Heidi Van Pelt: Former “Home Improvement” Actor’s Wife and Businesswoman

Real Name:Heidi Van Pelt
Birthday:July 11, 1968.
Net Worth$300,000
Height:172 cm
Occupation:American Vegan Chef, Businesswoman, Former Wife of Taran Noah Smith

Heidi Van Pelt is an American vegan chef who gained notoriety for her relationship with actor Taran Noah Smith. The couple’s age gap, with Van Pelt being 16 years older than Smith, sparked controversy when they got married in 2001, when Smith was just 17 years old.

Van Pelt’s marriage to Smith was her only claim to fame, and she was not a well-known personality before or after their marriage. She co-hosted a program called “Raw Health” on a local radio station, but very little information is available about her outside of her relationship with Smith.

Since their divorce in 2007, Van Pelt has largely stayed out of the public eye. Despite this, her relationship with Smith and the controversy surrounding their marriage continue to be a topic of interest for fans of the TV show “Home Improvement,” on which Smith played the character of Mark Taylor.

Early Life and Education

Heidi Van Pelt was born on July 11, 1968, in Missouri, USA. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about her upbringing and parents. However, it is known that her parents divorced when she was a child.

Van Pelt attended Oak Park High School, a public high school located in Kansas City, Missouri. The school has a diverse student body and offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and theater.

After graduating from Oak Park High School, Van Pelt attended Stephens College, a women’s college located in Columbia, Missouri. The college is known for its strong liberal arts curriculum and its focus on women’s education.

Van Pelt later transferred to the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. At the university, she studied Russian Studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Van Pelt moved to Seattle, Washington, where she attended the University of Washington. She earned a master’s degree in Russian Studies from the university.

Van Pelt’s interest in Russian Studies began during her undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri. She continued to pursue her interest in the subject by earning a master’s degree in Russian Studies from the University of Washington. Van Pelt’s education in Russian Studies has undoubtedly influenced her personal and professional life.

Career Path

Heidi Van Pelt has had a diverse and successful career path over the years. This section will explore her various professional endeavors, including her involvement in the hit TV show “Home Improvement,” her work with Emergent Films, and her establishment of PlayFood.

Home Improvement

Heidi Van Pelt gained national recognition for her role as the production assistant and prop master for the popular TV show “Home Improvement.” She worked on the show for several years, during which time she met her future husband, Taran Noah Smith, who played the character of Mark Taylor on the show.


In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Heidi Van Pelt is also known for her passion for healthy and sustainable living. She established PlayFood, a non-dairy cheese manufacturer and restaurant, with her then-husband Taran Noah Smith. The restaurant was known for its vegan cuisine and commitment to using locally sourced ingredients.

Heidi Van Pelt’s career path has been marked by her diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit. From her work on “Home Improvement” to her establishment of PlayFood, she has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a drive to succeed in a variety of fields.

Personal Life

Heidi Van Pelt is an American Vegan chef who gained media attention for her relationship with actor Taran Noah Smith. In this section, we will discuss her marriage, divorce, and current status.

Marriage to Taran Noah Smith

Heidi Van Pelt and Taran Noah Smith got married on April 27, 2001, when Smith was just 17 years old, and Van Pelt was 33 years old, making a 16-year age difference between them. The couple’s marriage sparked much controversy due to their age difference.

Divorce and Controversies

Heidi Van Pelt and Taran Noah Smith’s marriage ended in divorce on February 2, 2007. The divorce was controversial, with allegations of cheating and court battles over finances.

Current Status

Heidi Van Pelt has kept a low profile since her divorce from Taran Noah Smith. Her current marital status is unknown, and she has not been involved in any public relationships or affairs.

In conclusion, Heidi Van Pelt’s personal life has been marked by her controversial marriage and divorce from Taran Noah Smith. While their relationship was the subject of media attention, Van Pelt has since kept a low profile and has not been involved in any public relationships or affairs.

Philosophy and Activism

Heidi Van Pelt is known for her activism in the fields of veganism, animal rights, and nutrition. Her philosophy on these topics is shaped by her educational background in philosophy and her experience as a nutritional counselor and vegan chef.

