How to choose the right Air Filter for your Home?

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By David

Air filters are common these days. Their benefits are evident. A simple appliance helps decrease the level of harmful particles in the atmosphere. This inevitably leads to improving health.

Reasons to choose the appliance

Many people are forced to use them because of their housing located next to large manufacturing plants. In addition, the ecological situation in largely populated cities contributes to the use of these devices. As a rule, the air in apartments is not as clean as one wants.

Another reason is also due to hygienic (sanitary) considerations. For example, dust flying in the air contains fungi, pathogens of many infections, and allergens. Air purifiers help tackle pollution and provide a fresh and clean atmosphere of your living premises. This influences skin condition and general health.

Types of the device

All goods are divided into different categories depending on their functions and types.

  • Washable goods. These are products with a washable filter. It means that a user can rinse or clean it periodically and use it once again.
  • HEPA devices. These filters have increased efficiency and are the basis of many products. The principle of operation is as follows: air under pressure is sucked into the device, and, passing through the filtration system, is blown out clean. Inside the filter, dirt is deposited with a size of 0.3 microns, and this is almost 99% of all small debris present in the air we breathe.
  • Pleated products. These are filters that look like an accordion. The material that retains harmful particles is pleated.
  • Electrostatic. Ionizer filters have been widely used for a long time. The principle of its operation is based on the mechanism of attraction of electric charges of different polarities. Passing through an ionizing chamber, dirt particles receive a “+” charge and settle on the plate, which is charged “-“. Filter plates can be easily cleaned by washing with soapy water. In addition, these devices act as air ionizers. Electrostatics is able to clean the room well from all sorts of debris using simple physical laws. Together with the long service life, this type of good is recommended for use in an apartment.

About MERV

The MERV rating is a specially developed scale that determines air filter efficiency. It was developed in 1987 in America. The group of engineers decided to create the scale to graduate different types of filters and equipment where they are installed.

If you need a device that meets these criteria, a wide range of MERV 16 filters is available at the Internet shops.

Tips for choosing the Right Good

  1. Each appliance is designed for a certain area of the room, so you first need to decide on the size of the room. Decide whether you are ready to buy the good for each room or will you carry it with you when you are in one of the rooms for a long time.
  2. Decide what problems you are going to solve with the air cleaner. Its price will directly depend on this. Decide whether you want to reduce the level of dust in the air, avoid pets’ hair, and other smells, or want to avoid an allergy.
  3. Decide whether you are ready to bear the additional costs of maintaining the selected product or whether you want to buy it now and spend a minimum of money on maintaining a clean atmosphere in the future.
  4. If you choose the good with replaceable filters (not photocatalytic, not electrostatic, or plasma), be sure to check that it has an ionization function.
  5. Tell yourself honestly how often and how much time you can devote to your appliance. It cleans the atmosphere in your home, but you, in return, should clean it; otherwise, it simply cannot function and will break.
  6. Decide what features you need and who in your family will control the good’s settings.
  7. Answer the question whether you sleep soundly, and how much extraneous noise bothers you.

If you want to ensure a healthy lifestyle and be sure that the atmosphere of your house does not harm your body, the appliance will be your best friend in the fight with mold, smells, and dust.