Hilary Quinlan: An Insight into the Career of a Dynamic Entrepreneur

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Real Name:Hilary Quinlan
Net Worth$1 million
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Former Model, Wife of Bryant Gumbel

Hilary Quinlan is notably recognized as the second wife of Bryant Gumbel, an esteemed American journalist and sportscaster. Before her marriage to Gumbel, Quinlan built a career in finance as a Goldman Sachs analyst and also worked as a model. Her multifaceted professional background adds to her public persona apart from her association with the television personality.

Quinlan’s relationship with Gumbel began after his publicized divorce from his first wife, June Baranco, with whom he shares two children. The couple’s journey together commenced with their marriage in a private ceremony in Florida. Quinlan, who has been associated with charitable organizations such as UNICEF USA as a board director, maintains a life that intersects both philanthropy and her role within the family.

Despite the couple’s visibility within the media, Quinlan has managed to curate a discrete personal image. She, alongside Bryant Gumbel, contributes to various events and causes, reflecting a partnership that extends beyond their marital bond and into their shared endeavors in philanthropy and social events. Quinlan’s life story is interlaced with narratives of personal progression, dedication to societal issues, and her private yet integral role in the life of an American journalist.

Early Life and Education

Hilary Quinlan, born in 1963, has origins that span both the United States and Africa, and she is recognized for her academic pursuits at reputable institutions.

Family Background

Hilary Quinlan was born to Mr. Quinlan and Sharon Quinlan. The specifics of her mother’s profession remain undisclosed, but her father is cited as a retired teacher. Quinlan’s early childhood was shared between her birthplace in the United States and time spent in Africa and Florida. There is no specific information available about siblings, indicating she might be an only child or her family chose to keep that part of their life private.

Academic Pursuits

For her higher education, Quinlan attended Sarah Lawrence College, known for its rigorous liberal arts curriculum. Post her initial education, she furthered her studies at Western Washington University. The specifics of her academic majors or degrees obtained are not detailed, but her educational background laid a foundation for her later professional endeavors.

Professional Career

Hilary Quinlan’s career trajectory showcases her adaptability and success across diverse industries, transitioning from the fashion world to the finance sector, and later influencing media and journalism through her supportive roles.

Modelling Endeavors

Quinlan began her career as a model, leveraging her poise and aesthetics to make a mark in the fashion industry. Her elegance and skill in front of the camera laid a foundation for her diverse professional path.

Transition to Finance

After her stint in modeling, Quinlan made a significant career shift. She joined Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment banking firm, where she honed her expertise as a financial analyst. Her analytical skills and financial acumen were highlighted during her tenure at this prestigious institution.

Media and Journalism

Quinlan’s influence extended into the media and journalism sector, though not directly as a journalist. Her marriage to Bryant Gumbel, an esteemed American TV journalist and TV personality known for his work with NBC on shows like Today, and CBSThe Early Show, positioned her in a supportive role. Behind the scenes, she played a part in his journalistic ventures, further expanding her experience into media. Gumbel later continued his career with Peacock TV, maintaining his prominence within the industry. While Quinlan’s specific roles like producer or executive producer in media projects are not well-documented, her association with a veteran journalist indicates an understanding and impact on media-related endeavors.

Relationship with Bryant Gumbel

Hilary Quinlan became Bryant Gumbel’s second wife after he divorced his first wife, June Baranco. Their relationship developed into a marriage that blended personal and public life in the realms of media and philanthropy.

Marriage and Family Life

Hilary Quinlan married Bryant Gumbel in a private ceremony at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. The wedding, which occurred with minimal fanfare, was an intimate affair with only about 25 friends and family members in attendance. Gumbel, well-known for hosting CBS’s The Early Show and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, had previously ended his 28-year marriage to June Baranco. The couple didn’t have children together; however, Bryant Gumbel has two children from his first marriage, Bradley Christopher and Jillian Beth.

Public Life Together

As a couple, Hilary Quinlan and Bryant Gumbel have made sporadic appearances in the public eye, often related to Gumbel’s work as a television journalist and sportscaster. They have been seen at various events, such as the premiere of HBO’s “Big Little Lies” season two. Despite Gumbel being a public figure, the duo generally keeps their personal life low-profile, with Quinlan supporting his career and occasionally participating in his public life as a celebrity spouse.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Hilary Quinlan, known to many through her marriage to Bryant Gumbel, has a multifaceted personal life that spans various interests and philanthropic activities. She balances her family life with significant involvement in charitable work, notably with UNICEF USA.

Interests and Activities

Hilary Quinlan exercises her passion for wellness and fitness in her role as a yoga instructor and fitness expert. This dedication to health extends beyond her professional engagements as it intertwines with her interests and lifestyle.

Charitable Involvement

Quinlan’s philanthropic endeavors are substantial. She joined the board of directors for UNICEF USA in 2012, leveraging her position to advocate for children’s rights and well-being globally. Her contributions as a senior advisor underscore her firm commitment to humanitarian causes. Her role at UNICEF USA reflects a deep-rooted inclination towards charity and community service.