Innovative shower designs redefining the home spa experience

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By David

Did you know that the design of your shower plays a role in your bathroom? We all need a moment of respite from the world and the ideal spot for that is undoubtedly the shower, in your bathroom. You can create your own home spa experience with a couple of innovative shower designs that can make your ordinary shower parts extraordinary! Here are the latest trends in bathroom technology.

1. Rainfall shower heads

There’s something calming about the sensation of rain, and you can even experience that every day in your own shower. The innovative designs of rainfall shower heads mimic the feeling of standing under an actual rain shower, giving you the essence of being at one with nature. Rainfall showers are different from traditional designs because they offer a symphony of relaxation.

2. Steam showers

The innovative design of steam showers promotes the feeling of immersing yourself in a warm cloud, which promotes better circulation and detoxifies your body. It’s amazing how you can transform your home into a peaceful retreat. It’s such a feeling to come home after a day and experience the rejuvenating and invigorating effects of this kind of shower.

3. Aromatherapy showers

If you like to pamper your senses, then an aromatherapy shower has the ability to do that. This design contains essential oil dispensers that fill the air with marvelous scents that will remind you of nature, known for its calming abilities. Lavender or Eucalyptus are the most frequently used scents to create that spa-like experience.

4. Smart showers

Nowadays, it’s even possible to install a shower that adjusts itself to your preferred water temperature and pressure, just the way you like it. Smart showers are equipped with advanced sensors and digital controls, so the systems can be tailored to your needs. Some even come with voice activation, letting you control the shower with just a simple command.

5. Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy uses the power of color. LED lighting is used to create a spectrum of colors, with each color associated with different kinds of healing properties. It really works on the magic of your mind by promoting relaxation and balance. It’s a truly euphoric experience that’s perfect for home spa lovers.

Your bathroom provides the perfect foundation for creating your own home spa retreat. These innovative shower designs will help you achieve that. Treat yourself by entering this future of showering in full luxury and relaxation.