How Often Do You Have to Renew Your Medical Card?

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Most state programs require patients to renew their medical marijuana cards annually. If your card expires, you can no longer purchase medical marijuana. Dispensaries do not accept cards or certificates with expired dates on them.

Some states allow patients to begin the renewal process up to 60 days before the card expires, while others open the renewal process at 30 days. Typically, the card expires each year on the anniversary of your registration date. 

It’s usually easy to renew your MMJ card online by following a few simple steps. The process in most states is similar, though there may be a few differences. 

How Often Must I Renew My Medical Marijuana Card?

While most states require patients to renew their MMJ every year, there are some exceptions. For instance, Arizona and Georgia have a two-year renewal rule, while Michigan is every three years. 

Beginning the renewal process 30 to 60 days before the expiration date is important to ensure you get your new card in time. Most states take some time to complete the renewal process, and you don’t want to be stuck unable to get your medical cannabis.

Here is an overview of how often to renew your medical marijuana card in each state.

    • Every six months: Utah, Florida (Every 210 days, but follows ups are usually around six months)
    • Every year: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Vermont, Washington.
    • Every two years: Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma.
    • Every three years: Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico

It’s also worth noting that the expiration date may differ depending on the doctor’s discretion when writing the motivation for you to obtain an MMJ card. Therefore, it’s important to check your specific card’s expiry date.

How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

Renewing your MMJ card is a pretty straightforward process that shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Here are the general steps to follow.

1. Check the Expiration Date

As mentioned, the expiry date varies from state to state and may differ based on your doctor’s recommendation. Make sure to renew your card at least 30 days before it expires to avoid any issues that may arise.

2. Get a Doctor’s Recommendation

All patients must be recertified by their physician in order to renew their medical card. Most states allow patients to see a different doctor for their renewal. However, it’s usually easier and more likely that a doctor that approved you in the past will approve you again. An existing doctor should still have all your medical information on file.

In most states, you can do an in-person or virtual visit with a physician that will evaluate you and approve or decline the recommendation for renewal. The decision will depend on whether or not you have a qualifying condition – which differs from state to state. The doctor will discuss new and existing medical issues you may be experiencing and any existing medication you may be using.

You must submit an official identity document, i.e., a driver’s license, and sometimes provide medical records for your medical evaluation. 

3. Gather Documents

If your doctor’s recommendation is approved, you can begin the renewal process. Check what documents your state requires for a medical marijuana card renewal, and ensure you have them all on hand. 

Some states may only require your medical certification from the doctor, but others may also require the documents you submitted with the original application, such as ID and proof of residence.

4. Submit the Renewal Request

Most states allow patients to complete the renewal process online. Visit your state’s official medical marijuana site, log in to your online patient portal, and follow the renewal prompts. This will entail completing relevant information, submitting relevant paperwork, and paying the renewal fee. 

Once you have completed these four steps, wait to receive a physical card in the mail or an electronic copy by email. Some states have completely moved away from physical cards, only issuing digital versions.

States may have different processing times, so how long you wait to receive your new card may vary. On average, it will take two to four weeks to process the renewal. 

What is the Fee to Renew Your Medical Card?

Fees vary by state, so you need to check your specific state’s renewal cost. Some states charge the same to renew an MMJ card as the original registration fee, while others have a lower renewal fee. Also, keep in mind that you need to pay for your medical evaluation with the physician.