Gamepad for PC: Is it Worth It?

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By David

We’ll look into the necessity of having a gamepad for PC and recommend the best models.

There is an opinion among convinced PC gamers that a gamepad, such as the best Xbox controller, as a gaming device can hardly compete with a mouse and a keyboard. There are few buttons, no possibility of fine-tuning, no macros can be recorded.

Is it really so, or should we give the gamepad a chance? Let’s try to answer this question.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

A tried-and-true and probably the best gamepad for PC (and Xbox 360). Easy to hold, no creaking, correctly detected by the operating system, and perfectly-recognized in all games, the wireless version works for up to several months without battery replacement. The only complaint is that it doesn’t have the most comfortable crossbar.

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

Gamepad from the Xbox One/One S/One X. It differs from the previous one by better ergonomics, vibration response triggers, more comfortable crossbar, and of course, by design. But it costs more. If the question of price does not bother you, go for it.

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Elite is really an elite controller, made of high-quality materials.

Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller

Controller from the newest generation of Xbox Series X|S consoles. Outlines and layout of sticks and keys repeat the gamepad Xbox One but differ with a more comfortable crossbar, slightly improved ergonomics, the appearance of the key for screenshots, and some other design features. The best choice today, especially with the many color options that allow you to choose a model for any taste – from utilitarian black to bright and festive.

Sony Dualshock 4

Very convenient gamepad from Sony PlayStation 4 console. Quality build, beautiful design, nice stick travel, long battery life. Keep in mind that you may need to “dance with tambourine” to connect it to your PC.

Sony DualSense

The controller of the PlayStation 5 nextgen console. The Sony DualSense boasts exceptional comfort, stunning design, and outstanding vibration features that take the gameplay experience to the next level. On PC, these options are not supported by all games, but developers are actively adding them to new titles. For example, in Metro Exodus, there is an option to enable trigger resistance when shots are fired.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

An option for those who want more expensive and higher quality. Razer has optimized the gamepad ergonomics, added a few extra buttons, added a slow strokes trigger mode for firefights, wrote software for control customization, and added Razer Synapse backlighting.

The result is a PC and Xbox compatible premium device that the manufacturer says is ideal for eSports players.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

The previous model is suitable for PC and Xbox, this one is designed for PC and PS4, with the corresponding button designation and the presence of a touch pad. The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition also features high build quality, advanced features like a short trigger stroke mode and proprietary software, as well as a rather high price tag – you have to pay for premium status.

Razer-Wolverine V2

A new generation of controllers from the famous manufacturer of gaming peripherals. Razer Wolverine V2 is compatible with PC and Xbox and is offered in two versions – basic and Chroma. The latter is equipped with customizable backlighting. The key advantage of the gamepad is mech-tactile keys, which give a better feel when pressing compared to conventional membrane buttons. The only drawback is the wired connection.