How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer With Hands

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By David

Tinted moisturizers are having a major moment right now. These multi-tasking makeup hybrids offer sheer coverage and hydration in one easy step. Blending seamlessly for a “your skin but better” finish, they create a smooth and naturally even-toned canvas ready for the rest of your routine. But how exactly do you get the most from these complexion perfectors? Specifically, how to apply tinted moisturizer with your hands in the best way? This guide will walk through a foolproof application technique to make the most of your product.

Prep Skin Properly

As with any complexion product, appropriately prepping skin beforehand ensures the best possible finish. So begin by cleansing the skin to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup residue. Exfoliating occasionally also unveils fresher skin by sloughing away dead cells. Then be sure to apply any serums or targeted treatments before adding moisturizer. This allows them to penetrate best and work under the hydrating formula.

Dotting Technique

Learning how to apply a tinted moisturizer as a pro starts with the application itself. Always begin by depositing thin dots over areas you wish to cover rather than rubbing the product directly. This allows you to blend outward from each concentrated point while preventing excess from getting onto your hands immediately. Focus dots along the t-zone where coverage is often most needed, including the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Those with acne or hyperpigmentation can apply more precisely to problem spots as well. But be sure to distribute dots evenly across both cheeks, chin, and forehead too for an even complexion.

How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Blending Basics

Here’s how to apply tinted moisturizer step by step – literally! Once color droplets are in place, press palms gently but firmly against the skin and smooth outward in sweeping motions. Avoid aggressive rubbing, which can tug at delicate skin. Always blend gently for the most seamless outcomes. Sweeping color from the concentrated dots creates gradual diffusion for imperceptible and natural-looking coverage.

Begin blending at each targeted area, circling out from dots along the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before softly sweeping across the entire face. Lightly smooth from the perimeter inward as well to further merge for flawless results. Be extra delicate under the eyes. Treat the neck and chest similarly by dotting and pressing the product downward.

Less Is More

When applying by hand, it’s essential not to overdo the amount used. Remember – sheer and natural is the end goal! Those accustomed to heavier coverage may be inclined to apply excess initially. However, adding too much tinted moisturizer rarely improves outcomes. You can always build coverage with additional thin layers if desired areas need more camouflaging. But aim for the thinnest smooth veil across the skin on the first pass. Hands allow you to effectively spread even the smallest amount amazingly far. So begin sparingly.

Set It

Tinted moisturizers contain hydrating ingredients that keep them slick and slippery on the skin. While the formula stays put surprisingly well on its own, dusting the entire face with a light-setting powder after application locks makeup in place all day without dulling luminosity. Just a wisp of powder absorbs any excess moisture and creates a smooth “grip” to prevent melting or transferring while maintaining a soft, natural sheen true to the product’s intent.

Tinted Moisturizer Tips & Tricks

Take your skills up another notch with these pro application pointers:

  • Warming the product between palms first allows it to melt onto the skin for perfect blending.
  • Use fingers to tap and press into problem areas needing extra coverage.
  • Mix a pump of foundation into moisturizer for buildable coverage when more camouflaging power is sometimes needed.
  • Apply concealer only where required underneath to avoid heaviness.
  • Use a dampened sponge for the hottest days when extra moisture control is desired.
  • Mix a pump with some facial oil when the skin is feeling drier and tight.
  • Use mattifying papers just to t-zone if mid-day shine appears.

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Want to make your own custom-tinted moisturizer perfectly matched to your skin tone? Easily mix any mineral powder foundation with your favorite face moisturizer until you reach the desired coverage level and color. Adjusting ratios also allows the creation of versatile formulas for summer glow or fuller winter coverage as skin changes. Adding a liquid highlighter or a drop of facial oil amps the luminous effect. Whip up small batches at a time to keep mixtures fresh.

Bespoke Complexion Perfection

Tinted moisturizers make achieving a flawless, even skin tone so refreshingly fuss-free. Learning how to flawlessly apply tinted moisturizer with hands provides effortless control for bespoke coverage and radiance. Sheer out imperfections without ever looking made up. From illuminating the complexion to camouflaging a blemish or evening tone, hands help handsomely harness the versatility of these skin-loving products. Smoothing on a veil of luminosity has never been simpler.


With handy tips for blending dots seamlessly across the face, properly prepping the skin and using the ideal amounts, applying tinted moisturizer with hands allows for customized, imperceptible coverage. Hands help harness the versatility of these products for both targeted correction and overall radiance precisely where desired most. Sheer out redness here, conceal shadows there and impart overall luminosity in between with these incredibly intuitive complexion perfectors.