Is Rick Steves Gay? Exploring the Travel Expert’s Personal Life

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Rick Steves, the renowned American travel writer, author, activist, and television personality, has attracted a significant amount of attention throughout his successful career. Among this attention, some media outlets and fans have speculated about his sexual orientation. As Steves lives a somewhat private life, curious minds are left to wonder: Is Rick Steves gay?

These rumors surfaced mainly after Steves’ divorce from his ex-wife Anne Steves in 2010. Upon their separation, the travel expert remained single, which further fueled speculations regarding his sexuality. However, it is important to note that Steves’ sexual orientation is a personal matter and should not overshadow his professional accomplishments or character.

In response to these rumors, it has been reported that Rick Steves is straight, not gay. He has not remarried or entered into any known relationships since his divorce, which some may attribute to his extended single life. With the focus on his travel expertise and work, Steves continues to impact and encourage many individuals to explore and appreciate the diverse cultures of the world.

Who Is Rick Steves

Rick Steves is a prominent American travel writer, author, television personality, and a passionate advocate for independent travel. Born in Edmonds, Washington, Steves has grown to be a well-respected figure in the travel industry and continues to inspire travelers with his authentic and knowledgeable approach.

At the age of 68, Steves has amassed an extensive career spanning over several decades. He pursued higher education at the University of Washington and embarked on his professional journey as a travel instructor at the same institution. This early experience set the foundation for what would later become a successful and influential career in the world of travel.

As a skilled writer and charismatic television personality, Steves has made a name for himself by sharing helpful travel tips and insights on exploring beyond the typical tourist attractions. Throughout his career, Steves has published numerous travel guidebooks and hosted popular TV and radio shows that cater to a wide audience of travel enthusiasts. His engaging work, be it on screen or in print, has earned him a strong reputation in the industry.

Today, Rick Steves resides in Edmonds, Washington, where he continues to actively contribute to the travel community through his various ventures. By staying true to his passion, Steves remains a reliable and trusted source for travelers who seek unbiased, knowledgeable, and informative guidance as they embark on their own adventures.

Rick Steves’ Career in Travel

TV and Radio Shows

Rick Steves has made a name for himself in the world of travel, primarily through his television show, Rick Steves’ Europe. Airing on American Public Television, the show encourages travelers to explore beyond the typical tourist destinations and immerse themselves in local cultures. Steves also hosts a public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves, where he shares his vast travel knowledge and experiences with his listeners.

Travel Guides and Books

Over the years, Steves has authored a variety of travel guidebooks and books that cater to independent travelers. Among his most popular publications are Europe Through the Back Door, which offers advice for traveling off the beaten path, and Europe 101: History and Art for Travelers, which provides insight into the cultural, historical, and artistic aspects of European travel. His books have received accolades such as the Independent Publisher Book Award.

Some noteworthy guidebook series include:

  • Rick Steves’ Europe: Focusing on European travel, the series includes comprehensive guides for specific countries and regions as well as advice on how to make the most of one’s journey.
  • Travel As A Political Act: In this book, Steves shares his belief in the potential for travel to foster global understanding and peace. He offers tips for engaging more deeply in the local cultures and political landscapes of the destinations visited.

Beyond Broadcasting

Apart from his television and radio contributions, Steves also offers a variety of supplementary resources for travelers. These include Rick Steves’ Audio Europe, a collection of audio guides and podcasts showcasing various European destinations. Steves has also ventured into the realm of storefront business by establishing Weekend Student Adventures Europe, which offers budget-friendly, educational travel experiences for young explorers.

In summary, Rick Steves has built an impressive career as a travel expert, author, and broadcaster, using his knowledge and passion for travel to educate, inspire, and guide independent travelers keen to explore the world beyond mainstream tourist attractions.

Rick Steves’ Personal Life


Rick Steves was married to Anne Steves, with whom he has two children, Andy and Jackie Steves. The family kept a low profile, and there is limited information about their life together. After their separation in 2010, Rick has continued to maintain a private personal life.

Relationship Status

Rick Steves and his ex-wife, Anne Steves, divorced in 2010, and since then, he has been focused on his career as a travel writer and television personality. Despite the separation, they share the responsibility of raising their children, Andy and Jackie, who are now adults. Rick has not been linked to any other relationships since the divorce, and his current relationship status remains unclear.

Rumors and Speculations

Following his divorce from Anne Steves, Rick Steves was the subject of rumors questioning his sexual orientation. The speculation about whether he is gay or bisexual has continued for years, but Rick has never spoken publicly about his sexuality. Additionally, he has never been linked romantically to any men. It is essential to respect an individual’s privacy and not make assumptions about their sexual orientation based on rumors or speculation.

Public Affairs and Activism

Rick Steves, a renowned travel expert, is not only an author and television host but also an activist and advocate for various social causes. Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous public affairs and activism efforts, demonstrating his commitment to social change and community empowerment.

As a social activist, Steves is known for his support of the Democratic Party and its progressive policies. He has been vocal in advocating for the legalization of marijuana, considering it a matter of civil liberties and public health. By using his vast network and resources, he has actively campaigned for more rational and evidence-based drug policies.

Steves is also a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, where he actively participates in community programs and promotes social justice. One such example is his association with Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee, an influential figure in the church. They have collaborated on various occasions, highlighting their shared commitment to fostering peace, understanding, and unity among people from different cultures and backgrounds.

In addition to his engagements within the church context, Rick Steves is also influenced by the principles of liberation theology – a movement that calls for a closer examination of social and economic structures, as well as their impact on underprivileged communities. This theological approach has informed his perspective on global issues, encouraging him to promote responsible and sustainable tourism practices that benefit local communities.

By engaging in public affairs and activism, Rick Steves has demonstrated his dedication to creating positive change in society. As an advocate for a variety of issues, he has used his platform and influence to promote meaningful dialogue, challenge conventional thinking, and contribute to a better understanding of our interconnected world.