How to make your IG page make money for you: tips for business accounts in 2022

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By David

Everybody understands that if you want to spread a word about your products, services or content, you need to come on Instagram and start managing your business there – for some people it is obvious, for some not so much, but today there are no other channels for decent promotion rather than social media.

Instagram has 1000 posts and 500 millions stories uploaded to it every second, this information gives you a quite clear view on how popular this social net is. There is literally no reason to ignore the advertising instruments and the opportunity to organize a whole shop here if you need: so, if you haven’t yet started monetizing your content there, you better begin right now.

However, now the competition amongst the bloggers is tougher than before, so you need to get familiar with the main principles and laws of SMM sphere – in this article we will tell you why and how a chance to buy Instagram followers can help you in this situation, what other methods are out there and why a business page should never rely on free promotion mechanisms.

Why not rely on free options?

All of them demand quite a lot of time spent online. If you’re a businessman who has to manage the business itself, think of the content plan to post online and work on organizing the advertisements as well, you have no time to spend in activity chats and commenting on the pages of other bloggers to get attention. It is just not going to work. Surely, if you have a whole PR department, you can delegate it to them, but why do that, if there are paid services that bring way quicker results in a way shorter period of time? We don’t know either!

How to buy subs so that they would quickly bring all the benefits?

Safely and thoughtfully. The key thing here is that if you decide to buy Instagram followers cheap, you should not only focus on the price (we all love some cheap options that work well), but also focus on the quality. It is quite possible to find the company that is going to deliver you real subs and at the same time for a very reasonable price – it is fair to say that third party services like this one are way cheaper than targeted ads from IG itself, for example.

So, if you make sure that you’re purchasing real subscribers that are real people who will come to your page and become your followers, things are okay. But if you’d take on fakes and bots as subs, it might seriously hit on your statistics and make them worse; IG algorithms clearly see when somebody has too many interactions with the fake accounts and starts perceiving such pages as fake too. So beware and check things twice; real services are great, fake ones – not so much.

What else can you do?

PR from bloggers should become a cherry on top – after you’ve bought subs and tried (or didn’t try) free options, you can contact bloggers from your or the neighboring niche and ask them to collaborate. It might be for free or paid, depending on the results that you want to gain. Paid ads from bloggers can provide you with warranties of getting a certain number of subs.