. Smile and Cleavage, Dangerous Combination

Photo: pinterest.com

Jenna has two attributes that can knock anyone off his feet. Her smile brings positive energy and vibes to any room. And then, she flashes her cleavage, and you fall into her magic world. It is hard to resist it. And the best part is, Fischer knows how to use her two biggest attributes. Props to her.

3. Innocent Cute Girl

jenna fischer smiling
Photo: pinterest.com

This Jenna Fischer hot photo is from her younger days. Taken during her early years in Los Angeles, when she struggled to find work. As you can see, back in the days, people described her as a cute and adorable young lady. But now she grew into a hot, sexy, and mature woman. She deserves credit for the work she’s done.

4. Office Jenna

jenna fischer lovely
Photo: pinterest.com

We said before that Jenna got famous thanks to her appearance in The Office. Look at that face. She looked perfect in the sitcom. And she earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for her role. We have to say, she could have won the award.

5. Simple, Yet Elegant

Photo: pinterest.com

Jenna has a specific style. She rarely appears in high fashion dresses that took over the red carpet. Instead, she opts for a more casual and simple outfit. Yet, even in these simple outfits, she looks elegant and beautiful.

6. Sexy Jenna

jenna fischer lovable
Photo: pinterest.com

Some 10 years ago, women’s shorts entered mainstream fashion. Women all over the world looked as hot as ever wearing shots. And Jenna had no trouble implementing the trend in her outfits.

7. Pregnant and Sexy

jenna fischer pregnant
Photo: pinterest.com

Here is a photo of her pregnancy days. We do not know whether the photo is from her first or second pregnancy. But in any case, you cannot deny the fact she looks amazing even with a baby bum. Sometimes, it is all about confidence.

8. Ready For An Interview

sexy jenna fischer in black outfit
Photo: pinterest.com

We said before that Jenna often opts for simple and casual dresses for her appearances. But even in a simple dress, she can make a fashion statement. Look how beautiful she looks during this television interview. You can never go wrong with a little black dress.

9. Little Black Dress

jenna fischer in black outfit
Photo: pinterest.com

Speaking of little black dress fashion statements, here is another photo of her wearing it. And this time, for a red carpet event. Definitely, an outfit few celebrities can pull off for a red carpet event.

10. The Camera Loves Her

jenna fischer in black dress
Photo: pinterest.com

You cannot deny the fact. Jenna has a photogenic side few people can match. The camera loves her. And it is all thanks to her beautiful smile. When she smiles, the world trembles.