How to Respond To Awards and Recognition at Work

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By David

The organizations with the prevailing edge in the current ultra-competitive business setting have the finest and skilled employees. Unfortunately, even the most exemplary employees cannot perform successfully if they are not inspired and motivated.

This is why employee recognition must be ingrained in every organization’s culture. You’re fully aware of the impact of words, particularly when praising somebody for a work well done. You can influence the person and organization by acknowledging them at the right moment with the correct words.

Importance of rewarding and recognizing

Everyone yearns for approval from instructors, family members, and peers from a tender age. The drive for positive encouragement and validation happens to be so powerful, especially during the growth stages. An employee must be open to considering all kinds of feedback at work to learn and grow. Employers must be mindful when sharing feedback with employees. Any negative aspect of their performance must be presented with constructive criticism. This will help your employees turn any negative situation into a challenge rather than consider it a shortcoming.

Being considered in utmost regard by one’s colleagues is among the most powerful motivators for a worker. An employee acknowledgment does not need to be pricey or flashy. Most people associate awards and recognition with financial incentives or lavish awarding parties; however, it is unnecessary. Employee recognition at times can be as simple as a sincere comment.

Engaged workers are more attached and devoted to their employer. They are prepared to go the extra mile with their job responsibilities. However, a percentage of employees still believe employee recognition is not a high priority in the workplace.

Results of rewarding and recognizing an employee

Becoming acknowledged makes employees happy, instills in an employees’ sense of mastery in their work, and assures them they are a good match for their roles in the organization. Acknowledgment may boost growth, boost commitment, and encourage teamwork.

Offering incentives and praise to the employees is one approach to maintain them. The potential of a firm to maintain its workers is referred to as employee retention. Employee appreciation gifts, in this case, are also a nice touch to keep the workers on their toes!

Another advantage of business employee acknowledgment is that it can form the basis for building art of self-improvement. Among the most acceptable ways to show your appreciation for your employees is to allow them to learn and improve their skills.

Methods of recognizing employees

Employee recognition initiatives are common in most businesses. Nevertheless, some employees complain about their efforts being underappreciated in some firms, which may bring about a lack of morale.

Bonus money reminds the employees that they are cherished and that their efforts yield good results and value for the firm. Employees that do well ought to be honored with shirts, umbrellas, gift trees, mugs, trophies and awards from the company, among several other things. Food can also be a part of the bonuses included. Everybody loves good food!

A company can host an employees’ event or party for the team’s top performance. One can also show gratitude by attaching a letter to the worker’s paychecks. Delivering an appreciation message for a work nicely done is a good option too.

You can also offer deserving employees training and development opportunities to advance their careers. For instance, most employees will appreciate programs like the Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification since it equips them with vital managerial and leadership tools and skills. Some similar training programs expose them to opportunities for climbing up the ladder and taking up managerial roles with higher salary expectations.

The Recognition Wall is also among the innovative workers’ recognition initiatives. A firm should set up a bulletin board in the workplace and let the employees fill it with notes containing appreciation for outstanding coworkers. This can act as motivation for those who have done well to continue improving. It also, in turn, encourages the ones who do not spot their names, to improve and try harder to view messages dedicated to them written on the wall.


As a boss, one should inquire about the most significant acknowledgment to the staff. You might be amazed at how much basic, sincere gestures of gratitude motivate them to perform at their utmost. Several business entrepreneurs have specific objectives in mind, such as lowering expenses while increasing productivity and occasionally the amount of work produced by the staff.

If recognition in the firm is implemented, one can notice substantially enhanced customer relationships, improved levels of teamwork, and enjoy considerably quick outcomes.