Jalen Ramsey’s Girlfriend – How Much Do You Know About His Family?

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Jalen Ramsey is an American football cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. Born in October 1994 in Smyrna, Tennessee, the American comes from a football family. His father, Lamont Ramsey, is an ex-collegiate football player and a firefighter. What do we know about Jalen Ramsey Girlfriend? Who is he dating?

Let’s take a look. Jalen Lattrel Ramsey had a highly decorated high school sports record. Besides football, he also participated in track and field and broke several records. His family is really into sports. Besides Jalen, his older brother Jamal also was a collegiate football player. His father also played college football.

Jalen attended Ensworth High School in Nashville, Tennessee during his freshman year. The famous NFL player then transferred to Brentwood Academy where he was a two-sport star in football and track & field. Besides football, he participated in sprinting, high jump, triple jump, shot put, and long jump.

Who is Jalen Ramsey’s Girlfriend?

Jalen Ramsey has a new girlfriend, but we know almost nothing about her. Why? Because, unlike other famous wives and girlfriends, she wants to remain anonymous. So, how do we know he has a new girlfriend? It is all thanks to several posts on the internet.

On Halloween 2020, he was spotted out with his new girlfriend the night before. Jalen Ramsey’s girlfriend posted some pics of their Halloween costumes. The website Awesome SideAction first published the news.

Per her request, her name was not mentioned in the story. In the photos, Jalen dressed up as an Egyptian Pharaoh. And his girlfriend accompanied him as a sexy mummy. We can say they looked adorable in their couple costume.

We hope to get to know her and find out more about her background in the near future. Of course, that depends on whether Jalen will remain with her or not.

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Jalen Ramsey Past Relationships

Jalen Ramsey has had a couple of celebrity relationships in the past. His most famous and known girlfriend remains ex-girlfriend Breanna Tate. They have two children together, the oldest daughter being Breelyn Erin. Born in 2018, she was the first one, while the younger daughter, Brooklyn, came to this world in September 2019.

Jalen and Breanna Tate were together since he was drafted in 2016. Breanna is a former track star, and also the sister of Golden Tate, the wide receiver for the New York Giants. The two broke up in the summer of 2019 while Breanna was pregnant with their second daughter.

Jalen and his former girlfriend co-parent their children. At the time, Jalen broke up with her to start a relationship with Monica Giavanna, a Las Vegas dancer.

Jalen Ramsey’s net worth is more than $50 million. That is how he can afford to support his ex-girlfriend Breanna Tate.

Bad Blood In The NFL

As we said before, Jalen got together with Monica Giavanna in October 2019. He went public with his new relationship, causing a flurry on social media. Golden Tate, Breanna’s brother, got angry and upset.

The bad blood culminated in October 2020. After the final whistle of the Rams – Giants game, the two got into a brawl. Fun fact: Jalen and Monica had broken up by that point. The two likely broke up in March 2020, according to her Instagram stories. And in October, Jalen was already dating his new anonymous girlfriend.

Following the brawl between her brother and Jalen, Breanna took to social media. She wrote on Instagram, “God, Thank you for being my strength when sometimes it’s hard to even stand. You pick me up & give me courage to keep going. You empower me to handle every circumstance knowing that I can trust you. May I refuse to worry about the things I can’t control & keep my focus on You”.

Despite the end of her relationship with Ramsey, Breanna put her focus on her baby girls. In one Instagram post, she wrote, “It’s been a whole year since God blessed me with my 2nd princess. Today is all about you beautiful! Happy 1st Birthday Brooklyn Elia”.

Breanna often shares images of her stunning fashions, including bikini pictures. And of course, her adorable baby girls.