Jane Sasso: The Baldwin Sister Leading A Quiet Life

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Real Name:Jane Baldwin Sasso
Birthday:January 8, 1965
Net Worth$1.2 million
Height:160 cm
Occupation:American Physical Therapist, Sister of Alec Baldwin

Jane Sasso, born Jane Anne Baldwin, often maintains a low profile compared to her famous Baldwin brothers: Alec, Daniel, Stephen, and William Baldwin, who are all well-known actors in the entertainment industry. As a sister of these prominent figures, Jane’s personal life and career choices also pique people’s curiosity. Despite being surrounded by the glamorous world of Hollywood, Jane chose a different path, making her unique among the Baldwin siblings.

Jane Sasso is not involved in show business and has built her own identity as a Physical Therapist and a Yoga Instructor. Born on January 8, 1965, she is the daughter of Carol M. Baldwin, a renowned breast cancer survivor and advocate, and a cousin of Joseph Baldwin. Jane is married to Randy Sasso, and the couple shares one child.

Personal Life

Early Life and Education

Jane Sasso was born on January 8, 1965, in Massapequa, New York. She grew up in a close-knit family alongside her siblings, including Stephen Baldwin. Jane attended West Genesee Senior High School in Camillus, New York, and later enrolled at Onondaga Community College. She furthered her education at Cornell University, where she acquired valuable skills and knowledge.

Family and Relations

Jane is the daughter of Carol M. Baldwin and Richard Baldwin. She is part of the famous Baldwin family, which includes her well-known brothers, actors Stephen, Alec, Daniel, and William Baldwin. Jane is a descendant of John Howland, adding to the family’s rich ancestry.

Jane is married to Randy Sasso, and together, they have two sons, Grainger Sasso and Griffin Sasso. The family values privacy and maintains a close bond, cherishing their personal life and the love shared within their family circle.

Randy and Jane Sasso currently reside in Syracuse, New York, at the Bellevue Manor. Jane is an American national who works at SRC, Inc., a not-for-profit research and development company, where she contributes her skills and knowledge.

The family, including Carol M. Baldwin and Elizabeth Baldwin Keuchler, has extended ties driven by a strong sense of unity. Jane maintains a close relationship with her brothers and regularly celebrates important moments and events with them.

Besides her professional life, Jane takes pleasure in hobbies such as yoga, swimming, and running. She enjoys immersing herself in outdoor activities like hiking and biking, as well as being a fan of music and movies. Jane’s lifestyle reflects her appreciation for a balanced life, prioritizing the well-being of her family and her personal interests.

Affiliated People

Marriage and Children

Jane Sasso, sister of the famous Baldwin brothers, is a physical therapist and has kept her personal life relatively private. She is married, and details about her spouse and children remain under wraps, maintaining a low profile compared to her well-known brothers.

Baldwin Siblings

Jane Sasso is the sister of the famous Baldwin brothers: Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen. They are all well-known in the entertainment industry, with each having successful acting careers.

  • Alec Baldwin is an award-winning actor, known for his roles in popular television series and films. He gained prominence for his role in the television drama series Knots Landing and later in shows such as 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live. Alec has been married twice, first to actress Kim Basinger, with whom he has a daughter named Ireland Baldwin, and currently to Hilaria Baldwin, with whom he has six children.
  • Daniel Baldwin is primarily known for his work in television and film, including roles in Homicide: Life on the Street, Cold Case, and Grey Gardens. He has been married three times and has five children.
  • William Baldwin is also a successful actor, having appeared in numerous films such as Backdraft, Flatliners, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He is married to singer Chynna Phillips, and they have three children together.
  • Stephen Baldwin is best known for his roles in films like The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome, and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, as well as participating in various reality television shows. He is married to Kennya Deodato Baldwin, and they have two daughters, Alaia and Hailey Baldwin. Hailey is a successful model and is married to musician Justin Bieber.

In addition to her famous brothers, Jane also has two sisters, Elizabeth Baldwin Keuchler, and Carol M. Baldwin. The Baldwin siblings were raised in a Roman Catholic family, and their mother, Carol M. Baldwin is a breast cancer survivor.