Veganism and Nutrition

Heidi Van Pelt is a strong advocate for veganism and has been a vegan for many years. She believes that a vegan diet is not only healthier for individuals but also better for the environment and animal welfare. As a nutritional counselor, she has worked with many clients to help them adopt a vegan diet and improve their health.

In addition to promoting veganism, Heidi is also a proponent of whole-food, plant-based nutrition. She believes that a diet based on whole, unprocessed foods is the best way to achieve optimal health and prevent chronic diseases.

Animal Rights

Heidi Van Pelt is an animal rights activist and has been involved in many campaigns to raise awareness about animal welfare issues. She believes that animals have the right to live free from exploitation and cruelty and that it is our responsibility to protect them.

Heidi has been involved in many organizations that promote animal rights, including PETA and the Humane Society. She has also been involved in campaigns to end animal testing and promote cruelty-free products.

Heidi and her ex-husband, Taran Noah Smith, founded Playfood, a vegan restaurant in California that specializes in organic and non-dairy cheese. The restaurant reflected their shared commitment to animal rights and sustainable living.

Overall, Heidi Van Pelt’s philosophy and activism are rooted in her belief in the importance of compassion, sustainability, and health. Her work in the fields of veganism, animal rights, and nutrition has had a significant impact on the lives of many individuals and animals.

Media Presence

Heidi van Pelt’s personal life has been a subject of media scrutiny, especially after her marriage to Taran Noah Smith, who is 16 years younger than her. Here are some of the media appearances and controversies related to Heidi van Pelt.

E! True Hollywood Story

In 2002, Heidi van Pelt was featured in an episode of the E! True Hollywood Story. The episode focused on the lives of child stars and their struggles with fame. Heidi van Pelt’s segment focused on her marriage to Taran Noah Smith, who played her stepson on the hit sitcom Home Improvement. The episode explored their age gap and the controversy surrounding their marriage.

Trust Fund Controversy

In 2001, Taran Noah Smith sued his parents and business partners for mismanaging his trust fund, which he claimed was worth $1.5 million. The lawsuit alleged that his parents used the money for personal expenses and failed to pay him his fair share of profits from their business ventures. Heidi van Pelt was also named in the lawsuit as one of the business partners.

The lawsuit was settled out of court in 2002, with Taran Noah Smith receiving a $1.5 million payout. The controversy surrounding the trust fund added to the media attention surrounding Heidi van Pelt’s marriage to Taran Noah Smith.

Despite the media attention, Heidi van Pelt has maintained a low profile in recent years. Her social media presence is limited, and she has not made any public appearances or statements about her personal life.

Physical Attributes

Heidi Van Pelt is a tall woman with a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.77 meters. She weighs around 55 kg or 121 lbs. Her slim figure and vegan lifestyle have helped her maintain a healthy body weight.

Van Pelt has a fair complexion, which is common among people of White ethnicity. Her eye color and hair color are not known to the public. However, she has been spotted with blonde hair in some of her pictures.

As a chef, Van Pelt is known for her healthy and nutritious recipes. She follows a vegan lifestyle and encourages others to do the same. Her healthy eating habits and active lifestyle have helped her maintain a youthful appearance even in her 50s.

Overall, Heidi Van Pelt’s physical attributes reflect her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and her passion for cooking nutritious meals.


Heidi Van Pelt is an American vegan chef and businesswoman. She was born in the United States, but her exact date of birth and zodiac sign are not known to the public. Heidi rose to fame after her marriage to Taran Noah Smith, an American businessman and former actor, who played Mark Taylor in the television sitcom, Home Improvement.

Heidi and Taran got married in 2001, but their relationship was short-lived, and they divorced in 2007. The couple’s age difference, with Taran being 16 years younger than Heidi, was a topic of controversy in the media.

Heidi is known for her program on “Raw Health,” which she co-hosted on a local radio station. She is also a successful businesswoman, having founded her own vegan catering company, which provides services for events and parties. Despite her brief stint in the limelight, Heidi has maintained a low profile and is not active on social media.

Overall, Heidi Van Pelt is a private individual who has made a name for herself in the vegan food industry. While her personal life has been the subject of media attention, she has continued to focus on her career and has remained out of the public eye in recent years.



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