Jenicka Lopez – Reality Star Chronicles Weight Loss Journey

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Real Name:Jenicka Priscilla Lopez Rivera
Birthday:October 3, 1997
Net Worth$8 million
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American TV Reality Star, Instagram Influencer, Daughter of Jenni Rivera

Jenicka Lopez is the youngest daughter of the singer Jenni Rivera. She is a star in her rights. Famous for appearing on the reality series I Love Jenni and the spin-off The Riveras, Jenicka has an impressive following on social media. She uses weight loss to improve her wealth. So, how much is Jenicka Lopez’s fortune?

She has a famous family. She is the daughter of Jenni Rivera and Juan Lopez. She is also the stepdaughter of Esteban Loaiza. She has half-siblings, including Michael Marin and Chiquis Rivera, as well as her young brother, Johnny Lopez.

Jenicka uses Instagram to chronicle her weight loss journey and to increase her fortune and following. Let’s talk more about her life journey, biography, and net worth.


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Quick Bio

Born in October 1997, Jenicka is a reality star with a fortune of more than $8 million. How did she earn so much money? Well, read about her life story to find out.

Jenicka is the youngest daughter of Juan Lopez and singer Jenni Rivera. She rose to fame after appearing on the reality show I Love Jenni and The Riveras.

Born as Jenicka Priscilla Lopez, she is an actress and reality TV star. Nobody knew about her before 2011. That is when she made her debut in I Love Jenni.

Besides her reality career, in the past few years, she has become popular on Instagram. She has accumulated millions of followers on the social network.

Speaking about her family life, the popular reality star has four siblings, Chiquis, Jacquie, Johnny, and Michael.

We said that she uses her weight loss experience to accumulate followers and net worth. Jenicka is still in her early 20s. And yet, she already has a career as a socialite.

You can see her influencer status on Instagram where she has more than 1 million followers. And in her bio on the social network, she claims the title of a “content creator”.

But her life story is something you just have to read. It is an inspiring story about a chubby kid from an early age. She has an average feet size. Jenicka advocates for a healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t support weight loss diets that promise rapid results.


Jenicka is famous on Instagram, but she also uses other social media platforms to encourage fans to practice healthy living as opposed to weight loss diets and plans. She once wrote, “I am even down a few lbs. I am not on some crazy weight loss journey. I do love my body, but I am working on a healthier lifestyle”.

Despite her fame on social media in the past few years, fans still remember her as Jenni Rivera’s daughter. And she had to spend her life in a troubled family. Her mother was a controversial figure. But her father, Juan Lopez Pardo, was even more troublesome.

Her father was found guilty of illegally crossing immigrants from Mexico to the United States. He had to spend more than two years in prison. Jenicka’s parents parted ways in 2002, just one year after welcoming their son Johnny.

Jenicka’s mother passed away in 2012. The troubled relationship and marriage of her parents is one of the reasons why she doesn’t want to talk about topics of dating in her YouTube videos and social media posts.

And while she advocates for a healthy lifestyle as a social media influencer, Jenicka might change her views soon. According to some sources, she considers going under the knife to have liposuction. Jenicka would follow in her sister’s footsteps. Her sister, singer Chiquis Rivera had liposuction to reduce her waistline.

There is no denying or confirmation regarding the rumors from Jenicka. She doesn’t want to respond probably to these rumors.

Truth be told, she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to chose a faster way to shed some pounds off her body.

Net Worth

Jenicka Lopez is just 20 something years old. Yet, she is a millionaire. Jenicka Lopez’s wealth is more than $8 million.

How did she earn so much money? Well, we talked about her as an Instagram influencer. Jenicka has more than 1 million followers and regularly posts on social media.

She also earned a couple of dollars through her appearing in reality shows like I Like Jenni and The Riveras.