Gretchen Johnson – Where is Richard Dawson’s Wife in 2021

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By David

Real Name: Gretchen Johnson
Birthday: 22 September, 1955
Net Worth$1 million
Occupation:Wife of Richard Dawson

Do you know Richard Dawson? Of course, you do. He is one of the most famous British-American actors. But how much do you know about his wife? Did she start a new relationship? Where is she now? What happened to her after the death of the famous actor and comedian? Let’s take a look.

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Quick Bio

Born in 1955, Gretchen enjoyed the perks of marriage with a celebrity. One of the perks is that you become a celebrity as well.

Nowadays, many remember her as the wife of late English-American actor, comedian, and game show host, Richard Dawson. He was an integral part of the showbiz industry.

Great is one of the most famous contestants of the game show Family Feud. But unlike many other contestants, she definitely won the prize of her life. She left the show with more than she bargained for. That is where she met her future husband, Richard Dawson.

Family Feud has had three separate runs. The original run aired on ABC from 1976 to 1985, with Richard Dawson as the host. And that is when Gretchen joined the show.

Gretchen first appeared on Family Feud with her family and siblings in 1981. At the time, she was 26 years old.

She immediately caught the attention of the host, Richard. They started dating and got married a few years later in 1991.

Richard and Gretchen welcomed their daughter in 1990, a year before their marriage. Richard loved their daughter and showed her with love, affection, and everything she wanted.

As Dawson was the more popular part of the duo, most of the media’s attention centered on him. We know very little about Gretchen Johnson and her life. Many say she led a simple life.

And unlike many celebrity wives, she chose to stay out of the public eye even during her relationship with Richard. Following his death in 2012, she has stayed even farther away from the public.

Born in 1955, she was the third and last-born child. She has two other sisters. Gretchen grew up in Manhattan Beach, California. But during her student years, she moved to San Diego, California.

Fun fact: she has a strange avoidance of foods that start with the letter “A”. Her late husband revealed it in an interview, saying she avoided eating the asparagus he prepared for their first date.

Another interesting fact. Gretchen helped Richard come up with the famous “kiss the contestant” part of Family Feud. Dawson kissed female contestants for years to calm their nerves and for good luck. Of course, he kissed Gretchen when she participated in the show. And that is how their chemistry and journey started.

Gretchen and Richard enjoyed three decades of love and marriage. But he got diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He battled symptoms and had regular trips to the hospital for a while. And then in 2012, he succumbed to the condition, passing away with his wife and children beside him.

Following the passing of Richard, Gretchen chose to continue with her simple life. She returned home and stays away from the public. She enjoys her days taking care of her children.

She has one biological daughter and two step-sons from Dawson’s previous marriage. Unlike their mother, they often appear in the media and talk fondly about their father and how he met Johnson. They also speak with admiration about the love story between Gretchen and Richard.

Net Worth

Gretchen Johnson has lived a simple life. As a wife to Richard Dawson, she didn’t have to work a single day. He was the one earning for the family.

At the time of his death, he had a fortune of more than $1 million. Following his death, Gretchen inherited his net worth. But as of 2021, Gretchen Johnson’s cash flow is little more than $500,000.

But for a woman living a simple life, that is more than enough.

Her husband was a legend in Hollywood. Besides his game shows, he also appeared in movies like How to Pick up Girls, Treasure Island, and The Devil’s Brigade. He hosted more than 2,300 episodes of Family Feud, making him one of the longest-tenured game show hosts in history.