Imani Duckett: Jasmine Guy’s Daughter Is A New Rising Star

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Real Name:Imani Guy Duckette
Birthday:March 28, 1999
Net WorthN/A
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Model, Daughter of Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett

Imani Duckett is a young American actress who has made her mark in the entertainment industry, primarily recognized as the daughter of veteran actress and singer, Jasmine Guy. Born and raised in New York City, Imani is currently 24 years old and has already showcased her versatile talents through acting, writing, and visual artistry.

Although her acting career is still developing, Imani has gained attention for her work in the TV movie, Open (2020). She pursued her education at various schools across the United States and eventually graduated from the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts. With her background and the foundation set by her talented mother, Imani Duckett is poised to achieve a bright future in the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Imani Duckett, born on 28th March 1999, is the daughter of renowned actress Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, she shares African-American ancestry and has the zodiac sign of Aries.

Imani’s childhood was shaped by her parents’ involvement in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Jasmine Guy, is best known for her roles as Dina in the 1988 film “School Daze” and Whitley Gilbert-Wayne in NBC’s “The Cosby Show” spin-off “A Different World.” On the other hand, her father, Terrence Duckett, has maintained a less public profile in the industry.

As an only child, Imani experienced the challenges of having famous parents while navigating her own interests and aspirations. Her parents, Jasmine and Terrence, were married in August 1998 but divorced in 2008, leaving the young Duckett to be raised primarily by her mother in Los Angeles. Despite these changes, Imani managed to stay grounded and focused on her education and personal growth.

Imani’s early life laid the foundation for her eventual decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She honed her talents as a dancer, model, and actress, demonstrating a keen interest in the arts from a young age. This passion would guide her as she grew up and began to carve her path in the world of entertainment.

Personal Life

Growing up in a family with a strong background in the entertainment industry, Imani has followed in her mother’s footsteps by becoming an actress, writer, and visual artist.

During her high school years, Imani successfully kept her personal life away from the limelight, maintaining a sense of privacy in regard to her relationships, hobbies, and personal interests. She has, however, been seen accompanying her mother to various red-carpet events and public appearances, highlighting their close bond.

Imani’s parents, Jasmine and Terrence, faced challenges in their marriage and eventually went through a divorce. While there isn’t any publicly available information about custody arrangements, it appears that Imani has maintained a strong relationship with her mother, often expressing her love and support for Jasmine through social media.

As she has transitioned from high school to college and began her career in the entertainment industry, Imani has continued to prioritize her privacy. Despite her connection to her famous parents, she has carved out her own path and established herself as a talented young artist in her own right.


Imani Duckett, an American actress and dancer, has always been passionate about the arts. She completed her primary schooling in her hometown of Atlanta before deciding to pursue her passion further at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. During her time here, she focused on her studies and dedicated herself to her craft.

In May 2017, Imani successfully graduated from the esteemed Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in arts. This accomplishment is a testament to her determination and hard work in her field. Her mother proudly shared Imani’s graduation picture and prom images on her social media, celebrating her daughter’s educational achievements.

During her high school years, Imani also explored her acting talent. She made her acting debut in 2006 with the stage production of Serial Black Face in Atlanta. This performance allowed her to showcase her skills and laid the foundation for the success she would go on to achieve as an actress and dancer.

Evidently, Imani Duckett’s education in the arts has played a crucial role in shaping her career and skills as an actress and dancer. The knowledge she gained at the prestigious New York University Tisch School of the Arts surely contributes to her continued growth and success in the entertainment industry.

Acting Career

Imani Duckett, daughter of renowned actress Jasmine Guy, has begun to make a name for herself in the world of acting. Born into a family with strong ties to Hollywood, Imani was exposed to the entertainment industry from a young age, her mother being best known for her roles in shows such as A Different World, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Vampire Diaries.

Embracing her natural talent and passion for the performing arts, Imani made her acting debut in 2016 with a stage play in Atlanta. She portrayed Latoya, the teenage daughter of the central character Vivian, in the production of Serial Black Face. Her performance was well-received by audiences, earning her praise and recognition within the acting community.

Not long after, Imani Duckett appeared on TV in an episode of Unsung Hollywood, a documentary series focused on the untold stories of Hollywood stars and iconic TV shows. This marked her entry into the world of television, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Despite her relatively recent entry into the world of acting, Imani has shown promise and dedication to the craft, drawing from the legacy left by her mother’s impactful performances. As a young actress steadily building her career, Imani Duckett’s potential in Hollywood is undeniable, and audiences can expect to see more of her talent in the years to come.

