Ian Cylenz Lee: Life And Career of Kandyse McClure’s Husband

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Real Name:Ian Cylenz Lee
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:Canadian Musician, Video Producer, Husband of Kandyse McClure

Ian Cylenz Lee is not only recognized for his personal partnership with actress Kandyse McClure but also for his own professional journey as a music artist and director.

Engaged since December 2012, Lee’s life extends beyond his connection to McClure, delving deep into the creative and performing arts.

Although his private affairs might capture the public eye, it is his work in the field of music and digital marketing that showcases his dedication to his crafts.

Before stepping into the limelight with his engagement to McClure, Lee was already a presence in the music world.

His passion for music saw him take on the mantle at Blakgold Production as a director in 2014, working diligently to shape the sounds and careers of other artists.

His career is a testament to his love for music and digital production, pushing the boundaries of what modern marketing can achieve for performers and music artists alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Ian Cylenz Lee is a music artist and director with a strong presence in the digital marketing scene for music.
  • He has a significant personal life event with his engagement to Kandyse McClure, a Canadian actress.
  • Lee has dedicated his career to the advancement of the music industry through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Early Life and Education


Ian Cylenz Lee’s story begins in Hong Kong, where he was born on March 5, 1980.

In a home where the importance of family was deeply ingrained, his parents’ influence played a significant role in shaping his early life.

Although there isn’t much disclosed about his siblings, it’s evident that his upbringing was marked by a supportive environment.

When Ian’s family moved to Vancouver, his education journey led him through the corridors of West Vancouver Secondary School.

This was where his spark for learning was nurtured, setting him on an educational voyage that further expanded his horizons.

Furthering his academic pursuit, Ian found himself immersed in the world of environmental design at OCAD University.

His time at OCAD was not just about textbooks and lectures; it was a formative experience that honed his creative instincts and a deep-seated appreciation for the synergy between design and environment.

Throughout his educational path, from the dynamic streets of Hong Kong to the scenic views of Vancouver, and finally the creative studios at OCAD University, Ian Cylenz Lee’s commitment to learning and personal growth stood out as a testament to his character.

Not just books and practical skills, but life’s numerous lessons were his teachers.

Acting Career

Kandyse McClure’s venture into acting has led her to become a notable figure in television and has secured her significant roles that showcase her versatility as a Canadian actress originally from South Africa.

Early Roles

Starting her career in 1999, McClure appeared in the TV film In a Class of His Own.

Alongside this debut, she showed promise with performances in series such as Higher Ground and Da Vinci’s Inquest.

Her early roles were a mix of TV appearances and movie projects, setting the stage for more prominent roles to come.

Breakout with Battlestar Galactica

It was her role as Officer Anastasia Dualla in the critically acclaimed series Battlestar Galactica that brought her breakout success.

This series not only elevated her career but also established her as a familiar face in the realm of sci-fi television, and her performance was highly praised by fans and critics alike.

Continued Success

McClure continues to find success with diverse roles, including parts in adaptations of Stephen King‘s works like Children of the Corn and Hemlock Grove, a Netflix original series.

Beyond that, she’s appeared in episodes of Supernatural, The Good Doctor, and Virgin River.

Her filmography also includes contributions to Sew the Winter to My Skin, Ghost Wars, Dark Angel, Seventh Son, and various other TV shows like Smallville, Sanctuary, Alphas, and Haven.

Her passion and commitment to acting shine through each performance, whether on the silver screen or television.

Music Endeavors

In his multifaceted career, Ian Cylenz Lee has made significant contributions to the music industry not just as a musician and songwriter, but also in the realms of music production and direction.

As a Musician and Songwriter

Ian is known for his dynamic role in the music scene, where his talents extend to both performing and penning songs.

His artistry is evident through his work that resonates with authenticity and emotion, demonstrating his dedication to the craft.

Ian Cylenz Lee’s music spans a range of genres, reflecting his versatility and ability to connect with a diverse audience.

Music Production and Direction

At the helm of BlakGold Production since 2014, Ian’s expertise in music production and direction has been a driving force behind the company’s success.

His keen ear for music and sharp eye for talent have allowed him to nurture and produce quality music that stands out in today’s competitive industry.

His direction skills ensure that from inception to final output, every project under his guidance has a clear vision and a polished, professional sound.

Personal Life

Ian Cylenz Lee’s personal life is as vibrant as his career in music. Here, we’ll explore his family ties and personal interests.

Relationships and Family Life

Ian Cylenz Lee is married to the actress Kandyse McClure, known for her roles in popular TV series such as “Battlestar Galactica” and the Netflix show “Virgin River.”

Their marriage is one of creativity and mutual respect, characterized by a shared desire to celebrate South African culture.

While they keep their married life private, it is understood that they have not publicly shared details about children or further aspects of their family life.

Interests and Passions

Beyond his marriage, Ian’s personal interests extend to a deep appreciation for music and cultural expression.

His involvement with BlakGold Production illustrates his passion for music, not just as a profession but as a key component of his identity.

Although specific hobbies and passions are not documented in public records or social media, it’s evident that his work and personal life are intertwined by his love for the arts.