How To Design A Business Premises That Works

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By David

Whether you’re looking to start up a new business or you’re in the middle of looking for somewhere new for the company premises, a business premise matters. It’s a physical representation of the business and how it looks, which really does make a big difference to how it’s perceived by others.

If you’ve got the opportunity to design a business premise from scratch this year, then it’s an opportunity to take full advantage of. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to designing a business premise that works.

Focus on the entrance for clients

The entrance is a focal point for many clients who are coming into the building for the first time so it needs to set an example. Take a look at what you’re working with for the front entrance of the building.

Spend a good amount of time and money invested into creating a space that’s going to show off who your brand and business is. Think about the reception and lounging area that clients will find themselves in, or perhaps it’s the entrance to a retail store. Whatever the type of business it is, the front entrance really matters.

Create levels to draw the eye up and down

Levels can help to draw a person’s eye up and down. A steel mezzanine is a good feature to add to an open space that has a lot of height to work with. Creating these lower and upper levels within the building can really help draw attention to different parts of the building.

Keeping it all flat and on one level is fairly boring and lacks any creativity. If you’re struggling for inspiration and ideas, it’s worth seeking the advice of architects and designers to help bring visions to life.

Make use of natural lighting

Natural lighting is a great way of bringing the space to life. Artificial lighting might be useful to an extent but a lot of spaces can feel quite clinical if you’re using harsh, white lighting. Natural lighting though has many advantages, including being a mood booster. For your staff, being productive and happy within their working environment is important.

Try to find ways of bringing in natural light to the space and where possible, keep these areas free of clutter so that

Opt for brighter materials other than concrete or brick

Color is important because it can make a difference in how your company is perceived by others. When adding decor and color to the space, opt for anything that isn’t cold like concrete or exposed brick. Bring some warmth to the space through different colors and try to match these up with the brand colors too if possible.

Landscape your exterior

Even startups can maximize their outdoor space. It’s all about setting a good first impression and simply focusing on interiors for new business premises isn’t enough.

Think about how you could landscape the available exterior land you have as part of the business.

Designing business premises should be done carefully so that it reflects how the business would like to be seen by the world around them.