Modeling Career

Imani Duckett began her career in the modeling industry before transitioning to acting. With her stunning looks and natural talent, she quickly gained attention in both Hollywood and New York City, two of the most prominent entertainment hubs in the United States.

Her journey into the world of modeling not only provided her with an introduction to fame but also allowed her to develop a unique sense of style and confidence. Imani showcased her skills and beauty on various platforms, collaborating with fashion designers and photographers across the industry. The experiences she gained in the modeling world proved to be instrumental in shaping her acting career.

While Imani Duckett’s modeling career brought her initial success and recognition, her true passion has always been performing on the big screen. The young talent managed to strike a balance between the two industries, using her exposure in the world of fashion as a stepping stone towards pursuing her dream of becoming an actress.

Imani Duckett’s dedication and hard work in both modeling and acting fields are the attributes that have set her on the path to success. With each new opportunity, Imani continues to grow and develop her skills, showcasing her versatility and proving that she is a true rising star in the entertainment world.

Media Presence

Imani Duckett, a young and aspiring actress, is steadily building her media presence in the entertainment industry. She has become more active on various social media platforms in order to connect with her fans and showcase her work.

One of the popular platforms Imani uses is Instagram, where she shares a glimpse of her personal life, behind-the-scenes moments from shoots, and updates on her career. This helps her engage with her audience and promote her projects in an organic way.

As Imani continues to explore her talent and passion for acting, it’s evident that her media presence plays a significant role in her journey. By maintaining her presence on platforms like Instagram, IMDb, and IMDbPro, she not only communicates with her existing fans but also increases her visibility within the industry. This approach will undoubtedly contribute to her growth as an artist and further her career in the competitive world of entertainment.

Net Worth

Imani Duckett, a talented actress and model, has managed to achieve significant success in a short period. Although the exact figure of her net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is worth noting that her mother, Jasmine Guy, has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Given her career success, it can be inferred that Imani Duckett’s wealth might be noteworthy as well.

As Imani’s career progressed, she appeared in a popular TV movie called Open (2020) in which she played the role of Luna. This role has elevated her status in the entertainment industry and increased her overall wealth. Apart from acting, Imani has also stepped into the modeling world, where she effortlessly showcases her elegance and grace.

As the daughter of Jasmine Guy, an accomplished actress, writer, director, dancer, and singer, Imani Duckett undoubtedly has her mother’s artistic talents. This strong family background in the arts is a substantial factor in her career growth, and it has influenced her ability to acquire a commendable net worth.

While Imani Duckett’s exact net worth remains unknown, it can be presumed that she is doing well in her career endeavors. Her accomplishments as an actress and model demonstrate not only her talent but also her potential to amass significant wealth in the future. Pivotal roles in projects such as Open (2020), coupled with her modeling engagements, contribute to her overall financial success.


Imani Duckett, daughter of Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett, has faced a few controversies in her life, mainly stemming from her status as a celebrity child. One such issue revolves around her father being mostly absent from her life. Terrence Duckett’s relationship with his daughter might not have always been on good terms, as he was not constantly present during her upbringing.

Child support has also been a contentious topic within the family. While it is not confirmed, there have been speculations about Terrence’s involvement in the financial aspect of raising their child. It is believed that the issue of child support may have contributed to the complexity of Imani’s relationships with her parents.

As a young woman in the spotlight, dating rumors have naturally followed Imani Duckett. However, she prefers to keep her personal life private and has not revealed information about her relationships. This secrecy has given way to speculations about her sexual orientation, but no concrete evidence has emerged to confirm these rumors.

Being a celebrity child comes with its own unique set of challenges. Imani has had to face the pressure of living up to her parents’ fame and expectations. Despite these hurdles, she has managed to establish herself as an actress in her own right – appearing in the 2020 film “Open” as Luna.

A Peek Into The Future

Imani Guy Duckett, the daughter of Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett, has shown glimpses of her potential in acting. Born on March 28, 1999, in New York City, she has been slowly gaining recognition in the film industry. With her performance in Open (2020), Imani has demonstrated a promising start to her acting career.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Imani Guy Duckett aims to make her mark in Hollywood. With a combination of talent, dedication, and a unique perspective, she is likely to land more significant roles in the near future. Her mother’s influence as an accomplished actress could also provide her with professional guidance and support.

Despite her acting achievements thus far, Imani has managed to maintain a relatively quiet life away from the spotlight. Her ability to balance her personal life and acting career is commendable and may serve her well in navigating the competitive world of Hollywood.

In conclusion, Imani Guy Duckett’s future in acting appears to be full of potential and opportunity. Her talent and determination may lead her to even greater heights in Hollywood, following the path paved by her mother, Jasmine Guy.