How To Stop Procrastinating and Live a Fuller Life

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By David

Are you tired of procrastinating? Does the habit of putting off important tasks until tomorrow constantly mess up your plans? If so, you are not alone. Many busy adults inadvertently fall into the trap of procrastination. It’s a common human trait but one that can be defeated with a bit of effort, determination, and patience. The first step in the battle against this pernicious trait is to make an honest self-assessment to determine how much help you need. For some, the most beneficial action is to set a date for completing a college degree. Others discover that they have to begin with very small tasks, like setting a fixed day for doing house cleaning or laundry.

Don’t forget to enlist others who are willing to assist you in your quest to defeat procrastination and change your lifestyle for the better. Purchasing a watch with an alarm is a smart way to get the ball rolling, as is setting specific start dates for goals you’ve been neglecting for months or years. Here are important details about how to commence the war against putting things off until tomorrow.

Make a Written Plan and Self-Assessment

Make a list of tasks you have been putting off and indicate next to each one the reason you’ve been delaying accomplishing it. Often, when you realize that there’s no concrete reason for a particular delay, you’ll gain the motivation to tackle the chore. Be honest in your self-assessment and work hard to make the list as complete as possible.

Don’t Put Off College Any Longer

Many working adults lack college degrees because they keep putting off the inevitable return to school. Luckily, there are all sorts of scholarships available these days, and they’re easy to apply for online. Using an internet scholarship search makes sense for several reasons. First, you can narrow down the opportunities to those you are currently eligible for. But you can also fill out applications and transmit them in a matter of minutes and get results quickly. Scholarships never have to be repaid and are the single best way to cover education expenses. There’s no need to put off getting a diploma any longer when you can access online financial resources like scholarships.

Start With a Simple Task

To begin, choose a very simple chore you’ve been avoiding, like washing the car or cleaning the garage. Then, select a specific date and time for tackling it. Other easy first steps include things like being on time or a bit early for work every day, returning phone calls or emails on the same day you receive them, or waking at the same time each morning.

Enlist Friends and Family in the Quest

If you are looking to makeover your life, friends and family can be a huge help with your aim. Be sure to hold yourself accountable by telling family members, coworkers, and friends that you are on a mission to stop procrastinating. Let them know how you’re approaching the challenge, and encourage them to remind you when you don’t meet your goals. You might even want to work one-on-one with another person who is attempting the same thing so the two of you can support each other along the way.

Set Start Dates for Important Goals

One of the biggest obstacles to getting started with most tasks is the lack of a fixed start date. Go through your list of chores, obligations, and commitments, and mark each one with a precise beginning date. Be careful not to set end dates, or you’ll get caught up in a time-pressure trap. The point is to begin, not complete the job by a specific time.