How To Use Outsource Services To Help Boost Your MSP Business

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By David

There’s a growing demand for managed services providers (MSPs). In particular, small and medium businesses that lack the in-house resources to provide IT-related support to their customers are relying on MSPs more than ever.

According to recent data, the MSP market is expanding at a CAGR of 11.9 percent every year, and it’s projected to be valued at $834.7 billion by 2032. MSP businesses have the potential to be highly profitable as long as you provide real value to your customers.

MSPs are essential since they can simplify tech-reliant processes for businesses and help protect companies from financial losses. To increase growth and efficiency, you may need to outsource certain services and tasks to a business process outsourcing center in order to maximize your company’s capabilities. According to STAFFVIRTUAL, outsourcing MSP support processes to an experienced BPO team can contribute to a company’s growth.

Here are different ways to use outsourced services to boost your MSP business and what an efficient BPO team can do to help you achieve your goals.

Where Are BPOs Located and Why?

Some of the best BPOs can be found in the Philippines since the country has a young, English-speaking workforce.

In fact, in a recent survey, it was found that the Philippines ranked 20th globally in English proficiency, and more than 70 percent of Filipinos are native English speakers. Additionally, BPOs know the importance of data privacy laws — talk to prospective providers to learn more about their precise policies.

How To Get Started With BPOs

To get started, there are a few things that can increase your operational efficiency:

First, identify your company’s needs, then coordinate with the BPO so they can create a strategy to support your business. At this point, the BPO may start the screening process for managers, team leaders, and professionals with experience in supporting MSP businesses to build your outsourced team.

While this is going on, you may be asked to provide information to help your dedicated team learn your business processes, systems, or tools. As an MSP business owner, you may also be requested to meet with the BPO. It’s up to you whether to do these chats remotely or in person, but remote is likely easier.

After that, the BPO shares your internal policies and brand guide with their team members. Extensive training, followed by assessment and preparation helps ensure your BPO is ready for daily operations. You want all communications to represent your company values and company culture.

Here are some tasks that your outsourced team may handle to free up your core staff:

Customer Service

Having 24/7 customer service support can help your MSP business thrive since critical issues can be resolved immediately to enhance customer satisfaction. Your outsourced team can engage with customers through different channels. Whether they email, chat, or call, someone is there to communicate with them no matter what time it is.

Your team may also handle customer complaints in a timely manner, which can help to cultivate a positive image for your company. Additionally, your outsourced team may improve your core MSP team’s performance by keeping track of customer complaints so you can identify the issues that need to be addressed.

Marketing Services

Many business owners make it a point to research different marketing tactics to reach their target audience. Handling the marketing aspect of your MSP business may take a lot of time and effort, though, and it may prevent you from focusing on more pressing matters.

Outsourcing this task to a dedicated marketing team may prove to be a better strategy since they have the expertise to create effective campaigns to get the word out about your business. Apart from creating content, the team can also take over social media management tasks and set up email campaigns to help grow your business. Inquire more about how an MSP can help with marketing work and what services they can provide.

Back Office Processes

If you’re short on staff or office space, consider outsourcing your back office processes. An offshore team can take care of tasks such as accounting, data entry, and bookkeeping, among others. This can help enable your staff to focus on skills development or initiatives to further your business.

There’s another added value: Since they’re not overloaded with additional work, your core staff feels taken care of and valued. This can help to boost morale and create a positive company culture.

Outsource for Better Business Management and Higher Profits

Your MSP business has the potential to be a highly profitable venture. Consider outsourcing certain processes and tasks to a reputable BPO team to maximize growth and be a leader in the industry.