How To Plan Your Travel: Quick Guide For Students

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After slogging with months of continuous study every student has only one thing in mind. A getaway trip. After all, taking a break from a mundane routine is important to recharge the batteries. Whether the vacation is for a fortnight, or it is for a couple of days, the planning must be meticulous in order to utilize valuable time and enjoy it well. 

Following pointers will come in handy when such a vacation is planned by a student:

1. Destination and days available are of paramount importance

Planning a destination in accordance with the number of vacation days available is critical. Always plan the destination as per travel time (to and fro), the number of days required for sight-seeing, and an extra day for exigency/travel lag, etc.  Do consider the following points also while finalizing the destination:

  • Whether the destination planned is safe for travelers?
  • What kind of trip are you looking forward to: Historical places, adventure, sea-shore? Plan accordingly.
  • Are you comfortable with the language spoken at the destination planned? 
  • Is the place reachable through affordable means of transport available?

2. Plan your logistics and stay arrangements well in advance

It is common knowledge that flight, bus, and hotel bookings are the cheapest for early birds. As soon as the destination is finalized, take a planner, jot down date-wise (if possible, time-wise) what travel services you shall be availing, and which places you will be staying. The Following steps are recommended to have a pleasant experience:

  • Best scenario is to have a local contact for the destination planned. He/ She can guide you on best travel means available, best sight-seeing opportunities and best accommodation available
  • In case you do not have any local acquaintance, fall back on the internet. Enough reviews are available to give you a feeler about the best travel modes and accommodation
  • Do not rely on one website for Hotel options. Visit multiple sites to get the best deal or book your residences at Equity Residences they always have the best deal.
  • Once Hotel is booked, you may contact the Hotel manager to give you other details about the place, e.g. Places to visit, timings of major attractions, local travel options, etc.

3. Go No-strings-attached- Get help to complete assignments while you are gone

One needs to travel care-free and enjoy the vacation. To do this, it is highly recommended that study assignments or homework be taken care of in advance. Since it is not possible to finish the assignments before you leave or after you return, it is recommended to take online homework help at

There are subject experts available at one click of the mouse button for every topic on earth. All you need to do is to give them the topic and move on to enjoy your vacation! 

4. Packing preparation: Know as much as possible about the place you are visiting

Following additional details are important to know before you pack your bag for the trip:

  • Climate: It is obvious that one cannot expect to survive the trip to a national forest without traveler’s sleeping bag. Similarly, one cannot expect to survive a chilling night of hill stations without warm clothing. The principle is simple- whatever you wear as per the weather, you carry.  
  • Culture: One cannot expect to carry traditional clothing for a beach destination! When you are in Rome, it is good to dress as Romans. Pack accordingly.
  • Food : Food habits may be completely different at the place you intend to holiday. If you are not flexible with different cuisines or you are strict about your type of diet- pack some of your own food which remains preserved for a longer time!

In addition to the above, basic knowledge of local laws, customs and traditions are things which are good to know. For example, Casinos are a major attraction in Las Vegas, whereas they are banned in India. Alcohol is banned in many states of India like Gujarat, but many states like Maharashtra allow consumption of alcohol.

5. Keep an eye on Budget and expenses

For any student, money available to spend is limited. Hence it is important that indulgence during travel is limited to funds available.The Following suggestions should help:

  • Before embarking on the journey, note down the list of activity-wise expenditure. Travel, stay, sight-seeing, food, etc. Set a budget for each. The Cumulative total budget for each day should also be kept in mind
  • Keep noting the small and big expenditures as they happen in your mobile or notebook. 
  • End of each day compare the budget and actual expenditure. Spend or save the next day accordingly. This helps to regulate the overall expenditure of the trip

6. Do you have relevant papers and identity cards ready?

The trip can turn out to be a nightmare if you do not possess the relevant papers to visit a particular destination, e.g. Visa on foreign soil. Many local destinations in times of emergency like COVID-19 require special e-pass to visit the city or state. Apply and acquire the required papers in advance, if possible, before arrival. 

In case of any eventuality, keep multiple ID cards ready for identification.

7. Basic Medical kit and First-Aid Box    

No one wishes to fall sick or get hurt during a dream vacation trip! However, it is always better to remain prepared for any such eventuality. Basic medicines like Paracetamol, Pain killers, Sprain gels, Antiseptic creams, bandages are a few items you would not want to miss. 

8. Travel Light!

Although you need to be prepared for the weather, sleeping arrangements during travel, and emergency food items also, but at the same time also ensure that the luggage is manageable single handedly. You may not get help with luggage everywhere! 

9. Travel information and emergency contacts

It is always advisable to let your parents or family know about your travel plan and places you have booked to stay. Simultaneously, gather all information about local emergency services in the travel destination. No need to Go Incognito!

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Love thy travel, live thy travel!