In Mind and “Beddy”: What Does It Really Take To Create a Relaxing Bedroom?

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By David

It’s not a huge stretch to want to make your bedroom relaxing. The fact is that your bedroom should be the most relaxing place in the home. The problem for so many people is that when they have limited options to choose from, either because they are cutting back or are limited in their options, it’s vital to choose some of the most impactful ways to overhaul the space. Let’s show you some simple methods.


It’s something that is constantly touted as an amazing way to organize a space. If you have a lot of clutter in your bedroom, you are going to have a more cluttered mind. When you start to declutter, you need to think about the things that will bring more value to the space. You may find that you’ve got bulky items of furniture that stick out so much, which only adds to your sense of frustration when you bump into them in the middle of the night. You can, of course, buy bedroom wardrobes online to bypass this, but if you cannot afford new furniture, decluttering is the best way for creating some order.

Blocking Out Light

If you are looking to be more relaxed, especially in the run-up to sleep, you need to prioritize getting some blackout blinds. If money is tight and you cannot afford blackout blinds, you can still cover the window to get complete darkness. You can tape some sheets over the curtains or any larger fabrics. The most important thing to remember is that blocking out light will make for better sleep, and even if you cannot block out the light, a simple sleep mask will also help, but make sure it’s tight enough to stay over your eyes, otherwise, that morning light will be a big shock to the system.

Swapping the Bulbs

The right light bulb can make a big difference. If you are reading in the run-up to bedtime, you are best choosing soft white LED light bulbs, as these provide a gentler glow. Some people love using red bulbs as it makes for a far more calming environment, but you should also think about using lamps to create a more ambient approach. Having overbearing overhead lights is not for everyone.

Don’t Work in Your Bedroom

It is something that we constantly hear about; and if you are using your bedroom as a home office, this can cause issues when it comes to signaling your brain that it is bedtime. You may want to separate the space more effectively, or you could start working in the kitchen. The bedroom needs to be a more relaxing environment, rather than a place associated with deadlines.

Learning the Best Calming Methods

If you are full to the brim with worry, you might be best using a variety of techniques to start calming down. While there are many relaxants like CBD gummies out there, it’s also a good idea to understand the best type of rest that benefits you. There is more than one type of rest. The 7 types of rest are:

  • Emotional rest.
  • Physical rest.
  • Mental rest.
  • Spiritual rest.
  • Creative rest.
  • Social rest.
  • Sensory rest.

Get the balance right with all of these, and you are going to feel far more relaxed.