Eterneva On The Best Way To Memorialize a Beloved Pet

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By David

No one wants to think about the profound sadness that comes with the loss of a beloved pet. Preparing for the inevitability of death can serve us well, however, especially when it comes to facing the reality of our pet’s relatively short lives. Although they are not with us for nearly as long as we’d like, their lives make a huge impact worthy of honoring them when they are gone.

As Eterneva points out in their blog about the most famous dog memorials, honoring our pets can provide closure and preserve their memory in our hearts for decades to come. Your dog doesn’t have to be famous to deserve a big sendoff either. Just being an important part of your life is plenty enough for a memorial as big as you wish.

Big Memorials for the Most Famous Pups

Toto. Balto. Rin Tin Tin. These are just a few of the many dogs who’ve gotten larger than life memorials to honor their lives in their passing. They have their plaques, statues, and the like, reminding everyone of their accomplishments.

Some of their memorials, like Hachiko’s, serve as a group meeting spot, bringing people together forevermore as each pet’s presence did in life. What better way to honor pets than with love, friendship, and great times?

It’s not only the dogs that get in on the action either. Emily the Cow earned her memorial with her great escape from the slaughterhouse in 1995. Her memorial not only speaks to the beauty of her life but also serves as a reminder of all the animals in factory farms worldwide.

Why Pet Memorials are Important

Whether you have a dog, cow, or even a couple of rats, pet memorials give you a way to ease the pain of their passing — and it doesn’t need to be big either. Even a small headstone or a piece of jewelry can serve as a reminder of all the love they gave and spark great memories of their time here on Earth.

By creating a memorial, you have a chance to channel all that pain positively. You can also help others who are struggling to let go by giving them something else to focus on. With that, your hearts can start to heal from the painful loss of your beloved pets.

Tops Ways to Memorialize Your Pets

Statues are a popular way to memorialize famous dogs (and cows, too!), but that’s not the only way to get the job done. You have many fantastic options to consider as you dream up ways to honor your furry friends. Here’s a look at the most popular ones.

Hold a Funeral with Friends and Family

Funerals are not just for people. They are also a great way for friends and family to come together to honor the lives of the pets they love. You can hold the funeral at home or go to one of your pet’s favorite places.

To prepare, send out funeral notices, write up a eulogy, and plan a candle lighting ceremony. During the funeral, you can have people share their favorite stories of your pet and say a prayer if they wish. By coming together in this way, everyone can get closure and begin the healing process.

Create and Share an Online Obituary

If you can’t get together with family and friends, or you just want to take your memorial to the next level, consider creating and sharing an online obituary. You can write up a beautiful obituary sharing the life of your pet with a focus on their most important milestones.

Once you post it online, give the link to your friends and family, inviting them to share their favorite memories as well. Before you know it, you’ll have a full page of amazing memories to return to when you’re feeling down.

Build a Photo Journal of the Good Times

As you cope with your loss, it’s important to vividly remember all the good times you had with your pet. The best way to do that is through the photos you took over the years.

Since the pain can hit hard and fast, build a photo journal of the good times, so you can look back through the years in a hurry. Ask your loved ones for any photos they might have as well to create the biggest journal you can.

Set Up a Public Memorial

Through the years, your pet likely brought smiles to the faces of friends and strangers alike. You can continue sharing their love for everyone by building a public memorial on the beach. You could set out a box of dog toys for visitors to enjoy, for example, giving everyone a chance to romp and play as your dog loved.

If you want it a little closer to home, you can put a bucket of cat toys in front of your house with a note encouraging passersby to give one to their pets. Either way, put up your pet’s picture and a little story of their love for all to warm the hearts of everyone who takes a look.

Send a Gift in Their Name to an Animal Shelter

Pets at the animal shelter eagerly await a chance to have a place to call home and a family of their own. You can make the wait a little bit easier by donating to their shelter. Put the donation in your pet’s name to honor their legacy beautifully. You can either donate supplies as requested by the shelter or just give a monetary gift.

Embrace Diamond Transformations

Although it’s heartwarming to share your pet with everyone who loved them, sometimes you need a little something that’s all your own. In honor of those quiet moments you spent with your pet by your side, turn their ashes into a diamond you can wear close to your heart with help from Eterneva.

They only need up to ½ cup of their ashes, or you can use their fur instead, to create your diamond. In about 10 months, you’ll get an indestructible memento of your pet that you can take everywhere you go in this life.

Let Eterneva Help Honor Your Pets

If you are ready to honor your pets by transforming their essence into a diamond, let Eterneva help. Their memorial diamonds will help soothe your soul as you cope with the loss of your furry friend, giving you a chance to heal. You just have to tell them a bit about your loved one and yourself to get started. They’ll get in touch right away to discuss the next steps in creating your precious gem.