How to Ensure Your Wedding Invitations Get Delivered to Your Guests?

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By David

Wedding invitations ideas and RSVPs are an essential part of planning your wedding, from the color scheme to the wording on the invitation.

You should spend plenty of time making sure every detail is just right. There are several things you can do to make sure that not only do they receive their invitations.

But they know how important it is to reply promptly. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring your wedding invitations get delivered to your guests.


Creating a wedding invitation list should be the first step in sending out invitations once you have the guest list.

Find their current addresses and email or call them. If they can’t be reached by phone, create an account on social media so you can see if they respond to your posts or message.

You can also use a locator service like House party to find them through their social media handles.

Cheap wedding invitations are also an option, as it’s not uncommon for people to lose theirs or never send them out because they don’t want to spend money on something that may not get used up.

Just in case some get lost during delivery. The most popular cheap wedding invitations are online printable designs and laser-cut paper.

Which don’t cost much but will still make a great impression on your guests.

Proper Postage

Many couples want to find cheap wedding invitations that still maintain quality. One way to do this is by ordering invitations online.

Buying online saves the team a lot of money since they are cutting out the middleman, the stationer, or the printer.

It’s also worth noting that when a company specializes in making one type of product, they usually offer cheaper pricing than its competitors who sell various products.

In addition, some businesses offer free shipping with orders so couples can save on time and gas.

Another option is to buy wedding invitations that do not require extra postage.

Couples often wonder if they have to buy their invitations with additional postage or if they can use them without buying more.

The answer is yes and no. However, it’s an old tradition for wedding invitations to include an amount of postage.

That doesn’t mean you still have to pay for it! You can usually get your cards sent out without worrying about additional fees.


Bloggers, your time is up! If you want to ensure your wedding invitations get delivered to your guests, follow these simple steps:

1) Print out the invitations on standard letter paper. Avoid using fancy fonts or patterns. Stick with a classic black-and-white design.

2) Address your invitations to the person who lives closest to the guest. Indicate their full name and address in parentheses after the person’s street address. (John Doe 123 Main Street, Any town, USA)

3) Please don’t forget to include your wedding date in the invitation’s text.

4) Send your invitations well before your wedding date- at least six weeks in advance is ideal. Make sure to include postage with each envelope.

5) Don’t be surprised if some of your guests choose not to attend your wedding because they never received your invitations. Make sure to send out another batch after the first batch- just in case!


A critical component to ensuring your wedding invitation arrives to your guests is ensuring the envelope is addressed correctly.

When assembling your invitations, make sure to write the recipients’ full names on the front and their addresses on the back.

Also, include a self-addressed envelope for guests if they want to return the invitations. If you’re mailing your invitations through a postal service such as USPS or FedEx, package them securely to avoid any damage.

When shipping internationally, tracking your invitations is essential, so you know when they’ve arrived and where they are.

In addition, make sure to include contact information for any questions your guests may have about receiving their invitations.

Handle RSVPs

When it comes to Wedding invitations, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your guests receive them. And foremost, make sure that you have your RSVPs in order.

This will help ensure that the right people are notified about the wedding and that the invitations are delivered promptly.

Make sure that your address is correct. If you have an address error, your invitation may not be delivered on time. Do not forget to include your wedding date and time on your invitations.


Wedding invitations are one of the most critical pieces of correspondence you will send out during your wedding planning process.

Not only do they tell your guests about your big day, but they can also set the tone for the entire event.

That’s why it is so essential to choose invitations that are designed well and get delivered to your guests on time.