Career Background

Acting Career and Achievements

Although she is related to the well-known Baldwin brothers, Jane Sasso has chosen to maintain a low-key presence in the entertainment industry. Unlike her brothers Alec, Stephen, William, and Daniel Baldwin, Jane’s acting career is not as extensive. She has predominantly focused on her personal life and career outside of the acting world.

Other Occupations

Jane Sasso’s primary profession is as a physical therapist in Syracuse. She is also a skilled yoga instructor, which further distinguishes her from her siblings who are more involved in the entertainment industry as actors, directors, and producers.

In contrast, her brother Alec Baldwin is a renowned American actor, writer, and comedian with a successful career in Hollywood. He has won multiple awards, including Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards for his work on shows like “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live,” as well as for his performances in films such as “The Departed” and “The Boss Baby.”

Stephen, William, and Daniel Baldwin have also left their mark on the entertainment industry, with various acting credits and achievements. For example, Billy Baldwin is noted for his role on the television series “Knots Landing.”

The Baldwin family has also been involved in charitable work. They have been strong supporters of the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, among other philanthropic endeavors, to raise funds for breast cancer research. Jane’s connection to the Baldwin brothers has helped raise awareness for these causes, but her primary focus remains on her career as a physical therapist and yoga instructor.

Involvement and Contributions

Jane Sasso, a physical therapist and yoga instructor, is not in the limelight like her famous siblings – Alec, Daniel, Stephen, and William Baldwin. Despite this, Jane is known to support her family and contribute to their various charitable causes, particularly those related to their mother, Carol M. Baldwin.

The Baldwin family has a long-standing commitment to the fight against breast cancer. Their mother, Carol M. Baldwin, herself a breast cancer survivor, established the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Fund and eventually the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of Central New York, Inc. The family’s dedication to the cause is evident as they actively participate in events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns.

Jane Sasso has been instrumental in her family’s involvement with the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. Her background as a medical professional in the field of physical therapy adds a level of expertise to the family’s commitment to supporting research. Jane has been known to lend her voice and resources to events organized by the Carol M. Baldwin Fund and its Central New York chapter, helping raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research.

In addition to her work with the family foundation, Jane Sasso is also associated with the nonprofit organization Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Through this foundation, she demonstrates her commitment to advancing research and improving patient care for those affected by breast cancer.

Jane’s support of the Baldwin family’s charitable initiatives reflects her passion for improving the lives of those impacted by breast cancer. As a member of the family, she plays a significant role in promoting the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s mission and advocating for advancements in breast cancer treatment and prevention.

Noteworthy Events

Jane Sasso, also known as Jane Baldwin Sasso, is the sister of the famous Baldwin brothers—Daniel, Stephen, Alec, and William Baldwin. Born into a family of actors, she has chosen a career in physical therapy and yoga instruction. Although she maintains her life mostly outside of the entertainment industry, there have been noteworthy events involving her and the Baldwin family.

One moment of particular interest was Jane’s brother, Daniel Baldwin, featuring in the popular television series, “Homicide: Life on the Street.” The series was renowned for its realistic portrayal of police work and was considered groundbreaking in its time.

In recent times, tragedy struck the Baldwin family when Alec Baldwin was involved in a tragic accident on the set of “Rust.” An accidental weapon discharge led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the serious injury of director Joel Souza, resulting in charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Going back in time, Oliver Stone’s iconic film “Born on the Fourth of July” featured a cameo appearance by William Baldwin. The movie, which tells the story of Vietnam War Veteran Ron Kovic, solidified the Baldwin family’s place in Hollywood.

As an interesting piece of trivia, the Baldwin family can trace their ancestry to the Mayflower, which was the ship that transported the first English Puritans, known today as Pilgrims, from England to the New World in 1620. This connection to the historical event demonstrates the long-standing American roots of the family.

Regarding the family’s memoir, Alec Baldwin released a memoir titled “Nevertheless” in 2017. The book provided readers with insights into the Baldwin family’s upbringing and journey in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, it’s evident that Jane Sasso’s life has been surrounded by noteworthy events involving her and the Baldwin family. Despite her decision to lead a life away from the limelight, these incidents have helped shape the course of her life and the legacy of her talented family.